Slide is Pakistan’s First Rewards Based Lockscreen Android App

The average person unlocks their Smartphones over 100 times a day. What if you could work towards earning something tangible each time you did that? That’s the premise behind Slide, a new lockscreen app for Android smartphones. The brainchild of Junaid Malik, former COO of Bramerz, Slide was launched at an event held earlier in Lahore today.

The way it works is this: after linking your Facebook account, you select what topics interest you, enter a few details and that’s it. Now every time you unlock your screen, you’d see tailored content and the option to browse through and read it (and of course the option to unlock the phone).

Each time you read an article or unlock your screen, you get points which can be redeemed for goodies. Plenty of publishers like BuzzFeed, Daily Mail and even ProPakistani are partnered with Slide so there is no shortage of engaging content. Right now, you can only redeem points for Mobile top ups but users will soon be able to avail discounts at their favorite clothing stores, get free movie tickets and much more.

slide lock screen app pakistanWhile the idea for a rewards based lock screen app is not new, Slide is definitely one of the first ones that have tailored their product for the Pakistani market. Considering how much time the average person spends on their phones and the rising share of Smartphone users in the 129 million mobile subscribers in the country, the idea behind Slide makes a lot of sense.

However, the pesky question of monetization rears its ugly head every time a startup is mentioned and its no different here. Apps like Slide often get caught in a chicken and egg conundrum. They aren’t viable till they get a critical mass of users and they don’t get a critical mass of users unless heavily incentivized.

For example, right now Slide seems to be partnering with publishers for free. More traffic is always good so you won’t see any of them complaining. However, it’s paying very real rewards to its users. That has to come out of somewhere and I feel like once enough traffic starts being generated, they’ll start charging publishers for appearing on the lockscreen. If that happens, it removes all incentive on the publishers part and eliminates the very content that users have become accustomed to.

Or maybe the team behind Slide is smarter and have another solution which we haven’t seen yet. Regardless, it’s a nifty little app that would pay out 100 rupees in mobile balance once a month if you use average mobile unlocking statistics. Considering you’re doing it anyways, we’d say it’s well worth it. After all, there is nothing Pakistanis like more than free stuff.

You can download the Slide app for Android smartphone from here

  • I can see how this idea will fizzle out in a couple of days. The program will not
    move beyond mobile top-ups because no other retail services provider will take the
    risk of spending money and get a measly number of customers in return. This
    will cause financial problems for Slide people who do not have unlimited funds
    to keep the ball rolling.

    Expecting Pakistanis to read or watch an ad every time
    they unlock their phone is a laughable fantasy. The idea looks good on the
    drawing board but is nearly impossible to pull off in reality.

    • You’re underestimating the idea in my opinion. It’s perfectly viable to
      put some cash into the project to build a customer base. How they
      monetize the traffic after that is what will determine the fate of
      Slide. As for the app getting traction among users, I agree reading an
      article every time users unlock is a bit of a far reach. However, if they
      add static ads, it could diversify the kind of clients they bring in.
      If you unlock, you see the ad so it’s an impression regardless of
      whether users click through or not and advertisers will pay for that
      space. Kind of like a digital billboard.

      • I like this idea, considering the number of articles I browse daily through Feedly. If getting mobile top-ups for reading content is not awesome, I don’t know what is.

  • Idea is brilliant, one-off kind but payout is too slow. After using it for almost a day, I have observed that you can only pocket PKR 0.09 in an hour. This means you can make Rs 1 maximum in day. That’s not a lucrative deal at all. Increase your payout!!

  • All i see is significant battery drainage and data usage to fill up your phone with all sorts of ads and other useless stuff the moment you unlock it in exchange for 100 Rs a month…. and you expect this idea to work? LOL, a BIG LOL!

  • I’m more concerned about providing the app my Facebook credentials as well as mobile number to redeem the top ups. Maybe that’s their plan: Sell their users personal info to advertisers to make money.

  • I would suggest everyone to read their privacy policy before you seriously consider installing this software. It is important for everyone to know that “Nothing is free in this world”. You need to be aware of what they are taking from you when they pay you “Free” money. For example, here is a part of their privacy policy:

    “We may collect Personal Information from you, such as your first and last name, profile picture, gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, educational level, interests, hobbies, precise location-based information, e-mail and mailing addresses, phone numbers, device ID numbers, Android advertising ID, list of installed mobile applications and passwords when you create an account for our Services (“Slide Account”), and any other information you directly give us through the Services.”

    They are literally taking the email addresses and phone number of all the contacts you have on your phone, all the account names and passwords of all software installed on your phone and your precise location is monitored. This is just a small part of their Privacy Policy and in later paragraphs they also say they will track any monetary transactions done on your phone.

    For me giving up the personal information of my entire family and friends, all my personal account passwords and my financial information is not worth it even if they give me 100 Rs daily. However, your mileage may vary.

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