RepairDesk: Cutting Edge PoS Solution for Mobile Repair Shops

Spare a thought for those dime-a-dozen mobile repair shops as well as retailers that have to handle something close to a zillion queries from customers. Ok maybe not a zillion, but with over 15.75 million 3G/4G subscribers in Pakistan, it’s a foregone conclusion that shopkeepers at these establishments have to keep track of it all in a comprehensive and convenient way. And with the competition being cutthroat as it is, having a cutting edge tech solution helps immensely.

mobile-usage-1Projected Mobile Phone User Growth from 2012-2018

There’s no question here. Mobile phone industry will continue to register meteoric growth, with all stakeholders like manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and shoppers hoping to capitalize on it. With the promises of CPEC in Pakistan, we are seeing many Chinese firms hoping to set up manufacturing plants here.

Could be nice if someone developed an enterprise-class product that could make mobile phone repair an extremely manageable and automated affair. Usman Butt had the same idea and his efforts culminated in RepairDesk.

How Did The Idea of RepairDesk Happen?

It was a long journey for Usman Butt. Arming himself with a finance degree, the entrepreneur in Usman wanted to learn about sales and marketing first. He spent 2 years in a software development company, an experience that gave him a glimpse into consumer demand and trends in the market.

After his stint in sales, he decided to start his own business. IMEIUnlock came into being, offering people a simple way to unlock their iOS and Android smartphones no matter where they were in the world. The firm was a success with over 130,000 phones unlocked and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. But Usman wasn’t someone to rest on his laurels. His time in the company made him detect trends in the market that really needed to be taken care of. That was 3 years ago.

Usman-ButtUsman Butt (Founder & CEO) speaking at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship

There was no world-class enterprise product available for his clients who wanted something easier to manage their mobile repair jobs. And thus Usman got to work to realize this opportunity to make real change. The idea of an automated management solution that could do away with delays, technical errors and insufficient data was born. RepairDesk could make processes like inventory management & ticketing system seamless and integrated.

How Can RepairDesk Work For Pakistani Mobile Repairing Shops?

What’s the most likely phone part that needs to be replaced? The Samsung Note screen? The Nexus 4’s glass back cover? And so on. RepairDesk compiles all the data for mobile stores based on the cell repair jobs that come through their window. That way they can know if a particular part of a particular phone is running low.

This is just one of the many ways RepairDesk can work in the local context. If a shop needs to know which phone model is a best-seller, then that too can be seen thanks to the comprehensive database features available. Essentially it does away with the ‘keeping-it-all-in-the-head’ mentality that local shopkeepers employ these days. Even managing your customers, sales, supplier information is all there in one convenient place for mobile shop owners to take advantage of. They can give out tickets to customers, informing them about the estimated time of repair and costs involved in fixing their ‘dabba-pack’ phone they got off from OLX. Hey, it happens!

“There will be transparency at every stage, starting from the time the phone is initially dropped off for repair, to the time it is available for pickup.” – Usman Butt

Concluding Thoughts

The market for mobile phone repairs runs at trillions of dollars. And the need for an all-in-one enterprise solution for mobile shop owners for repairing, inventory and customer management is definitely there.

With RepairDesk, slashing down expenditure and making strategic decisions in inventory management is very much possible, making businesses stay competitive in this already hot smartphone market segment. In Pakistan, from Saddar to Hafeez Center to Dubai Plaza to Blue Area, there’s a need to have a top notch PoS solution installed that can ease the daily operations of shops specializing in all things mobile.

As an added bonus, RepairDesk does come with comprehensive training programs and tutorials as well, helping the current labor force get up to speed with operating a technologically simple solution as this. Hardware such as barcode scanners, label printers, networked cash drawers and receipt printers are also provided as needed. All in all, Usman’s entrepreneurial vehicle has got the basics covered to break into Pakistani as well as global markets.

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    TL;DR If I were to open the website, I would never know it’s a Pakistani company.

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