CheezMall Launches to Bring XiaoMi, LeTV and More to Pakistani Consumers

Long anticipated wait of CheezMall’s official launch in Pakistan finally ended yesterday as the online shopping website went live with various deals and exclusive brand offerings including XiaoMi, LeTV, Frankino & Frankina, Flyco and others.

CheezMall — that remained live for a few days in September for its beta testing — was formally launched in Pakistan on Sunday. CheezMall promises to bring quality Chinese brands to Pakistan at a price that will be affordable for all.

Backed by several million dollars from two Chinese investors, CheezMall will offer flash sales, meaning that discounted prices and promotions for selected items for limited time on daily basis. These discount offers and daily deals will be updated on the website on daily basis.

In addition, customers can browse a variety of brands, mainly for smartphones, electronics and clothing, to choose from and buy them online.


Here are few of the smartphones available on CheezMall as of now:

  • Xiao Mi 4i:
    • 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM / 4G LTE / Snapdragon 615 8-core 1.65GHz / 5MP/13MP Camera / 5 inch Full HD Display / 3030mAh Battery
    • Rs. 28,999
  • Redmi 2
    • 4G LTE / 1GBRAM / 8GBROM / Snapdragon410 Quad-cord 1.2GHz / 2MP/8MP / 4.7″ IPS HD display / 2200mAh Battery
    • Rs. 15,999
  • Le S1
    • 4G LTE / 3G RAM / 32G ROM / PowerVR G6200 700MHz MTK Helio X10 Turbo 64Bit Octa Core / 13MP Back camera / 3000mAh Battery
    • Rs. 27,999

Besides these, CheezMall offers a variety of smartphone accessories, smartwatches and a large range of clothing variety.


CheezMall says that it will take care of all import duties, customs or other formalities that are required to bring in foreign brands. It says that prices mentioned on the websites are final and ultimate rates of the products that customers will have to pay.

Delivery time, however, may take up to 25 days in case products are to be imported from abroad, mainly from China.

In case of local brands and products, shipments shouldn’t take more than 2-3 days.

CheezMall claims that all products it is selling are genuine and of high quality. It says that there’s a “no question asked” refund policy if product is not genuine or if doesn’t matches the description that is provided on the website.

You can visit CheezMall here:

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  • If I am getting the product after 25 days, I would prefer AliExpress, since I will be getting it on half the price Cheezmall is offering.
    This portal would be only good for smartphone buyers, since you can’t get a phone clear customs without NOC from PTA, and its a long bizarre process.

    • You need to read again. They mean if they ship to any international country, it will take 15 to 25 days. Local shipping is 3 to 5 (which I believe is not good, it should be 1 to 2 days only)

    • Since they aren’t offering lower delivery times, the only thing in their favor is that they deal with all import duties and taxation. Other than that, as you pointed out, custom cleared smartphones from brands like Xiaomi. For all other cases AliExpress might be better.

      • but the custom is tax hungry … one already has to work so much to collect just the cellphone amount , how can we collect money for the additional taxes :/

        Pakistan is truly a god forsaken hel hole !

    • You are right, they are selling almost in double price. If I can wait 25 days, why should I buy from Cheezmall?

    • If one orders a product through AliExpress, will he/she receive it at his door step or will have to go through all the custom clearance? And how is Telemart’s track record?

    • Can you import GSM devices through AliExpress, i dont think so , u need an NOC from PTA as far as i remember.

  • On their website:

    All prices on our website include Custom dutiea and sales tax.

    Cheezmall provides first 3 month free shipping service, after 3 months, we will charge internation delivery cost Rs.900 and local delivery cost Rs. 200.

  • Daraz need to do something extra-ordinary if they still need to keep themselves in competition otherwise they will experience slow death.

    • No they can’t. Because OnePlus usually sell their phones either on invite system or through very renowned and reliable retailers(which CheezMall is not).

  • cheezmall is going to be successful but unfortunately their prices are
    not reasonable neither Daraz’s and homeshopping are. If you go in the
    market, prices for Chinese products are a lot cheaper. But with entrance
    of cheezmall there will be healthy competition. But in terms of prices
    most of the customers are disappointed from online stores.
    let me give u an example i bought a mini electric mosquito killer from
    saddar Karachi which was just Rs. 110. And while searching on daraz i
    saw the same thing which was priced 800. So now one can imagine how
    much are they charging. Not just daraz but all online stores though
    their running cost is lesser than a big physical store. At the time
    being we should avoid ordering anything from cheezmall n other online
    stores till their prices are at par.

    • u r lucky karachi has a port and products r cheaper there but in rest of Pakistan situation is totally different. I do hope after cpec things also get cheap here..

  • horrible prices … i was banned from their facebook page JUST FOR raising my voice against LETV’s 1s’s extravagant pricing !

    oh and typo from the editor , its LETV 1S NOT S1 !

    • really disappointing !
      85% of the website is dead and links don’t work !

      small amount of chinese cellphone brands means diversity and choices are dead !

      if ONLY i could import from Aliexpress WITHOUT the need for customs interference :/ !

  • Oh My god i love this bezel phone i was thinking to order one from aliexpress but now its here on COD i love this. it is the worlds most cheapest high-end phone with such specs and not only specs this Phone has quality too. i Am talking about leTV

  • I would prefer overseas sites like aliexpress. Local sites sell at a lot expensive than oversea sites

    Daraz sells expensive and takes about 10 days for delivery. Items often out of stock.

    Cheezmall sells expensive. For example they are selling Mi Band just rubber band without system in 900Rs while you can get whole Mi Bank in 11 usd with free delivery from banggood

    • Dear tell me if we order from aliexpress and other international sites do they directly deliver at home? Or we have to go to customs and all for clearance for ourselves? And what for phones we also have to get noc from pta in addition to customs? What about rest of the things?

      • Never ordered phone. Yes they deliver to homes. Delivered by local Pakistan post.

        If they tax your phone, Postman will ask you to pay taxed amount before package is given to you.

        • what did you order? and is everything taxed? like lets suppose we order some clothing stuff. That will be taxed too? and what about payment mode? how we pay them? can we pay them through visa card of our local currency? or we need to have a foreign currency account? and please also tell what sites are safe to share our card numbers for payment?

          • I ordered once baby clothes (one set) was of very low quality, expensive.

            Ordered several items, LED tubelights, LED bulbs, automatic light switches, phone casings, data cables, stickers, car accessories, mobile power bank, solar lights.
            I was never taxed.

            Ask Chinese seller to mention low price on the package and mark it as gift.

        • any way we can dodge the m o r o n s , known as the customs , if we want to buy phones from aliexpress ?

    • I really dont understand why they take so much time for shipping via air? I thought they can ship by road too.

    • But how is’s over all quality? I mean do they deliver the product as mentioned? or there is some fraud too? Cause that’s more important for me. I can live with 5-7 days delay.

  • bilkul bkwas hai zrba koi discount nazr nhi aa rha 300 ke usb cable aur XIAO MI Redmi 2, 4G LTE Rs.15999 kai hai jub k site ke picture main saaf saaf lehka hai Rs.5999 aur yeh hai link
    link main pictures dehkye nazar aaye ge real price

  • I really dont understand why they take so much time for shipping via air? I thought they are shipping by road…..Anyway this is insane amount of time for products priced this high….

      • yeah . lets see how they react to this now. the owner used to claim that he is only taking fair profit per device and i advised him to be careful with the prices as you may face tough competition in the near future.

  • I personally like Telemart compared to all of these. Also, xiaomi 4i is available for exactly the same price on Telemart, which is much more renowned and a local retailer, then why deal with CheezMall?

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  • They are fake…their support team first confirm your order by a long meeting with their so-called CEOs and director afterward they call you again and again, demand for sending amount in advance…and commit to ship your order after 15 days and “AMAZING THING” is that they apologies to ship your product hahahahhahaha bloody Online shopping store “cheezmall”, actually its not “cheezmall” its “FAZULmall” :P

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