Are Chrome Extensions Tracking Ridiculous Details About Users?

It was only a matter of time before Google would have to face a storm for something other than its ‘vulnerability-prone’ Android operating system. This time it’s the company’s Chrome Extensions. And as it turns out, some of them have zero regard to an individual’s privacy.

What these extensions do are that they are able to track your activities through the use of Analytics service, which is a Google-based service anyone can use. At this point, we cannot say what is happening with your data, but the core matter is that you are being closely monitored.

Chrome Browser and Chrome Extensions

It appears that Google fooled us all along when it said that its Chrome browser was the most secure. Now, on top of being extremely resource hungry, certain extensions installed from the Chrome Store intrude on privacy. With nearly 800 million monthly mobile users, this raises some well-founded concerns. These extensions also have a nasty habit of tracking your browsing patterns, so if you want to be found, the authorities will only require your search history and the way you browse around the internet.

How should Google Tackle this Situation?

As difficult as it may be to admit this, but Google is continuously collecting your information. It is a part of their EULA and like most people, you’ve pressed the ‘I agree’ button to continue using Google services. They do state that the collection of data is normally done in order to provide said user with a proper experience when they begin their next browsing session. For example, based on the user’s browsing activity, Google will collect information about that individual and show up the most accurate search results based on that person’s interests.

Another example we can use is that the ‘speech to text’ feature we have on our Smartphones is also continuously collecting information so the most accurate words are placed into the text box based on your accent, ethnicity and style of speaking.

All this information might sound scary, but if users are too concerned about their privacy, the best possible course of action would be to remove these extensions immediately.

Even if Google reveals to the public that it is going to stop collecting information, that is equivalent to living in a fool’s paradise because its primary aim is to do exactly that. However, if malevolent individuals get their hands on sensitive information, then it is high time that Google undertakes steps to protect its users.

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