Adobe Is Finally Ready To Say Goodbye To Flash

After a very long time, Adobe has finally decided to abandon Flash. During an announcement that took place last night, the company stated that since there were better alternatives available for users besides Flash, it was going to be encourage content creators to build experiences online with newer web standards. These newer standards include the likes of HTML5. In an attempt to bury the name of Flash, Adobe is also renaming its animation app to Animate CC.

Why Has Flash Become An Unpopular Entity?

This has been going on for some time now. The reason for Flash’s unpopularity stems from two things; its lack of support on smartphones, its battery-sapping function. However, perhaps the biggest issue of Flash happens to be its security; it continuously proves to be a major plugin with vulnerabilities and exploits.

Are Developers Going To Say Goodbye To Flash?

It is completely up to them; with HTML5 becoming far more popular, it looks like HTML5 is going to become the content creator of choice online. Now that Adobe has admitted that Flash is slowly dying, the company is in a much better position to start optimizing its animation tools for the near future. Flash Professional CC, or Animate CC, which will be its name in the future, is already capable of creating HTML5 content. HTML5 represents a third of all content created with the Animate CC app, at least according to data provided by Adobe.

However, be warned that Adobe will continue to support Flash, for legacy reasons for now. The company is partnering with Microsoft and Google in order to maintain Flash’s compatibility and security inside of web browsers. It’s also going to keep working on Facebook to make sure that Flash games still work. No matter how long Adobe might hold onto Flash, looks like HTML5 is definitely looking like the future.

  • and there goes all the games,ads and memory hogs that’s bring down your browser, whooohooo! awesome news.

  • So, that’s a kind of good news but don’t forget that it was a payoneer at that time. Old is always gold. There is no memory hog now days as you always have a slot left for expansion.

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