YouTube Gets Accessible in Pakistan by Mistake, Will be Blocked Again!

You might be aware of the fact that YouTube is accessible in Pakistan on various ISPs as of now, as we are getting all sorts of reports and queries from our readers asking if YouTube is unblocked in Pakistan forever or it opening is just temporary.

For all those seeking the answer: YouTube is opening due to a technical glitch and it will be blocked again, anytime.

Sources at ISPs told me that access to YouTube in Pakistan was restored due to a technical glitch, that is being fixed now.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, when asked about opening of YouTube in Pakistan, told me that their policy on YouTube ban is still intact and there’s no order sent to ISPs for restoration of YouTube.

PTA clarified that ban on YouTube is based on Supreme Court of Pakistan order that was issued on September 17th, 2012.

PTA said that it has no mandate to revert Supreme Court orders unless directive is annulled by Supreme Court itself.

It merits mentioning here that Supreme Court recently accepted a petition for hearing that pleas to get YouTube unblocked in Pakistan.

But for now, YouTube is officially banned in Pakistan and it is going to stay this way until any different orders from Supreme Court of Pakistan are issued.

It wouldn’t be out of place to mention that YouTube usage in Pakistan is increasing through proxy websites, VPNs and various websites that tunnel YouTube content through APIs.

In fact Pakistan’s traffic to YouTube reached its highest level during last few fays, almost half of what it was when YouTube was banned in Sep 2012.


YouTube Traffic from Pakistan 

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      • all my brother i wanna tell all you guys this actually a step from america to keep pakistanis away from knowledge, youtube teaches too much things

        • Aik America ko bhi Pakistan Hi mila tha Ap ke mutabiq ban unhon ne nahin hamari government ne ki hui hai

          • sir mera mtlb sirf america ni tha i mean any anti muslim country or may be a group, so simple for them to just put a islam against video and muslims will never open this informative site and why they deletes videos which india dont want or any other country ?, and agr government na krti to molvion or pakistanion ne government ko bura kehna tha… just have a look youtube teaches so much, as after photography i am learning coding on youtube tutorials.

          • Hamari Govt ne nhi hamari Adliya ne ki hui hai… jis ki shaan mein gustaki bardast nhi hosakti….. :P

        • pata nahi kon si knowlege ki videos pari hovi ha youtube jis ko dekho youtube pa knowledege ha ma na aj tak sab ko songs vidoes search kertay dekha ha

          • bhai jao or youtube pe jao songs to kuch b ni har cheez k etne tutorials hein k jo chaho seekh jo kuch b ap chaho even a engineer thing,

  • Without youtube everything is fine in Pakistan .Youtube must be blocked as they crossed all limits against Islam they don’t care us at all.

    • By that logic we should probably block the internet too. Plenty of hate for Islam on it. I love this ‘lets buy our head in the sand and pretend everything is okay’ philosophy of yours.

    • no, actually
      you probably dont even know what youtube can be used for, my mother as a teacher had to use youtube all the time and the vpn stuff was nothing but an unnecessary pain in the ass

      • A majority of people just lost their source of income when youtube was banned in Pakistan. It wasn’t the fault of youtube but of those, who put the bad content. We still condemn that act and ALLAH will definitely take care of that in the world and on the day of Judgement.
        Youtube is like a heaven for the people like me who learnt a lot of things I couldn’t in my school, college or university. I was also looking to adopt is as a source of income but I am disappointed to hear it again that Youtube is still inaccessible in Pakistan. Hope to get it back.

        • you need income even youtube against Islam ? we have many other halal ways, even labor job is okay for me, not a need any youtube money.

          • My dear brother for your information the pc u have used to type this comment its processor made by Israel. The usb storage which all of us use also made in Israel. Smart phone or tablet screen sensors made is Israel even all the mobile network technology made by them. All medical equipments like BP appratus and many other built in Israel. Pepsi and coke all drink made in Israel. All lotions creams powdered milk choclate which all of u furious to get belongs to them. Then why we are all becoming so optimistic just leave every product in this regard this is not the way to treet with those. First of all we have to be right muslim we only condemn, bann, mourn and after that we forget every thing. We have to built produce our own technology pure made in muslim so that it will be fi9 with us. U buy pistol fire at your own blood relation and then blame non muslims for the invention.

            • agr koi achi cheez bnata hai tu hum b iss dunya main rhty hai use kr skty hai. lekn islam k against tu nhi jaana chaye na, dunya k sath chalana hai lekn apny religious mein reh kr. aur her cheez kafroo sa joor lena b theak nhi, kya tum ny martic main science nhi pari us main b boht kuch lehka hai Muslims sentience k mutlq

              • I only Got one thing for the Idiots like you
                Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said: “Obtain Knowledge even you have to go to China”
                it is because the Idiots like you who only think that the internet is only used for Entertainment, the Technology you are using to comment on this Site is made by Non Muslims.
                You don’t even know how to write properly look at your Comment You don’t even know the Spelling of Scientist.
                First Learn What Islam Teaches us in Quran, Sahi Bukhari, Sahi Muslim and then Talk.
                Internet is Filled with Anti Islam Articles
                PLAYIT.PK is Pakistani made website which has every Youtube Video on it, Try to Ban it.

                • don’t tell me, first think about yourself, what language you using ? and then tell me. learn respect each other

          • Pakistan ko ziyada se ziyada imdad youtube banany waly milk se milti h wo tum logo ko halal lagti h agr koe youtube se kmae to haram!!
            Videos p jo mehanat hoti h use tum haram nh keh sakte mere bhai people work hard tarika alg h pr haram nh h

          • Islam? can you tell me where exactly is Islam practiced in Pakistan? corrupt government? sellable judiciary with tyrants like Choudry iftikhar? Or in army where we have factions – pro taliban and against taliban? or clergy who can point to anyone and say – wajibul qatal?

        • Our Eman shouldn’t be so volatile….do jihad by not watching such vulgar stuff on u tube.To block you tube is not solution.Develop technology to block such stuff if one can’t control himself.

        • all my brother i wanna tell all you guys this actually a step from america to keep pakistanis away from knowledge, youtube teaches too much things

      • She can use Playit Ytpak tune which pay heavy commision to govt. of pakistan for keep blocking youtube

        • i was talking abuot the time where none of htis stuff existed sure we have a lot of websites doing this stuff for us now but it was much easier before the ban

      • all my brother i wanna tell all you guys this actually a step from america to keep pakistanis away from knowledge, youtube teaches too much things,

        • america simply does not have the time to “keep pakistanis away from knowledge” stop blaming your faults on them for god’s sake

      • dont use vpn at all, free vpn is the worse thing you can do to your self, get TOR Browser, its firefox custom built and virtually undetectable, another benifit is only that browser works on TOR Proxies and nothing else, so rst of your pc connect directly to regular internet with your ip address.

    • tum jaisey logo ko doob marna chahiye. Baray tum islam k thekaydar bethay ho. If there is filth against islam on youtube, there is plenty of beautiful stuff about islam on youtube too. Shut your ignorant uneducated face and go live in a hole.

    • Bhai app star sport,star plus, nat geo aur dosray murdoch group kay channel dekna bhi band karo woh bhi muslamao kay khilaf bohat bolta hai

    • Well, nice trolling effort but this subject is not even worth any more to outrage some liberal extremists.

    • The people who want to watch blasphemous videos will watch it anyway using proxies and other websites. The only ones who are hurting are the rest of the population who have no access to content on youtube.

      Why should you punish yourself for the actions of others? So retarded.

      • why ?, change your think, every one not think negative, mostly good peoples in this world.

        • O bhai u deserve to live in 7th century…i dont think about other ppls religion when im dealing with them..this is a disease u suffer from…come out of the dark ages…mobody in the world cares about ur stupid sensitivities…

        • And talk abt urself only..only u care abt youtube ban and blasphemy waghaira..not everybody does

    • same think here, we are fine without youtube. we don’t need any web site who against our religious

      • Just because you’re fine without youtube doesn’t mean that everyone else is. You probably don’t need to use youtube on a regular basis so for you its easy to live without it, but for someone like me who needs to use it regularly, its just a hassle to open a proxy and watch videos on a slow connection.

        • i think we have alternate many other web sites, even i search many videos or information through google search, you can easily

    • do you guys watch tv ? tv is also like youtube, tv pe har waqt un k bhagwan are hote hein ab hum TV v block karein ? bhaion soch ko upgrade kro, allah hamein is leye gunnah ni de ga k hum ne youtube kholi, tab dega agr hum jan boch k o video kholein and please focus on this ” Amal ka daro-madar niyaton pe hai “

    • Why would a foreign company should care about Islam or any religion? How can you even expect that? Do you care for hinduism or sikhism? No, right? If there is something nonreligious happening, just avoid it and seek the resource for information.

      And last but not least, please grow up!

  • Youtube say itne lecture lay kar banda different subject ke bare may faida lay sakta hay.Magar yeh nahi samaghte.

    [Comment Edited by Admin]

    • It used to be fast. But now its is very slow. Filled with ads. Having issue that you are not able to choose video quality.
      Best option i would say is Zenmate.

  • haha govt wants to invite paypal and amazon but cant unblock youtube. Who in their right mind will come here.

  • Not only we can watch usefull stuff but we can earn from youtube –,–

    They really should lift ban from youtube

    • Janab. Haq ka pta hai sb ko. Aap ic problem ka solution btaen ke hm youtube sy jo help laitay hain uska alternate kya hai. Agar nae hai to hm bna rahy hain ya bs naaaray mar ke kbutar ki trha ankhain keay baithay hain (hm main main bhi shamil hun).

      • Yeh to wohi baat ho gai jo sadar sahib ny baat ki ha k Sood ki gunjaish paida krain.
        Ap dunyawi faida daikh rahain hain.

        • To youtube band hone se tumhari akhirat sanwar gai? Apni seerat aisi kro k kafir bhi dekh kar bole Rasool (SAW) ki ummat esi he to Rasool kesa hoga.

          • akhirat sanwar gai yah nahi, ks ko maloom hai. lekn kamzkam izt aur aatram tu kr he skty hai bhai.

            • Tujh ko maloom hona chahiye agar tu ne apni ankhirat sanwarne k lye kuch kia. Bara Rasool ka aashiq bna phirta he lekin munafiq ki tarha mun chupa kr betha he ghustaki e rusool pe.

              • apna kya sub he ko pta hai. pr app ko kasiy maloom main munafiq ho yah mun chupa rha ho ? koi behr ka ilm hai ap k pas ?

  • Youtube has blocked that content in various countries it is our govt’s fault that youtube is not filtering that otherwise irrelevant video.

  • Someone should start some sort of movement to get ban removed from youtube. A ban on youtube is really an indicator of the fact that we don’t care about great videos present on youtube on different subject matters which one can learn from. I am going to be a self taught developer inshaAllah and if there was no youtube, I couldn’t have learned what I learnt.
    To protest against the blasphemous content on youtube, we could have blocked it for limited time, just to get our protest recorded, blocking it permanently is taking us nowhere.

    • I disagree, you say its not taking us anywhere, I say ban on youtube is actually taking us back. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. The logic that you ban something because some content on it offends you is not only fallacious, it spreads fear and hatred. By that logic we should burn all the books because some books somewhere will contain filth against Islam. As a matter of fact we should just go live in a hole because that is the only place where ones views would not be challenged. And thats what these vermin hate, someone challenging their views, because they themselves have no knowledge of Islam, so they run away screaming ‘oh no he said she said this and this’ so lets block this and ban that so we never have to hear it.

      It is nothing but a method for the masters of this nation to keep their slaves from obtaining any form of reasoning and knowledge. In the guise of protecting Islam, these snakes do more damage than good, and the jahalia of this nation follow them like dogs. Because lets face it thats what they are dogs, as a matter of fact these uneducated men and women that support this ban are worse than dogs. A dog still has understanding of what is good for it.

      We have amazing muslim scholars on youtube promoting the message of love peace and tolerance , promoting the real message of Islam, but these people are deaf and dumb when it comes to the truth.

  • it has been working for over a month on PTCL. Infact almost all blocked sites are working. Even if you get the red error (that site is blocked), refreshing the browser opens the site eventually.

  • @aamir7 ab soch rha hu that y did i message you guys XD do pal ki khushi bhi naseeb nhi

    • yar ufone per yeh trick nahe chal raha anyway someone told me open youtube on vtunnel then it works on mobile

  • Thank you Propakistani ap ney traffic hasil karne aur vpn bechne ke liye youtube issi tarah phir band kara deni hai………………….

  • Youtube is always alive, if PK ‘Gov or Supreme Court’ really care and want to block YouTube and protest than GEO, ARY, PTV, etc other so called channels have to boycott and avoid uploading every video & news why they upload videos on most popular video website why they can’t make own YouTube like website and promote. ( Topi Dramay )

  • i dont like your news banner. youtube breaking Pakistani flag.
    is it youtube
    conquering Pakistan?
    learn to respect your flag.its only youtube which you can get with proxy.

  • if someone say, its fine or okay youtube ban then why you show him/her he/she not saying right or good. i think if some one say, he/she have no mind or not ISLAMIC religious. youtube is not matter but Islam is important, and if you think very negative and you think internet is only have bad thinks, then i think you only think bad, clean your mind and soul. no one perfect in this world, but we try that we live in Islam.

    • I agree, they are probably testing the waters, how do people respond to this temporary unblocking of youtube?

  • Improve technology in Pakistan and only block videos which are against Islam,sovereignty of our country.Many lecteurs are useful.

  • If Supreme Court’s judges were the users of Youtube, they shouldn’t had banned it. Even if banned, they should had directed to prepare alternative for it.
    Unfortunately there is a big communication gap between youngsters and elders. More than three years Pakistan couldn’t produce an viable alternative solution. Why don’t they ban Google so they get huge loss of revenue?

  • Govt. Please block other anti Islamic websites as well to keep our deen pure such as religionofpeace or wikiislam!

  • Tum se bara jahil shakhs mene nahi dekha. Tum se bat krna patthar pe sar phorne k brabr he. Islam ko bhi badnam krte ho tum jese log. Asl me tum jese logon ko ban krna chahiye internet use krne se apni gandi soch phela rahe ho. Ja k Quran parh k asli Islam kia he.

  • Thank God. I could already see Islam getting weaker by the second YouTube was accessible in Pakistan. Hopefully this reblocking will help Islam regain its strength in this pious society.

  • Muslims cant make a simple chip by thmselves but are always ready to bash those non muslims using technology developed by them… Pathetic 7th century mindset

  • do you guys watch tv ? tv is also like youtube, tv pe har waqt un k bhagwan are hote hein ab hum TV v block karein ?, internet b block karen?… bhaion soch ko upgrade kro, allah hamein is leye gunnah ni de ga k hum ne youtube kholi, tab dega agr hum jan boch k o video kholein and please focus on this ” Amal ka daro-madar niyaton pe hai “.
    all my brother i wanna tell all you guys this actually a step from america to keep pakistanis away from knowledge, youtube teaches too much things

  • Everything was fine (for several months) and then TechJuice and you had to write about it. And why did you ask the ISPs?

  • The really hilarious thing is that the blasphemous content on whose basis YouTube was banned in Pakistan, was removed by YouTube due to copyright claims by one of the actors. So right now YouTube doesn’t have the anti Islam movie on its platform.

    Jiyo Pakistan. Your messed up ways will never stop surprising me.

  • Every one knows youtube is just a site its depending on you what you are asking youtube for,
    and everyone knows about youtube partner program and Monetization feature
    lets talk now, who fool don’t want to make money with just uploading videos on a youtube channel??

  • I seen many articles on propakistani telling that youtube is beneficial and it have many good uses. So when its open, specially due to a technical glitch, than best move would been silence. But as residents of out country :-D, Hypocrisy is part of us. Plus we can’t be smart when we have to. Asking PTA is like letting PTA know. :-p

  • Han to? Jo tmhe acha lagta he sirf wohi ho ga? Agar ek kitab gandi he to pori library jala den kya? The right to information is a basic human right, and has nothing to do with religion or “feelings”.

  • I am a Gaming Console tech… and Android prof… and Youtube always give me boost in regard for prob solutions.. Its look alike TV, where lot of channels,,, and its upto you that what will you try to access… We cant bring back Aafia Saidiqui, not to stop Remaind Davis. and lot of other matters to b implementations.. think about it….

  • Youtube is accessible in islamabaf since last 2-3 months… Admin u were saying it will be blocked ;)

  • close