CJ Orders PTA to Block Anti-Islamic Videos on YouTube

YouTube BlockedIftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Chief Justice of Pakistan, has ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block the access of all anti-Islamic blasphemous videos on YouTube, including recently launched anti-Islamic film that has sparked protests across the Muslim world.

It maybe recalled that a Jewish film maker had made a film to make a sarcastic movie to mock Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).

This video was later uploaded on YouTube, which resulted into large scale protests in Muslim World.

Chief Justice of Pakistan directed Pakistan Telecommunication to block all the copies of this movie available on YouTube and all other videos that are disrespectful to Islam or Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) in any manner.

It maybe recalled that PTA had announced the proactive blockade of anti-Islamic videos available on YouTube that were insulting to Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). However, media reports had claimed that authority was unable to block all the videos and that some copies of blasphemous movie were still available for viewing on YouTube.

PTA, in its response has maintained that authority is proactively blocking the videos which are being replicated on YouTube. PTA said that internet users in Pakistan can report any blasphemous material that comes to their attention by calling 080055055 or emailing details to [email protected]

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has clarified that they are blocking access to blasphemous content on case to case basis only, and that the whole websites i.e. YouTube and Facebook aren’t being blocked.


Via Express Tribune

  • — It maybe recalled that a Jewish film maker had made a film to make a sarcastic movie to mock Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).

    W R O N G

    Have you not being paying attention? The producer was an Egyptian America, a Christian who was convicted of financial fraud several years ago. He was also forbidden from using computers for five years. He created the “Sam Becile” name to upload the video and make the movie.

    Is your hatred so strong that you cannot get facts right?

    • Thank you Shahid!

      I ask admin to report the keyword “Sam Becile” and related videos on YouTube. I can still find videos on YouTube when searching for Sam Becile.

  • dandey ke bagher koe Govt. unit kaam nahin karta, danda chahey ARMY ka ho ya Supreme Court of Pakistan ka

  • DEAR,




  • You’re living in the age of the Internet. Your religion will be mocked, and the mockery will find its way to you. Get over it.

    If you don’t, what’s happening this week will happen again and again. A couple of idiots with a video camera and an Internet connection will trigger riots across the globe. They’ll bait you into killing one another.

    Stop it. Stop following their script!

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