Google Lets Developers Add Fully Functional Mobile Apps In Mobile Ads

In an effort to increase its presence even more, Google has introduced a brand new way for web search results to be conducted. According to the company, users of its Web Search feature can now run mobile apps from ads. Previously, if you wanted to find information that’s locked inside a specific mobile application, then the search engine would return results from the in-app content, thus offering you the ability to ‘stream’ the app from the web to your mobile device. Now Google has gone one step further, incorporating mobile apps in mobile ads.

Here’s How it Works

Developers can now take advantage of the technology for app install ads, that are running on the AdMob network. App publishers will be able to produce mini-ads, which serve as mini-versions of the mobile games or apps. These interactive ads can last up to a period of 60 seconds in order to show what kind of content they offer to mobile users. An appetizer of things to come should you ever intend on using them.

According to Sissie Hsiao, who is Google’s new head of product for mobile ads, this approach has been taken in order to help app developers find the right users.

“You can buy ads, you can get apps installed. But a lot of apps are used once or they’re never used, even after they’re installed. We found that 1 in 4 apps is never even used, and there’s often this ‘try once’ experience, and then [the app is] never used again.”  – Sissie Hsiao

Some More Technical Details for Mobile Apps in Mobile Ads

In case you were wondering how this works, Google’s app streaming technology is not running on continuously looping videos. Instead, they are the result of the company’s acquisition of a startup firm called Agawi.

It involves the app running on virtual machines through Google’s cloud platform. In this way, you will be able to see a small preview of what the mobile game is all about and best of all, users will not be annoyed when they mistakenly click on the app and it redirects them to Google’s Play Store, or something else entirely.

Improving the mobile web experience was always a goal for Google. And it seems that with this innovation Google has taken a major step into transforming traditional web ads into something more.

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