Pakistani Publishers Get Tired of Vulgar Adsense Ads

I have been using Adsense — Google’s display ads — on ProPakistani for over a decade and my experience, with few exceptions, has been okay. Lately, however, we have been bombarded with some indecent sexual health related ads causing embarrassment for us and disturbance among our readers.

As you might had noticed, sexual health related ads appear on this website — and elsewhere — at times and since we are safe for work and family website, these ads stir discomfort; especially when our readers think that these ads are shown by ProPakistani’s consent.

Just in case if you aren’t aware, these ads are displayed on ProPakistani by Google for which we get paid on monthly basis. Content of ads, however, isn’t controlled by us.

While we can select/deselect categories of ads that are to be shown here, the problem arises when publishers wrongly select their category while uploading their ads. They do this purposely, so that their ads are displayed on websites even if a sensitive category is blocked.

Below are the categories that are blocked to be displayed on ProPakistani:


Additionally, in case you don’t know, we can block specific advertisers too but problem arises when advertisers keep changing their domain-names or URLs.

So for instance if we block one URL of such advertiser, they will soon change their website address and start showing ads with new domain name URL.

To cut it short, we keep on blocking domain names but these advertisers have now started using free domains to display their indecent ads; meaning that they can change their domain name every hour without incurring any cost.

While we are trying hard to find a permanent solution, we are sorry about any such ads that you find indecent.

Please be sure that we are as annoyed with these ads as you.

We are also hoping that Google will be able to force its advertisers to stick to adword policies, exactly like it does with adsense publishers.

Here’s how you can help:

  • If you see any indecent ad, please do following
  • Right click on ad and select “Copy Link Address” (For Chrome users — for other Browsers, you can select url address, or link address)
  • You have to copy the link address, by right clicking on the ad.
  • email us this link through contact us page.

URL Link addresses should look like something following:—ujq7bQqpmIpKzNVqaIcHuHVvrh8ur5HE5uZZHvqiIV0GUO_Qmin9EyWmpM54C3NavBBwa5wUAYsfLe83_OM3zAfDsRvNyAELzefZlaVhy6GTpKoG9DGFQ3s6yl9dh1sdzhs0qsWGNHStGv8mRuW6qAr2ssD__UKLuIpixBZjXpjQGRsIce3GW1YPL34VagBi6AB5TdzD2oB6a-G9gHAA&num=1&sig=AOD64_1bLVUrOgx43twbzW4j0eeNKlXSWQ&client=ca-pub-7300489448413787&

For Publishers: How to Block These Ads

If you are publisher like us, and are tired of these ads, this is how you can block them.

  • Get URL of advertiser that you want to block by right clicking on it, and copying this link (one like above) in text file.
  • Extract the domain name mentioned at the end of link.
  • In above example, URL of advertise is:
  • Go to your Adsense account dashboard
  • Click on “Allow and Block Ads”
  • In “advertiser’s URL”, input the URL and click on “Block URLs”
  • You are done.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Good article.. really tired of these things.. also do some research on FB friend suggestions showing indecent content in profile pictures and make it difficult to use internet while sitting with family…

  • I guess blocking one more category will make your life bit easier. Its Drugs & Supplements, lot of them may come under this one.

  • Just install add-blocker browser plugins, because it is not ProPakistani issue, but these indecent adds can appear on any site.

  • After reading this article, I am disabling AdBlock for ProPk domain. I installed it to get rid of randomly popping Ads and indecent Ads also.
    If ProPk is continuously watching and trying to control Ad content, then it should not be an issue for me. After all they should get paid for all their effort!

  • Also try by blocking ‘Body Modification’ category, I hope you understand what may fall under this category.

    • الو کے پٹھے ، یہی کام تو وہ ads کرت ہیں ۔
      تمہارےے جیسے ہی ایسے ads دیتے ہیں ۔تہمارے نام
      achiles کا مطلب ہوتا ہے ۔پستی ۔

  • While sitting with one of your siblings or family member, you never know whats coming next in ad. Pakistanis always embarrass

      • Its my personal opinion you don’t have to agree. Yes they do. from your tv drama to reality-based dramatized programs on news channels and now even stupid adsense ads like “mard yahan na click kerain” “sirf orton ke liye” and blah blah, you never can’t sit alongside your siblings while watching anything on internet or watching. People using adwords doing target according to keywords but they target only most visited sites. So even if you’re not searching for keywords in local area you’ll get to see such ads at irrelevant sites as well, as propakistani has mentioned in post

  • I will disable adblock for ProPakistani website if it affects your revenues, Your sharing keeps us updated and we loved it.
    Guys please switch off adblock extensions in browsers for only PROPAKISTANI.

  • Well said Aamir. I too have to regularly review ads on Adsense to make sure no vulgar ads are displaying. Plus those pathetic ‘Download Download Manager, Download Video Player, Download Flash’ ads are real trouble makers. Their cpc is lower than $0.1 and keeps popping up and wastes pageviews. Blocking them is not very effective as advertisers keep changing domain names and those appear once again.

  • Same happens when you download/install a religious app e.g. prayer times etc on your mobile and are connected to internet. :(

  • You can also ask users to report ads by clicking “exclamation” mark icon on top left side of the ad that will open Adsense help page. On bottom of that page is “Leave feedback” form where you can report ads against violating google’s terms etc.

    I think this could help if enough users submit complains against a publisher.

  • Can we know in publisher account which ads are being displaying on our website. Details of advertisers and ads being displayed?

  • One of the solution is that everyone each one anywhere everywhere should report it by clicking (x) cross on the right corner of the add by selecting the inappropriate option.
    Hopefully if so many people do it, it may be got removed.

      • Report it as inappropriate will make it removed from those websites you are visiting. But problem is that no one is reporting.
        It’s the solution without using any other third-party software like adblocker etc.

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