Ufone 3G Packages

Ufone 3G Internet offers one of the cheapest methods to go online and view the World Wide Web. It offers a wide 3G coverage and low-cost packages that fulfil most users’ data requirements. We have summed up all relevant information about Ufone 3G packages in this article.

Ufone offers both 2G and 3G internet coverage with 3G being offered in all the major cities and most small cities and towns while Ufone’s 2G network covers the rest of the country. More details about Ufone 3G coverage are available here.

Ufone Internet Packages support 2G and 3G networks only and there aren’t any speed specific packages at the moment. While most networks do not limit internet speeds, bandwidth throttling has been reported on Ufone 3G package. While 2G speeds can go up to 15KB/s, 3G can reach up to 15MB/s (estimated peak speeds) in optimum conditions. Your download speeds on these 3G packages may vary depending on the available network’s quality and throttling. You will most probably get less than a quarter of the speed quoted above because Ufone has a relatively small 5MHz spectrum.

All 3G packages from Ufone listed here offer free Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Line usage as well.

These 3G Packages are divided into daily, 3-day, weekly and monthly bundles.

Daily Ufone 3G Packages:

Below are the rates of these packages:

ufone 3g packages daily

How to Subscribe: 

  • Dial one of the activation codes mentioned above
  • Dial *3# for activation menu

3G Packages by Ufone with a duration 24 hours are divided into three different categories; Light, Heavy and Special, all offering different data limits dependent upon the usage requirements.

There is an extra Mega Internet Bucket which offers 5GB of data between 12AM to 12PM.

3-Day Ufone 3G Package:

The only 3-Day Ufone 3G Package is listed below:

ufone 3g packages 3 day

How to Subscribe to 3-Day Ufone 3G Package: 

  • Dial *3350# for activating the 3-day bucket
  • Dial *3# for activation menu

The user gets a choice opting for a 3-day bucket which is a reasonable offer for those who don’t want a long-term bucket, or a small daily bucket.

Weekly Ufone 3G Packages:

Here are the rates for weekly 3G Packages:

ufone 3g packages weekly

How to Subscribe to Weekly Ufone 3G Internet Packages: 

  • Dial one of the activation codes mentioned above
  • Dial *3# for activation menu

Weekly Ufone 3G Packages are categorised into two classes; Light and Heavy. Light Bucket offers only 250MBs while the Heavy Bucket offers 500MBs. These are one of the most expensive weekly packages on any network.

Monthly Ufone 3G Packages:

Check below monthly Ufone 3G internet rates:

Ufone 3g packages monthly

How to Subscribe to Monthly Ufone 3G Packages: 

  • Dial one of the activation codes mentioned above
  • Dial *3# for activation menu

Monthly Ufone’s 3G Packages offer more choice to the internet savvy users who want internet throughout the month. The data limits range from a sufficient 1GB to massive 10GB which should be enough for the downloaders and streamers. 30 day long 3G Packages from Ufone are one of the cheapest ones around and provide ample data for little cash.

Other Ufone 3G Offers:

Other than the above mentioned Ufone’s 3G packages, the company offers social bundles which only provide data for social networks like Facebook and Twitter or WhatsApp messenger.

We would advise users to only go for these buckets if they don’t have sufficient balance for any of the Ufone 3G Packages. In case these 3G Packages are used, background services might use internet without user’s knowledge, resulting in unintended charges. This makes 3G Packages more appropriate for general use.

Ufone also offers All-in-One bundles and Super Cards which offer minutes and SMS alongside lots of data and can be useful for those with all-round usage.

Points To Note When Using Ufone 3G Packages:

  • When the Ufone Packages expire or data limit is crossed a default rate of Rs.20 will be charged giving 20MB data.
  • WhatsApp calling is charged at the default rate even if you have a data Ufone 3G Package
  • All 3G Packages are recursive (automatically apply) unless unsubscribed

How To Activate Ufone 3G Packages:

Ufone 3G Packages can be activated via these methods:

  • Dial *3# and select the appropriate 3G package from the service menu by first selecting the appropriate duration of the package and then entering the number of the intended package.
  • Ufone 3G Packages can be activated from the Ufone Self-care website or the Self-care app.

How To Check Remaining Data for Ufone 3G Packages:

  • Data Usage for 3G Buckets from Ufone can be checked by dialling *706#.

Please head here for answers to some FAQs about Ufone Internet Packages. If you want to save some data, read our data saving tips.

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