Punjab To Launch E-Procurement In 5 Government Offices

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has launched an e-Procurement system for procurement transactions between government departments. The system was developed in-house by the PITB. This new system will provide a simpler yet transparent and efficient method to manage small financial transactions.

Details about the E-Procurement System

The new project was made public by Chairman PITB, Dr. Umar Saif, while addressing an official meeting at the Arfa Software Technology Park a few days ago. The system will enable online procurement of amounts no greater than Rs 100,000.

Prior to this system, all transactions were being handled manually which brought about several loopholes and delays. With the new system, vendors will be able to add only one quotation against any procurement opportunity which will be verified using their National Tax Number, all in a quicker and easier process.

During his address, Dr. Saif had this to say about the rollout of the e-Procurement system:

Initially, the system has been introduced in Punjab Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA), Punjab Resource Management Programme (PRMP), Excise and Taxation department, Law department and PITB Itself. The system is ready for use in all other departments as well.

A Cost-Effective Measure

A vendor can now see the details of a bid, give a quotation and win the contract online. Because of this, visiting the concerned office will no longer be necessary as the process can be handled from a computer or laptop.

This will reduce the government budget by 25% for petty purchases, and will provide standardised prices for all departments. According to Dr. Umar Saif, officials will be trained to utilize the system successfully. He also said that the department officials of the Punjab Government would get an E-Procurement system soon. PITB is in the process of developing a major system with the help of the World Bank and PPRA, that deals with all aspects including goods and services and once it’s completed, the e-Procurement system will be used by all governmental departments.

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