Zong Launches Fiber Home, its New 4G MBB Device

Zong today announced the availability of its new 4G Mobile Broadband device that they are calling Fiber Home.

According to information available on Zong’s website, Fiber Home is going to be another wireless 4G MiFi device from the company that can be used with Zong’s Internet SIM for using Zong’s 3G and 4G services.

Users will be able to create a WiFi hotspot with this device and connect their laptops, phones, tabs and other wireless devices with Fiber Home for internet connectivity.

Zong’s Fiber Home device comes with a display screen to show battery status and estimated number of hours that users can avail without any power-source.

Fiber Home Specifications

Below are some of the specs of Zong Fiber Home device:

  • Supported networks: 3G, 4G
  • Multiple Device connectivity:
    • Yes
    • 10 devices can connect at a time
  • Battery:
    • Capacity: 2100mAh
    • Maximum Usage: 8 Hours
    • Standby Time: 40 Hours

Data Packages for Fiber Home

Zong is offer its below packages for Fiber Home Device:


Fiber Home Price

  • Zong is selling its Fiber Home device for Rs. 3,000.
  • This is the base price of device and doesn’t include any data package
  • You can avail 10% discount if you — are from Islamabad/Rawalpindi — and order this device online from here.

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    • I don’t think so otherwise they would have mentioned it proudly. For 3 months 4000 we have to pay almost 6000rs

      • Taxes are included i pay 2000 sharp for 50 gb taxes are included in the price and speed is very good too …

      • I bought zong MBB Mifi device a week ago and it was all tax included. I got the 3 months for 4000 package and was told that with this I can avail double volume for those 3 months.

        Once I tested one of the friend’s device at my place it was giving straight 4 signals of 4G so I bought this very next day and it worked fine for 2-3 days. But now I am getting low signals not sure why, it keeps on fluctuating between 2 and 3 signals of 4G. Where as if I switch to 3G, signals remains full constantly.

      • I am also experiencing too slow speed on Zong Wingle 4g. I m from Islamabad and signals are full 4g. Even then speed is slow and pages do not open at all sometimes.

  • Fiber hone is a chinese telecommunication brand just like huawei and zte all the ptcl routers used to come from this brand, i dont get the hype behind these

  • 30 GB for 1400 rupees
    50 GB for 1700
    70 GB for 2100
    100 GB for 2500

    100GB for 3800 rupees is outrageous pricing

    • I’m using their 4G wingle that I got with the promotional (double up volume offer) I’m currently getting a 100gb for 2000 only which is suppose to end this month. Hoping it doesn’t. ;)

  • I’m using their previous device that does not have a lan port.

    Any idea if this device has a Lan port ?

  • Lol. I bought non lcd zong device with smaller battery last month for the same price and now they have launched lcd version with larger battery for the same amount. I feel like i have been ripped off.

  • I bought this device yesterday with three months advance payment. So far, the experience is too poor. Very slow speed and most of the websites often don’t open. Even ebay.com, schools.gov.pk and themeforest.net are not opening. I’m using proxy to browse through those websites. PTCL’s Charji was far better than this one, which I was using before it. :(

  • Kindly mujhy koi bta sakta hai ka Zong ki jo Huwawei wali 4G mifi device(battery wali) hai us ka model no. kya hai?

  • I am using zong wingle With moping speed of 47mbps download and 5mbps of upload. Look at the screenshot.

  • Poor experience so far with zong 4G wingle…. whatsapp k msg tk send nhe hte aur jin jin devices pe connect hta hai wo bar bar disconnect. … don’t know why but despite complaining isue isn’t getting resolved

  • Dear I am also having same problem from few days. Some sites are not opening or taking time to open whereas same sites are opening quickly with warid. But when i check speed test it is always above 10mbps. I think they have some technical issues right now.

  • One of the dumbest and most misleading names possible. This is not an optical fiber solution to the home so why name it “fiber home”? this is a regular MiFi device and the the battery rating of 2100 mah it is impossible it delivers 8 hours of usage. this device with its large screen will max out at 5 hours at the most. Speed up to 150 Mbps? I request Zong reps to visit me in the heart of the capital and provide me anything over 20 Mbps. And that 20 Mbps too is on their own server. Fraudulent advertising at its best.

    • This is not the name of the device. FiberHome is the name of Chinese telecommunication company that has manufactured this device.

  • Why invest in devices when you can sell internet SIMs and partner with device manufs. like Tenda and TP Link? ZonG’s core is not the hardware but the data. Let the manufs. do their part and u focus on ur stuff.

  • Koi muja bataye ga ke zong ke new Fiber home device ka Model number kya ha or ya Huawei walo ke ha ke kisi or compny ke ha pls tell me

  • Excellent Zong. Just today PTCL 1235 service gave a recorded message for all PTCL USB devices as 4G all free of cost. Is claim of Zong for how PTCL can sell and give 4G USB device? Now they’re selling it at no cost. Is Zong providing bandwidth to 4G customers of PTCL. Guess this is a regulatory subject.

  • Gujrat 4G is available almost in each area where 3G is available. I am from shah faisal gate and here 4G launched since 27th november offically.

  • Zong 4G All Device’s Available,
    Free Home Delivery,

    4G Wingle 2000/=
    4G Mifi 3000/=
    Only Hyderabad & Karachi User’s Contact Me 03163112186

  • I am planning to buy this device…anyone who has bought this can tell hows the quality and whether this one or mifi is better??? and whether the double volume offer is applicable with this ?

  • Aoa. Is there any app on android with which I can manage my “FIBER HOME MOBILE WIFI DEVICE” with ZONG 4G package

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