27 Hilarious Responses to Nargis Fakhri AD in Urdu Newspapers

Nargis Fakhri clearly rocked the internet this Sunday with her ad for Jazz X in local Urdu newspapers. While there were individuals outraged by the ad, others couldn’t resist to share the fun.


Below are few of hilarious responses on one of the most controversial print ads in the recent times:

This Imaginative clarification is from a friend. We are holding his name as this update was private:


It is clarified that the advertisement of a renowned company published today on the front page of some newspapers has completely been misunderstood by some readers, hence the criticism on the innocent model, company and the newspapers is baseless and ufounded.

The false interpretations, especially of graphical illustrations, made by a group of readers is a result of their own imagination of an otherwise very creative and innovative advert.

The ad is not provocative and it only aims at enhancing aesthetical faculties of readers, therefore, features wrapped in red were used carefully. Further, a single letter ‘X’ has also been used in the ad, which actually refers to word excitement whereas, the company can’t take responsibility if the single letter has been imaginatively replaced with double or triple ones by some critics.

it’s a matter of fact that in the past too so called critics of creativity had objected to the posters of Pashto and Punjabi movies with graphical elaborations. In fact, these self acclaimed preachers of morality want to deprive people of their right to information and entertainment while vast majority finds such images self-entertaining and self-gratifying.

Therefore, in the interest of justice and for the principle of fairness, innocent model, renowned company and popular newspapers may not be held accountable for what they did not intend to convey through the ad in question.

And here you go with publicly available tweets:

آج کے اخبارات کو دیکھ کر قوم دشمن کے بچے چھوڑ کر دشمن کی بچی کے پیچھے پڑگئی ہے :P#Mobilink

Posted by Muhammad Bilal Khan on Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Why is Propak giving this bi**h so much importance. Bring some useful posts instead of this repeated garbage.

  • I think half of Pakistanis are jobless that’s why they have time to do mullahism. You can yourself see situation of Pakistan econmy begger status will be given to Pakistan which I think we already are.

  • ہاہاہا مزہ آ گیا۔ اگرچہ پروپاکستانی کے موضوع سے ہٹ کر تھی مگر موڈ خوشگوار ہو گیا۔

  • i think ad worked finally .. people shouted and made this successful campaign … App ka Shukeria .. Manjanib #mobilink :)

  • ProPakistani earns money thats why they publish news like this, and i will do too anything for dollars, because Yaha pay muft ki dukaan nai kholi Aamir ne.

  • This a mutual job:
    A: Mobilink deliberately showcased a h-o-t photo of Nargis Fakhri, because they knew that people will outrage on it.
    B: We people are also to blame because we take notice of these things more than any other thing.

    C: Can’t mention here, because then this comment will never get to be posted in propakistani site (but you get it, right?)

  • Hello Mobilink, if you had worked on improving your phone’s specifications, you didn’t have to use Nargis Fakhri’s specs to sell your phones!

  • Nargis Fakhri is hot and my future wife to be , i wish and almost everyone who sees her wishes for that lol…. Just chill its just a add, the photos of corrupt politicians show up everyday in the news, no body protests against them… whats wrong with you people???

    • han beta tum asi aurat ko bv banao jo dunya k samne leti hoi ha saray curves dunya ko dikahte hoy. hum future wife ko abhi se dekh chuke ACHI tarah :P

      • kyu nahi, nargis fakhri ko bhi tau Allah ne hi bunaya hai na mere bhai, ager woh bhatak gae hai, aur main shadi ker ke us ko seedhe rah pe le atta hun tau is main kia burae hai, zara batana mujhe bhi? aur tu ne albata yeh zaroor bata diya hai keh tu internet pe kia search kerta aur dekhta hai gandi zehniat lol

        • Yes and as if you are drooling all over because of her picture you saw on internet while performing umrah! Tum b leti hoi picture pe hi fida hoy ho or pata chal raha ha kia kuch dekh k hoy ho. :p
          Or tum usey seedhi raah pr le hi na ao.

          • Or beshak usey apni bv banao per ye na kaho k jo b isey dekh raha ha sab isko bv banane ka soch rahe han. Youre mistaken bro. Only few of your likes think so.

    • yeh mujhay heera mandi ka ‘barwah’ lagta ha jo chata ha Biwii hi kama ka da///get a life kid kuch mehnat ker lo

  • If there is something named PEMRA, then they should ask Jang; what is this? and fine/ban them if they can not justify it.

    • What justification ? Is she wearing any less clothes ? Pamera ka tu isi ka masla huta hai. Is she saying anything wrong in the advert ?

  • pata nhi tum PAK log itni sexy hot beautiful Girl ko badnaam krne pe lage hue ho..
    local news ko world news bana diya..

  • Yeah, I didn’t believe it either at first, but Jazz is actually back! I never thought I would
    see that tilted red and yellow logo ever again after Mobilink decided to focus
    entirely on the brand Mobilink. I guess they realized that they just had to
    bring their signature brand back in action!

    I remember back
    in the days when Jazz was literally considered as a tycoon amongst all the
    other telecom brands out there. Most of my friends and family members would
    have Jazz sim. It’s like Jazz was your go-to sim back then; it always had a
    hometown feel to it.

    And it’s actually smart of #Mobilink to reintroduce Jazz with their own 3G enabled handsets, which everyone knows is like the need of the hour. They seem like decent handsets and start at an affordable price too. I feel this will actually enable people,
    especially from marginalized communities, to be included in the ongoing
    digitization process.

    For someone who has been a loyal Jazz customer from that time, I’m definitely happy that Jazz is back but my hopes are quite high with this reintroduction. I hope it can
    serve just like it did back then or better!

    Nevertheless, I believe this campaign gives Mobilink a fantastic end and a wonderful start for the next year with news that the phones are already selling like hot cakes. I
    have to go check them out! It will certainly remain the most talked about
    campaign of the year 2015! #JazzIsBack

  • This is Digital revolution which aamir ibrahim was talking in interview with pro Pakistani

  • نرگس فخری خود نہیں لیٹی تھیں، انہیں آئ ایس آئ نےلٹایا،اورجب انکو لیٹایاجارہا تھا انہوں نے پاکستان ذندہ باد کانعرہ بھی لگایا تھا:عامرغیرلیاقت

    !This one is mind blowing

  • i am the one who sold them domain name two weeks ago and they were waiting for me to sell them the domain name so they can announce this ad.

  • If she wears Skin color dress instead of red. No one with a brain buy that XXX phone.
    Phones can’t be sold by that kind of high budget advertisements. They are sold by features and specs.
    People will see the pic all day but that does’nt mean they will go and get that phone.

  • Can you look at this ad with your family (mom, sisters etc) ? ProPakistani is taking favor of a company. This website is not neutral. Completely biased post.

  • the website shows that their is no respect for its visitors’ comments and trying to take favor of Mobilink.

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