Curves in Papers that Broke the Internet

While the nation is at war over the Nargis Fakhri’s ad that appeared in Urdu newspapers yesterday, marketing gurus are describing the move from Mobilink as one of the best in recent times.


It is very unlikely for you to not have noticed the ad, either in papers or on your timelines, but in case you have been living under a rock, Urdu newspapers yesterday went ahead and publish the in-content artwork of Nargis Fakhri holding Mobilink’s Jazz X phone on their front pages.

Below is what the Urdu dailies looked like:


Sunday, usually a slow-news day, became a battlefield for Pakistani nation that took to Twitter and Facebook to share the ad and of course the commentary to express their intellection.

Nargis Fakhri, Mobilink and Newspapers trended several times over the past few hours where most people shared negative reviews about what they saw on their timelines.

Others appreciated Mobilink for stirring the pot and gaining maximum possible attention, as every individual shared the artwork on their timelines. Newspapers were, however, crushed for publishing anything for some bucks.

Below is a poll, where you can express yourself about the the said ad:


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And here are few of the reactions from Twitter:

And some were strong enough with their observations:


Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Mullahism=terrorism=talibanism. The world hates pakistan as it is very conservative and so tourists do not come here. And we also get bad press throughout the world. Because of issues like these. Mullahs like ansar chaprasi wwant ta make pakistan another somalia

  • when i open 3g network, it downloads apps from playstore as well as browse websites also, but when it cames towards playing youtube videos, it stuck on loading sign, and for torrent, it stuck on calculating but does not starts.
    My carrier is mobilink
    Anyone please help me

    • see, we are Islamic Republic of Pakistan not a liberal country, we are Muslims

      My friend you need to get your bearings right, no one can help out of your dystopia, we are all Pakistani, our country isnt to blame, its people we should blame, if you cant see this ad with your mother and sister in nationwide newspaper and TV ads and commercial, then stop blaming religious figure, they aren’t in the ad, we are talking about indecency no militancy.

      • Thats the problem. We should not be a Islamic state. We should drclare ourself as Neutral nation like many other modern countries. To make people views good towards our country. To stop mullahism.

        • or a simpler solution would be that people like u should move to more “Neutral” countries as u are not more than 0.1% of the society

    • Sunni Pakistani Male with some bheens brains surely :P Coz agr brain hota to sahi ko sahi aur ghalat ko ghalat kehny ki himmat bhe hoti.

    • sunnis? are the worst.. our aqeedah is right but we do not practice! see wahabis and shias and even ahmedis running for the mosques? sunnis just sit and watch TV, cricket etc etc…

      If you had brains you would know clothes that reveal your outline are still haram! there is a hadeeth of Prophet Muhammed that says people will be wearing clothes and still seem nude!!

      Qaid-e-azam would be turning in his grave because he created this nation so we could practise our religion freely not indulge in vulgarity!!

  • hahaahhahhaah… have been in laughing fits since yesterday.. LMAO Mobilink Imma gonna buy bunch load of sims now. a just reward for trolling our purestani Mulla-fascism :) :D

  • We have to get rid of this hypocrisy….Ppl in pakistan watch bollywood movies many of which are way cheaper than this ad…yet they become jihadis on fb and twitter. ….stop this hypocrisy…media sells what ppl want to see. …and trust me in cinemas these are the same ppl who are shouting at her item number…..

    • At least if you’re not a “Begharat” you will not go and watch vulgar movies with family. People like us can’t share such newspapers with our sisters and mother at home. Hypocrisy is being done by people like you who are wannabe westerns and still living in Pakistan.

  • I don’t want to discuss anything!! Just want to laugh at the title of Propakistani!! LOL!! CURVE hahaha!!!

  • What the hell is wrong?
    If our minds are not clean then why are we objectifying it.
    Enough with the crap!!!!

  • They wanted to get this ad viewed as many times as possible right? Mission accomplished.

  • Dear Mobilink’s market team … is it you are selling your mobile phone or your mother and sister with this type of curves
    Shame on the marketing Team of mobilink

    • u r ryt dude!.. you pakistani ppl’s r so cheap..koi bhi ladki ka naam badnaam krne pe tule rhete hai..

      respect girlz.. woh jo bhi kare itz her life..

  • now same cheap tactics are used by propakistani to get hits on their website, I am sure you are getting all time high hits on this page right now.

  • Ye Ansaar chaprasi taliban aur extremism k khilaaf to nae bola kabi :D…Nargis fakhri iski behn lagti hai shayed?, tharki molvi hahaha

  • jitni takleef ansar abbasi aur orya jaan ko howi hai es ad se , endono ko raat konapni biwya b nargis fakhri lag rahen hiun gi, so the million dollar question is , what will anasar abbasi do ? resign or begirat ban jai ga ?

  • Don’t know if anyone noticed this but there is a Quranic verse written on that very same page. It’s not the first time this happened. Infact, they post more stupid photos almost daily on the front page in their magazine advertisement.

  • گھٹیا، تھرڈ کلاس فون بیجنے کے لئے موبلی لنک کی اس سے بھی گھٹیا حرکت۔۔۔ کم از کم کچھ ملکی اقدار کا پاس رکھتا۔۔۔ شیم شیم شیم ☺ ☻ ☻ ☺

  • I remember back
    in the days when Jazz was literally considered as a tycoon amongst all the
    other telecom brands out there. Most of my friends and family members would
    have Jazz sim. It’s like Jazz was your go-to sim back then; it always had a
    hometown feel to it. #JazzIsBack and now there’s going to be more action in terms of competition.

  • May Allah give Hidaya to Mobilink management.

    This ad is clearly showing the cheap mentality of Mobilink Commercial team & their management. In order to gain focus of the public they used these tactics. Because being ummah we are all dead, that is why this type of acts are not impacting us. Its of no use to kill already dead nation.

    Allah will definitely give reward to everyone involved in this act. “The day” is not far away.

  • Uhm… Here is y so called liberals have a prob with conservatives…these conservatives fail to show outrage when An ahmedi is killed, a minority is killed or any innocent is killed anywhere when thr cause happens to be a muslim. Everything for them is an attack on muslims, be it a suicide bombing on a mosque or a nude model in a tv ad. Everything from condom ads to supposed vulgarity is a west’s conspiracy rather thana figment of their imagination. So in this case too pakistanis are as usual angry selectively.

  • As far as the bad press is concerned. Search time magazines article on this. We are shown as a joke whenever we do something like this. Take the example of mumtaz qadri and pakistanis love affair witha murderer and misused law. Bad press again.

    • I was correct u have no clue of Pakistan and its problems. Pyaray bhai if u open ur eyes and see objectively we “were” having problems with law and order situation here and every one from non muslims, Ahmadis, Shias, Sunnis were killed. Infact highest percentage of the killed people were from the majority Sunni sect and the killers dont see the sect at the first place and those who kill based on sect are dealt severely by LEA. look up [email protected] 1shaq. The sect based killings are a dying phenomenon in Pakistan and so is the extreme mindset. Law and order situation is improving.
      Only an insane will defend [email protected] Qadr1 and those represent 1% of the insane populace.

      On the other hand for those who rely blindly on western media are also MAD. BTW u originally said we get bad press from west because of issues “like these” but then turned to Qadri which is altogether a different topic.
      The prob with west promoters is that they depend only on nudity(supposed freedom) of the women and freedom of speech like foolish and stale concepts to promote their views, and after that they go BLANK ;)

      • Nup. Western media rules the world for building a positive image of a country. Be it from tourism, economy or investment, almost every investor makes up a mind relying on western media. Money and technology is in the west. Thus being shown negatively in western media is quite a disaster, so ofcourse we have to rely on it. Qadri was just an example of bad press we have been getting in the past few years.

        • Let me understand, We will promote vulgarity(supposed “open mindedness”), Western media will favor us and build our “positive image” and we will somehow develop ??? LMAO

          “Fear of Bad Press” should not make us leave our true identity.
          This kinda slave mentality will get us no where.

          There are plenty of examples of nations ignoring the western media altogether and flourishing without a problem like China, Turkey and Venzuala to name a few.

          Secondly, The crazy lunatic mentality of extremist like [email protected] is wrong but this does not make left hand liberals any better then them and they are equally Crazy.

  • CHANGE THE NAME OF PEMRA and NAME IT AS “MEDIA PIMP”. Vote / thumbs up if you agree! because they do not carre what’s going on in dramas and morning shows with such seductive acts, vulgar open talks. naked chests of ladies etc. you people all know this!


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