2015 Google Trends for Pakistan: Disappointing and Horrific

In case you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you that missed Google trends about Pakistanis’ most searched terms and personalities in 2015.  You can revisit our previous post to get an idea.

For those who need a refresher, below were top searched keywords in 2015 on Google from Pakistan:

Google Trends 2015 Pakistan

Google Trends 2015 for Pakistan

Today we’ll be looking at what these trends signify for Pakistan and Pakistanis.

What do these Trends Reveal about Us?

Lets get the obvious things out of the way first. The YouTube ban pretty much ensured that people used alternate ways to access it. Some used proxies whereas most used YTPak.com. This finding shows that the government’s move to keep YouTube banned was an exercise in futility.

The next thing about these trends shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone. Pakistanis consume Indian drama serials and….. the ongoing shenanigans of Big Boss contestants. Though its not surprising, perhaps it could’ve been heartening to note if our viewing habits reflected an eclectic taste in other TV genres like Sci-Fi, Thrillers, etc. other than the desi answer to ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ from next door.


At Least These 3 Are A ‘Welcome’ Change from the Usual Political Suspects of the Yesteryears 

Then we have the personalities. The example of Reham Khan and Ayaan Ali in the top 2 positions in Personalities list reveals that Pakistanis like their politicized damsels-in-distress more than the contestants of Big Boss (author’s note: I had to Google them all to know those strange sounding people all had one thing in common!).


That Time When the Author Has to Add To the Tally of Google Trends

It’s interesting to note that an Italian scientist Alessandro Volta occupies 7th position in the personalities list. The inventor of the electric battery on this list can mean that the academics still figures in the way internet is used in Pakistan and this bodes well for the future.


This Guy made it to The List. We’re as surprised as you are!

Data like this is instrumental for scholars, behavior scientists, marketing agencies and think tanks to craft tailor made strategies for the local populace.

However, the homogeneity of the results doesn’t require a high level analyst to tell us what Pakistanis are busy doing on the internet.

Indian movies and shows clearly dominate the search volume and that paints a worrying picture. There’s no remote mention of any book, any high level idea; not even ISIS or climate change.

Initial trends still paint an interesting picture of human nature triumphing above all. Entertainment and politics seem to be the preferred way of consuming media on the internet by Pakistani users.

It also bodes ill for 3G/4G services, which started in Pakistan roughly a year ago. The larger goals to connect Pakistanis and use the internet for productive endeavors won’t be fulfilled if everyone just keeps searching for Indian movies and shows with the provided access.

Do these trends reveal that Pakistanis are using the internet for the lowest common denominator? It’s still too early to make sweeping generalizations given the length of time for current-generation telecommunications service here, but it is indeed a point to worry about and concerned authorities should look into the topic.

This whole situation indicates that Pakistan stands at lowest level of digital literacy. In such circumstances it would be hard for Pakistanis — individually and as a nation — to achieve goals (increase in GDP for instance) that are usually associated with internet uptake.

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  • Palaupakistani

    As if americans search fir science All day

  • Ahmed

    What’s disappointing and horrific in that?…Lame.

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Lack of curiosity in pakistan. In a point of time where everyone in the country should have it! We need to educate ourselves man! We don’t care what the whole dang world does! We should focus on raising ourselves through knowledge!
      And at such a point, all we do is watch indian saas bahu waley dramas and reality shows? Now THAT my friend, is lame.

      • Jaun Raza

        thanks god this time thaf baapji didnt comment on your comment :p congrats

  • Mainichi

    USA: http://puu.sh/mcycZ/4fae26a440.png

    These trends tell you nothing of significance. It’s pretty common for people to search for entertainment related stuff more on the internet.

    • Mainichi

      Surprised there isn’t anything porn related in there.

      • Usman

        I’m more surprised nothing porn related in Pakistan searches they will be less but they will still be one of highest in world!

  • Geekpk

    Usually trends are same for every country – nothing disappointing about it. Get over ur high horse.

  • Stone

    Hahah I can’t decide whether to laugh at the author or feel sorry for him. Apparently everything is fast becoming a moral issue including searching for reality show contestants.

  • ledzaeem

    Everyone is watching tv, what ever gets showed in media the most gets trended n searched more, whats the rocket science in that? Y is it dissapponting n horrific? :/

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      The disappointing thing here is that people do not use it much for education as much as they should…
      I mean c’mon! Atleast half of our searches should have consisted of scientific data etc. As most of our books are severeeeeeely outdated! Consider the computer science book for class 9th. Suuuper outdated material in some parts.

      Just lack of curiosity in the country i guess.
      The motto of eat, live and be merry still rules our country and thats what is causing all these problems (including our “honest” leaders).

      • KS

        Sorry to ask you, but can you point out any country and the topics or the latest books for Computer Science for 9th grade please.
        I hope you traveled and also inquired the education system of globe very great and it can be the best for the future of our generations to hear from your side.

  • Cruise

    Let’s not forget this fact that Internet is mostly used for entertainment. Shukar hai koi ‘na-qaabil-e-ishaat’ search strings top 10 mein nahi ay.

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  • Usman

    Why the hell is kum kum bhagya in this why ppl watch these Indian dramas?!!!

    • Hashim

      If you don’t watch the dramas, you should better keep your mouth shut instead of asking why are others watching.

    • Mainichi

      Because they like them.

      • junaid javed

        thats what shows their 3rd class 10000000 years old stories n that indian hindoo culture and pakis like them :)

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    I thought we will break all records of Porn.
    But here i see how horrific we are, bahir se Duhsmani aur TV pe Shahrukh Khan, :-)

    Well, Pakistan dont care about GDP, GDP sucks, overall accounting and financing system, international currency things are bullshit.
    50 years of life enjoy it with good things. :)

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    So what exactly is “horrific” about this?

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    Half of those searches would be mine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    “Incase you’ve been living under a rock”

    Noticed statements like this in your articles.
    A request from my side; please avoid them. They are unprofessional and make your articles look like they’ve been written by immature writers.

    Thank you!

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    • Eye Watch


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      I’ll call it, amateur-cum-immature writing ;)

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      I respect your opinion and all but statements like those give articles a sense of informality which makes them not-so-dry and boring. Perfectly befitting a tech blog.

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      And that’s not even the biggest problem with this sentence.

      “In case you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you that missed Google trends…”

      This person clearly has no writing sense and should not be writing anything. He probably just read that phrase somewhere and used it thinking he’d sound cool. Pathetic. Both the author and Pro Pakistani for allowing such low quality drivel to be published.

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    so obsessed writer.
    so people search indian movies or dramas is wrong?
    respect the people and whatever they search on internet
    who knows in next year my name too will be in that list.

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      are you real amir liaquat?

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        more than real

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    khair yehi hota hai :) :)

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    koi haal nai saadah (us).

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    at least i aint in one of them..

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    When you give a stone to a little baby who doesnt know what to do with it… he’ll most probably try to eat it… i.e. try to harm himself with it unknowingly.
    Same is the case with the population of pakistan.

  • Imran

    Trending Now

    2015 Charts
    Most Searched
    IndiaBollywood Actor (Female)
    1Sunny Leone
    2Katrina Kaif
    3Deepika Padukone
    4Alia Bhatt
    5Radhika Apte

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    belong to india

  • Well, there’s an opportunity for something like Netflix (at least for Indian movies and dramas)

  • Mainichi

    And how exactly does entertainment harm someone?

  • Jaun Raza

    postive thing is that no porno, hater and voilance related searches.

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    Meanwhile in India

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    mujhe lagta hai yeh trend Incorrect hai….lol

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    It’s common not everyone is a computer geek who only looks to learn something online, mean while because of forums & youtube available information is not always searched on google itself.

  • Muhammad Zaman

    Nehru took away Kashmir, Hyderabad, Junagarh and Manavdr with the help of Britishers; Indra Gandhi broke Pakistan into two with the help of US ans USSR. Now Sonia Gandhi tells us that Pakistan can be taken over through media. Look at the Pakistani media rascals, they do not digest food without Indian songs and movies. Look at PTA, we have majority of internet connectivity on IMEWE OFC. Look at the traders and politicians dying for negative trade balance. Look at the AMAN KI AASHA rascals majority of whom have got awards from the BD government. There is no accountability. We appear to be in a mess and surrounded by the hostile forces. God bless Pakistan.

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    That racist article title.