Desktop PC Shipments to Decline In 2016

Despite the fact that desktop computers are able to deliver processing power that eclipses that of smartphones, tablets and regular notebooks, shipments are going to decline severely as we enter 2016. According to the latest report, shipments are expected to drop from 15 percent in 2015 to 7 percent in 2016.

The reason for that is quite simple; with Smartphones and tablets becoming the more popular products thanks to their simplified usage and of course portability, the penetration of high-end gaming notebooks, professional workstation, embedded-related products, and mini PCs will take a hit.

Reasons behind the PC Shipments Decline

Microsoft and Intel might have encouraged the market with the release of Windows 10 and 14nm Skylake processors respectively, but the weak global economy and weaker-than-expected demand from emerging markets such as China continue to impact the worldwide PC market. Mini PC shipments have been received much better, primarily because they provide consumers with an entire computing package without having the need to spend so much on separate PC components and assembling them together.

PC shipments are expected to drop from 15 percent in 2015 to 7 percent in 2016.

Mini PC shipments will surpass six million units in 2015 and are expected to be over eight million units in 2016. All-in-one PC shipments, which is described as a desktop display incorporated with an entire computer system inside it are also expected to rise. Intel’s high-end K-series of processors, which allow users to increase the clock speed of the chip through the computer’s BIOS in order to get added performance in gaming applications and for rendering purposes is expected to grow by 15 percent next year too.

Pakistan’s market is mostly comprised up of a very small percentage of enthusiasts who have the financial capacity to afford such expensive components. The majority of the population here rely on cheaper components, or resort to purchasing items that are already used in order to acquire them at a lesser price tag. Mini PCs will also become popular among the masses due to their affordability.

  • Apple (Tim Cook) ny kaha ha k PC ka ab End ha jab k ham abi b produce kr rahy hein , Google search it

    • Tablets/Phones are not replacement of Desktop & Laptop.

      Still Desktops & Laptops are in demand. Yes, demand declining just because mostly people who were buying Laptop/Desktop were very basic users & smartphones/tablets are enough for their computing needs.

  • well , gaming PCs are v.expensive ..
    and with the rise of smartphones and small gadgets … things are getting simpler .

    But i have a feeling we have YET to see the ultimate end of desktop , they’ll probably evolve into something else in the future but retain their uniqueness one way or the other !

  • PCs are not being replaced by smartphones & so, they can never replace computers, but because of notebooks & laptops.

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