How to Force Download Windows 10 Free Update?

A lot of computer users are anxiously waiting for Windows 10 to get downloaded on their system so they may get their hands on the newest operating system from Microsoft.


There is a slight chance that you might have received the update but it appears that majority of users are still waiting since Microsoft is upgrading users in phases.

We know that you can’t wait forever to get your copy of Windows upgraded to Windows 10; so here’s a way of downloading the Windows 10 upgrade by force.

Just in case you don’t know, Microsoft is offering Windows 10 Upgrade for free for limited time. So its better to avail the opportunity and experience smooth Windows 10 OS.

Follow below steps to get your Windows 10 upgrade straight away:

Method 1

Step 1:  

Go to your C drive to see if it has a folder called “$Windows.~BT”. You will have to check hidden files and folders as well.

If you can see the folder in your C drive, then you are all set; otherwise you will have to follow below steps to force download your Windows 10 upgrade.



  • You are supposed to have genuine copy of either Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update.
  • Your computer must have all the previous updates installed from Windows Update.
  • Make sure your computer meets all Windows 10 requirements, such as:
    • RAM: 1GB for 32-bit / 2GB for 64-bit
    • Storage: 16GB for 32-bit / 20GB for 64-bit
    • CPU: 1GHz or faster
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 capable video card

Step 2:

AGetStartedApp_Image_391x227Make sure you have reserved your free copy of Windows 10 upgrade. If you haven’t then to reserve your free upgrade, you have to use the Windows 10 app.

Simply click on the small Windows icon in the taskbar, click ‘Reserve your free upgrade’ and enter your email address to receive a confirmation.

Also make sure that this wizard checks your computer for compatibility. We are hearing that few users are struggling with display drivers during the upgrade process.

Step 3: Run Windows Update, and make sure you are set to receive updates automatically.

Step 4: Navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder and delete everything in this folder. Don’t worry, Deleting files from this folder is safe.

Step 5: Go to start menu, right click on it and click “Run as Administrator” and type “cmd”. You can also open command prompt from search in Windows 8. Type CMD in Windows 8 Search, right click on it and then “run as administrator”


Step 6: Type this command and press enter: wuauclt.exe /updatenow.

And that’s it. Check windows update panel to see the status of download. Let it get completed before the installation starts.

Method 2:

Good luck.

Via Redmond Pie

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • its not working for me and Unfortunately in these last three years, for the very first time i am not being able to download and install the windows updates files, there are 8 updates including 1 optional update … Manhoos download nae ho rahiii :( :( :( … Aamir Atta Bro please helppppp meeeeeee

    • first install your old windows updates ,check if there are any updates left for old one if it says up to date then do the above process and it will work

      • all the updates are well installed but in the update history im seeing at least 15 attempts to Updrade to windows 10 home with a failed status .. why the hell its not updating or installing :( i have a licensed windows 7 home premium !!! .. :(

    • New Browser = Edge
      Cortana = Personal Assistant (Waste, Windows already had something like it)
      New sytle of Notifications system.
      NEW & So called modern start menu
      Multiple virtual Desktops
      & some minors additions/modification in explorer & Settings section

    • many things but most important is dx12 if you are into gaming and you have a decent pc you can enjoy performance jump !

  • add 2-4 new features & label it “New Windows” & make money again :( This is bad from all Tech companies. This should be an update of Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 10

      • No, it’s free for those who have genuine Windows 7 or 8 & even it’s free for just 1st year. After that, it will be charged.

        Windows is like a service now, Microsoft will start charging monthly or most probably yearly after 1st year.

        • I read somewhere (may be on eightforums) that it is free for life time for those who will update to windows 10 in first year.

          • You are right Waqar, but Microsoft is not having more talks on it. Most possibility is that it will be free for just 1st year only.

            Microsoft has turned windows as service, so it will have annual fees I believe.

              • Are you giving away Windows 10 genuine copies in your program? I really don’t need your Q-Mobile smartphone now. :D

          • Google it Bro, Windows 10 upgrade it free for 1st year only. After that, it will be charged.

            Google “Windows 10 Is a Free Upgrade for the First Year” or
            “Windows 10 free upgrade”

            You will find a lot of articles on this new strategy from reputed websites.

    • The thing is you don’t have to pay anything on top of it. That makes it “free” and i don’t think that’s the case! Have you look at the transition effects and the speed? The whole engine is new and silky smooth. That is what Windows needed to give its users (smooth user experience). I really don’t see what other things you want from them.

      It shouldn’t be an update to Windows 10.1 at all. Microsoft has done a brilliant job

      P.s, open an image and use two fingers (pinch to zoom) if your touchpad supports multi-touch. The zoom in and zoom out effects are as smooth as Mac OS.

    • you call it update, others will say new os. No matter what you call it, its a mixture of all windows operating systems right from win95 to win 8.1

  • I need to install all updates(important + Optional+office etc) or just windows updates will work.

  • Sadly Cortana is not available in Pakistan :-(

    Any tricks Aamir bhai? I have cahnged my region to US but still its not working

  • I have windows 7, the copy the I downloaded from e-store of “Microsoft for All” An HEC program. I have updated my windows 7 to SP1 still I am unable to see the critical windows 10 update file and thus can’t register to download windows 10. Anyone there also encountered the same problem? Am I eligible?

  • Windows icon at right corner just disappeared…? I had reserved my copy for windows 10. Why this happened?

      • well .. if u put it in perspective … they ARE going offer FREE win 10 ONLY for people with GENUINE predecessors ….

        so , its the same old for us , pirating things … which , even if supposedly free, have to come pirated here :D

  • installed win 10 yesterday without any glitch. Its running quite smoothly without any problem. Little problems here and there if occurred, will be addressed accordingly. As a whole i am quite satisfied and does not feel as working on some allien OS. Go on boys and dont be fooled by other people comments.

  • I have Lenovo g500. “Get windows 10” icon says my laptop is fully compatible and and can be upgraded to windows 10 but on lenovo forums I read that my laptop is not compatible. Please help me.. What components are not compatible?

    • dude i have only a C drive in my laptop, should i backup my files n data etc .. i mean isko install karnay se saara data urr to nahi jaeyga ?

      • No koi data loss ni hoga. Even ur installed programs will work after the update

    • yup thanks .. im downloading thru media creation tool method 2, one more thing amir bhai, i have only one drive its C and all the data files photos etc is on C, should i backup my data or the new installation will not remove or delete my data.. plz answer

    • Method two is not very working for me.. When I open that media creation tool it says “Something Happened” and sometime it says “Restart your pc and launch Windows 10 setup again” and sometime it works and asks me choose between two options. It is very slow…. And it also do not support to resume the download…. :( Aamir bhai Help me or I am going to cry…………………….

  • after downloading around 2GB of update mine is stuck at preparing for installation point since last hour
    Any suggestions ?

  • Aamir Bhai is it legal method means Deleting some files in Window C Drive then command prompt etc

      • I mean is it legal or Microsoft officially method or not means Deleting some files in Window C Drive then force through command prompt etc

        • I am not aware of licensing terms. You will get this info from terms of service document.

  • My update was at 48 %. I restarted my pc and it started update from 0%… Why this happened?

  • Amir bhai please tell me Pirated or cracked windows 8.1 pro can be able To Upgrade to Win 10 ?

  • Guys, Mine one is stuck on preparing for installation, Any help would be appreciated

  • I really hate it…. Ahhhh.. First at 48% and then 70% and then at 65%. Due to load shedding I can not complete my download… Sometimes it gets resumed and sometime it does not… Why this is happening… This way I can never get my free upgrade to Windows 10…….

  • Same is Here….. I have Shared internet due to which speed fluctuate a lot. Sometimes (well most of the times) I get errors but on pressing “Retry” update automatically resumes but sometimes on pressing retry it says “Checking for update” and it restarts the download from 0%……

  • Its asking for product key? I entered the proudct key of my windows 7 which is activated but not working any help?

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