2015 in Review: PTCL, Telenor Remained at Top for Consumers Complaints

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority received a total of 40.445 consumer complaints against local telecom operators (including ISPs, mobile operators, LDI, WLL, and others) during FY 2014-15, out of which 15,593 were against PTCL while another 6,862 complaints were against Telenor Pakistan.

Note: Below data and statistics are from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

According to PTA data, consumer complaints grew 10 percent during FY 2014-15 from 36,092 in FY 2013-14 to 40,445 in FY 2014-15.

Majority of complaints, as mentioned above were against PTCL, while increase in complaints for CMOs were hugely due to biometric verification exercise.

PTA said that it successfully resolve about 99% of complaints during the year.

Consumer Complaints During 2014-15


As one may imagine, majority of complaints against PTCL (almost 66% of total) were for fault in telephone lines/services. Other complaints included poor customer support, QoS, billing issues and provision of services.

A total of 24,510 complaints were registered against all mobile phone operators, out of which 98.7% complaints were resolved by PTA.

Majority of complaints (45.3%) were pertaining to misuse of service, fraudulent and undesired communication (SPAM) from telcos and blocking of SIMs involved in SPAM messages. Other complaints were related to illegal practices and SIM verification.

Highest number of complaints — for mobile phone companies — were received against Telenor (28%), Mobilink (22%), CMPak (22%), Ufone (17%) and Warid (with 11% share).



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    • What happened with Complaint usually,all comes to Telecom Policy, Cosumer Protection Acts, and where you can see here is a customer right, PTA thru amendment took all rights. Basically, there is no Customer Service.

  • LOL after checking this resolved percentage reminds me of a call from PTCL. Sir your complain has been resolved please press 1 for verification. While my internet was not working at that time as well.

  • This is PTA data & point to be noted that 99.99% people don’t complaint to PTA. PTA should check private records of telecoms & true picture will come but even what PTA will do? Bunch of shafarshi & riswati guys there :(

  • These 99.40% resolved complaints of ptcl are 99.99% auto-resolved. Every time a customer lodges a complaint, the second day he gets a message that complaint is resolved though it persists.

    • Hamaray Record k Mutaaabik Aapki Complaint Number 2lac3 theek kar di gayii hai agar ye durust haii to 1 dabaiye ……. jab k abhi Lineman ko hawa b nahi lagii hotii magar Inko ye call laazmi karnii hotii hy #BC

  • Zong K Customer K Hisab Se 22% Complain Zong K Liay Lamha Fiqria Ha Sab Se Bari Chor Company Ha Jis NE MNP or SIM Disown Block Kar Rakhi Ha

  • I received 4th time this email after many complains against PTCL but my issue still pending.
    Ptcl over change for call cahrges 3 times but not provide call data ( 1975 + 1973 and now 310 )

    Dear Complainant,

    Your complaint has been received and will be processed accordingly as per

    Consumer Protection Directorate
    Pakistan Telecom Authority

  • Telenor charged me double amount several times for subscribing the offer, and their 3G service is also going worse.

  • Because of Telenorx shitty network support, I moved to Zong network and im really happy !!! …

    baki Peetcl k ilawa ab jana kahan, Taar tootay, Under-Sea Cable tootay, Line (peechay se) kharab hojaey, Package changing ki request mey 20 din lag jaein, Phir b Hum Peetcl se maratay rahengay kyu k koi 0r hai nahi and 3g is expensive !!1

    City: WahCantt

    • Its a shared cable,which means if the under sea cables have problem then each of all ISP’s will be affected

  • Complaints against the PTCL regarding its DSL services on 4MB and even 8 MB are very poor and almost the performance of the net remains dead.
    The said complaints in terms of number is based on the lowest one as a false and fake statistics posing credibility among the customers.
    But in fact it is a cheat business with the people who trust the PTCL.
    The inner story of the PTCL poor performance is so bleak that one can not imagine that the PTCL can do such a camouflaging with its customers having substandard machine,equipment, batteries for supporting backup power load in case of power failure.
    The big guns recruited on millions of salaries are just for pleasing their bosses,All Okay.
    As compare to its performance the PTCL has destroyed its name among the customers despite it is earning billions of rupees.

  • The cell phone towers in the urban areas are the death business if the users are not informed of the health hazards consequences.It is the lawful obligation of the companies to inform the users of the risk involved with he EMF.

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