LastPass: The Popular Password Manager Gets A Huge Makeover

LastPass is one of the more popular applications for managing your passwords under a single roof and it looks like the multi-platform application has received one of the biggest updates that will definitely improve your experience to a brand new level.

LassPass is a utility that generates automatic passwords for you and keeps them saved in its vault. That way you don’t need to remember them all.

Before we get to the latest features introduced in the latest update, LastPass is available for the following operating systems and we have included their download links as well.

  • Android (download from here)
  • iOS (download from here)
  • OS X (download from here)
  • Windows (download from here)

What Latest Features Have Been Introduced In LastPass?

The latest update for LastPass has revamped the user interface; not for one, but for all of the aforementioned platforms. The new look makes the application much more appealing as opposed to the previous updates but more importantly, it is also much more easier to navigate.

In case you have difficulty remembering your passwords, LastPass lets you view your passwords in a list or a grid, and toggling between the two only takes the push of a button to execute. There is also a new floating action that you will be able to locate in the corner of each window. In this way, it makes it much easier to make changes by consuming the least amount of time possible.


The update has also included a Sharing Center and if you happen to be using a single account for several users, you can share your sensitive credentials with family members through this Sharing Center. However, you will be given complete autonomy on what goes on in this Sharing Center, and keep in mind that passwords remain in sync for all who have access to them. Perhaps the most attractive feature of LastPass is the new Emergency Access feature. With this feature, you can provide trusted friends access to your password vault in an emergency.

You can also set a time limit to allow your friends to access that vault. The latest update of LastPass is 4.0 and it is currently available for all of the above mentioned operating systems.

  • M. Aamir. M

    I’ve been using it for 3 years! Amazing features! My most passwords are of 100 characters along-with 2-step verification security! I haven’t faced a single issue in 3 years. By the way, I’ve saved passwords more a hundred websites, but a sinlge master password! :D

    • sajid

      What is the assurity that our password are save ad will not b shared with some one else

      • M. Aamir. M

        Oh Man, C’mon! All well-known billionaire companies know our username and password! What they will do with your password if you’re an innocent! Your password will be shared to CIA, FBI etc, but not to the hackers etc! Enjoy!

        • HassaanM

          Amen to that. I don’t know why people have gotten so paranoid.

  • Adeel

    using it since its launch, its fabulous .