Telcos Should Deploy Solar Towers as Generators are Too Noisy: Capt. Safdar

Mobile phone companies should convert all their cell towers to solar energy as the noise generated by power generators during load-shedding is unbearable for the public, said Capt (Retired) Safdar, son-in-law of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and a PML(N) member, while chairing National Assembly’s standing committee meeting in Islamabad today.

Mr. Safdar, unlike his colleagues in the government, didn’t order a ban on generators installed at mobile phone towers.

“On one side people are tired of load shedding and then they are disturbed by these mobile phone companies through such noisy generators”, said chairman of the standing committee.

He asked Chairman PTA prepare a report on how quickly these mobile phone companies can convert towers to solar energy and submit the report in next meeting.

He was further furious over mobile phone companies for not attending National Assembly’s standing committee meeting, on which MoIT and PTA explained that mobile phone companies are regulated by PTA and are not liable to attend a government meeting.

Government should consider appointing serious and competent people for such committees: Mobile company official

Despite Mr. Safdar was explained that PTA can manage and respond to any query raised from standing Committee, chairman committee insisted that mobile phone companies must attend the meeting or he will resign from the committee.

On Owais Leghari’s recommendation the matter was sent to Mr. Ayaz Sadiq, Speaker National Assembly, and sought his input on how mobile phone companies could be brought to a standing committee meeting.

An official of a mobile phone company, when asked, said that they are consistently in touch with the regulator (PTA) for variety of on-going matters and their view-point or response is available with PTA that can be obtained by any government body. “There’s no legal binding on mobile phone operators to attend a meeting”, said the official.

When asked about Capt Safdar’s comment on power generators, the mobile phone company official said that Government should consider appointing serious and competent people for such committees.


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  • Captain Sb probably never thought that Generators have to be used because there is excessive load shedding in the first place! So if the Govt. provides electricity, the Telcos would not have to use Generators!

  • Capt. Safdar should ask some technical person first before proposing useless wishes. i believe more than 50% bts tower sites in urban areas will not be feasible straight away for solar solution due to shading of sunlight by surrounding buildings or lack of space to install adequate solar solution. strength of rooftops/tower need to be considered as well.

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