iOS 9 Occupies A Comfortable 75 Percent Install Base on Apple’s Mobile Products

No doubt that Apple continues to improve the hardware present inside its iPhone models. But its what Apple does with Mobile OS fragmentation (or the lack of it) that bodes well for the company’s strategy of delivering a consistent experience for its mobile users. The latest statistics reveal that iOS 9 adoption rate for the company’s mobile devices has reached 75 percent. This means is that 3 out of 4 mobile devices are already running the company’s latest software update.

Apple’s iOS 9 Adoption Rates

During the month of November, iOS 9 adoption rate stood at 70 percent, and was 66 percent the month before that. According to the company, it is the fastest rate ever seen for a new iOS iteration.


With the latest iOS update, iOS 9.3, there have been numerous features introduced, ranging from multi-user support for iPads as well as Night Shift. This feature adjusts the colors in your device’s display to make sure that your eyes aren’t exposed to the bright blue light after sunset.

New features coupled with bugfixes account for increased confidence in Apple’s iOS rollout.

When is iOS10 Rumored to Launch?

Apple’s WWDC 2016 conference between the month of May and June, will be seeing the debut of iOS10 and its host of new performance enhancements and productivity features. One commendable thing about Apple is it releases timely fixes and operating system updates in order to address a large number of issues experienced by users, which would explain why the adoption rate has climbed up rapidly.

However, we strongly believe that with its next iteration of mobile devices, their smallest storage models should start from 32GB so that it will provide some breathing room for the storage as well as for users attempting to get the latest software running on their devices. Following some reports last year about how the iOS update refused to install on certain models based on 16GB internal memory, it is hoped that Apple avoids inconveniencing its users this time around.

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            • Bro I personally like ios but I like Android also I have same iPhone 6 and galaxy E5 but I don’t face any lag issue on my galaxy. IOS and Android they both are different eco system and both are interesting but Android have more customized options available

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