Google Play Gets 2x More Downloads than App Store But Apple Leads in Revenue

In Asia at least, Google’s Play Store is four times more popular as opposed to Apple’s App Store. And now the worldwide statistics are in, with the results revealing that Google’s mobile platform still performs well when it comes to downloads, and Apple’s pulling in more earnings than its nearest competitor.

A Look At The Numbers

According to the latest statistical data, 2015 saw Google Play gain 100 percent more downloads than Apple’s App Store, a 2x increase in the number of downloads in 12 months, which is very impressive. However, popularity alone is not able to earn you sufficient amounts of revenue, as the data also shows that Apple’s App Store generated more revenue.


A Comparison of Downloads on Google Play and App Store

Google Play Store More Popular But App Store Makes More Money

During the holiday season, we reported that Apple was able to cross the $1 billion mark, suggesting that being an iOS app developer certainly has its perks. In total, App Store sales topped $20 billion in 2015 alone, out of which Apple earned over $6 billion after paying out developers. In total, there are approximately 1.6 million applications present in the App Store, and during 2015, Apple was able to generate 75 percent more app revenue, indicating that more app downloads does not necessarily mean that a higher amount of revenue is being generated too.


A Comparison of Revenues Generated on Google Play and App Store

With the amount of revenue that the company generates, Apple also provides ‘top of the line’ after-sales services which exist in the form of timely software updates, excellent customer service (if applicable) and optimized applications, which improve the overall experience. In 2014, Apple’s app revenue was 70 percent higher than Google’s Play Store and the reason why the figure has climbed up to 75 percent is because majority of the app sales came from regions like China, U.S., and Japan.

To sum it up, Google’s Play Store might be more popular, but in terms of making money, Apple’s App Store is way ahead of the pack.

  • The problem with android is that its like a teenager’s room; messy and unordered.
    Except the fact that a room can be cleaned. THIS cant.
    I feel sad to say that android needs major changes in the way it works else it is going to disappear completely.

    • Yes android needs changes but so does iOS and WP for that matter …. and your statement that android will disappear completely is highly exaggerated. …. android is there to stay and will remain dominant because 1. open source & 2. GOOGLE

      • I do agree with you .
        And yes, my comment was an extremely exaggerated thought from the start . But hey, nobody thought apple would be a force to be reckoned with when it released the iphone now did they?
        Anything is possible in this world :)

    • Nope the reason is that on android it’s really easy to install paid apps for free… android is customizable to it’s core.

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