Warid Joins Hands with UWC for Educating Underprivileged Students

Warid Telecom joined hands with United World Colleges for an event that aimed to bring parents together to share their thoughts on their children who are studying on scholarships at leading colleges and universities around the globe.

Warid Telecom and ProPakistani partnered to support the cause via social media in order to inform less fortunate persons that they too can access quality education on merit.

What is UWC Pakistan?

The United World Colleges is a movement of people across every country in the world. Their motto is “UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”.

Currently UWC Pakistan, in collaboration with AMAN Foundation, sends 20 under-privileged students from across Pakistan for studies in UWC colleges in 15 different countries.

This fully funded scholarship includes tuition, boarding fees, academic expenses, travel cost, and stipend for the students.

Partial scholarships are also granted based on student’s financial need.

List of UWC colleges where these students are sent for education is following:

  • Canada – Pearson College
  • Norway – UWC Red Cross Nordic
  • Switzerland – Waterford Kamhlaba
  • Italy – UWC Adriatic
  • Bosnia – UWC in Mostar
  • China – UWC Changshu China
  • Armenia – UWC Dilijan
  • Great Britain – UWC Atlantic College
  • Germany – UWC Robert Bosch College
  • Costa Rica – UWC Costa Rica
  • Hong Kong – Li Po Chun UWC
  • Singapore – UWC South East Asia
  • Netherlands – UWC Maastricht
  • India – UWC Mahindra College

Criteria for Selection:

UWC Pakistan said that students are selected on merit, taking into account the criteria of the scholarships, the educational standard of 10th or 11th grade students in Pakistan and the attributes required for a student to succeed in UWC.

As in UWC selections throughout the world, the selection process has various elements, including written applications, group work and interviews.

UWC said that the aim is to assess each applicant’s all-round ability in the context of their background and potential to make the most of a UWC opportunity to be the next generation of leaders in positive change upon their return to Pakistan.

Despite the challenges within Pakistan, Warid Telecom firmly believes that positive social change and the ability to change perceptions will only happen if people start listening with the intent of understanding, and that can only happen through education.

With the objective of raising aspirations through awareness building in communities and across the country, Warid Telecom and Propakistani have taken this initiative to enable people through the UWC platform and change lives for the better, building a greater tomorrow.

  • For further information and to download an applications visit: WWW.PAKISTAN.UWC.ORG
  • For specific questions or to simply volunteer please e-mail: [email protected]


Shahzad Ahmed, Manager Corporate Communications and Responsibility, Warid Telecom



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