Sacha Saath Will be Telenor’s New Tagline from Today

Telenor Pakistan is all set to unveil its new tagline, “Sacha Saath”, later today, we have checked with people who are directly aware of the development.

Sacha Saath will be replacing Talkshawk’s tagline “Sachi Yaari”, to become the tagline for the entire company, meaning “Sacha Saath” will become tagline for both Talkshawk as well as for Telenor company as a whole.

Telenor said that this new communication is all about how Telenor is a natural extension of its customers’ everyday life. Considering the evolving relationship between company and customer, ‘Yaari’ to ‘Saath’ is the next step.

Check below an artwork from Telenor’s upcoming campaign that was exclusively shared with ProPakistani:


Since customers consume Telenor’s services in doing businesses, remaining in touch with loved ones, for sharing and caring and everything else they do in their lives, “Sacha Saath” is what Telenor believes is the true expression that would define the bond.

The company thinks that “Sacha Saath” represents their motto of enriching the lives of thousands of Pakistanis by connecting them, bringing them together, delighting them, making them laugh, making them smile and making their lives a little more special.

Interestingly, Telenor’s current corporate tagline “Karo Mumkin” will remain intact. While it is still unclear how the two taglines are going to operate in parallel, we anticipate that more sophisticated communication will carry “Karo Mumkin” tagline, while more casual communication directed towards masses will carry “Sacha Saath” tagline.

According to industry sources, Telenor has already made heavy media bookings in print and electronic media for its new campaign valuing over Rs. 100 million.

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