JANG Newspapers Go Interactive with Augmented Reality App for Smartphones

JANG Group, owners of Pakistan’s largest media entity as well as one of the most widely circulated newspaper, have introduced a new innovative feature – Augmented Reality (AR) for their Urdu paper readers.

Jang’s Augmented Reality is primarily Android and iOS apps called ‘Jang Real – AR’ that can be used with conventional newspapers by readers, to enhance their reading experience and see the pages come alive.

The AR project was conceived and executed by Ali Moeen Nawazish, General Manager for Strategy and innovation at Jang Group.

What Is Augmented Reality Feature and How Does it Work for Jang?

Hasn’t there been a time where you encountered a news item, and wished to know more about it than just some text and a static picture?

What if that news item had a video clip associated to it (as one would see on Facebook or the newspapers’s online website)? Or more follow-up news items? additional pictures, further analysis and so on?

Jang Real AR - 1

Here’s where the augmented reality feature comes in. By using your smartphone camera, extra and relevant information is served up on your mobile device. This feature is handy if one is hampered by the limitations of traditional media formats.

If you wished to know more about a news, you can simply use the Jang Real app and point it at the news item on your newspaper.

The app, using your smartphone camera, looks for a marker that’s embedded in the newspaper, and resultantly, serve the reader with more information and media about it.

jang real ar - 2

This way readers can’t miss a beat on news of interest, keeping them abreast of all developments and information.

We believe this to be a great tool that Jang Newspaper can use in countless interactive manners, such as for getting readers’ comments — like we get on ProPakistani — to get the discussion going for stories published in paper, getting users’ feedback, for conducting polls, surveys and what not.

Jang’s AR app has opened infinite number of possibilities for the publication that can revolutionize the way print papers do their businesses.

Download Jang AR:

Samir heads the sponsored content department at ProPakistani. He also looks after the Life section.

  • Sharjeel Ashraf

    Its a bar code reader If I am not wrong. Not an AR app. @Writer?

    • Taha Najam

      There is no bar code here. The app does however work on the concept of OCR (Optical character recognition).

      • Ali Syed

        Its not based on OCR as well. It is in fact based on a modern image processing technique.

        • Taha Najam

          OCR works by image processing lol. The app looks for an optical character embedded within the physical newspaper, processes it against an online database, and presents links and videos to the user. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Ali Syed

            I think before being judgmental, You must have asked a bit more of detail. I know OCR and I know that it is an image processing technique. In my comment i stated that “It is in fact based on a modern image processing technique”.
            You must be an expert on the subject but the structure of this app was developed by a team who works under me. So next time you declare someone a rookie you better think again.

            PS: I have not mentioned the technique due to obvious commercial reasons. I hope you wont judge me on that :P

            • Taha Najam

              Well, seeing as I wrote a paper on it in engineering school and my final year project was partly based on it, you wouldn’t be wrong in saying that I’m an expert on subject. I also call BS on the so-called “modern image processing technique” being some trade secret, as the app’s functionaly can easily be replicated by someone with adequate image processing and programming knowledge, which I am sorry, but you have yet to convince me you have.

              • Ali Syed

                You being already an expert, why should I waste more time convincing you :P

                • Taha Najam

                  Seems like you misunderstood things a little. For one, me being an expert has nothing to do with you being completely clueless. Secondly, I never asked you to convince me. To the contrary, your entire second comment was about trying to convince me, and I was simply stating how your attempt fell flat on its face. Hope that clears the situation.

                  • Ali Syed

                    Yes in the first attempt I did try to. But then again even if we have developed this app you definitely know more about the subject because you did your senior year project on it and then obviously published your research. So I am done convincing :P

  • Mohammad Sharaf Ali

    If the point was to just read more text and see videos than better go to their website directly or their social channel.

  • Khalid Awan

    AR …
    Too technical for public yet !!!

  • Khalid Awan

    ProPakistani should have expressed the story on AR itself first.