Exclusive: Zong to Launch its Kids Tracker Watch Soon

Zong is reportedly all set to launch its own kid’s tracker watch powered with all sorts of surveillance features for parents to track their children’s movement round the clock.

After Ufone’s UWatch, according to sources, Zong is planning to launch its Kids’ tracker watch by end of this month with an initial price tag of Rs. 6,500. This price will include taxes and monitoring charges for first year.

While we aren’t sure about complete feature list, sources tell us that Zong’s Kids Watch will allow parents to connect with and track their younger ones anytime and anywhere across the country (where Zong’s coverage is available).

Zong’s officials, who spoke with ProPakistani privately, claimed that their watch is going to offer top of the line functionalities and features at unbeatable prices.

Notable features of Zong’s Kids Watch will include:

  • Real Time Location Tracking,
  • SOS Calls,
  • Geo Fence (Safety Zones),
  • Two-Way Voice Calling
  • Silent Monitoring.

As with other similar gadgets, the Location Tracking feature will allow parent/guardian to track the movement of the child in any given premises and will be able to intimate parents accordingly in case any unusual movement is detected.

SOS calls allow emergency calls to be made from kid’s watch to parent’s phone and send emergency locations’ google maps link to parents.

Geo Fence will allow safety zones to be created for child at the designated areas e.g. school/playground/friend’s house etc. and will be able to alert parents in case the child exits the safety zone.

The Two-Way Voice Calling will allow both the user and the child to exchange calls should they need to.

And lastly, Silent Monitoring, one of the most prominent function of Kid’s Tracker Watch, equips the parent to check on their child through a call without their knowledge.

Sources told us that Zong’s Watch will come alongside a smartphone app to control all the features of the watch. There can only be one admin who is going to be the device’s owner, while rest of family members or related persons can be added as members with limited controls of the applications and watch.

As mentioned above, Zong’s tracker device, at the time of the launch, will cost Rs 6,500 — all taxes included — without any additional charges for first year. From second year, a monitoring fee of Rs. 500 per year will be applicable.

Zong’s tracker device will come with ZONG SIM & bundle of voice/SMS & data that will be valid for one complete year.

Expect more details at the launch, which is expected around end of February.

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