Ufone Launches UWatch to Keep Your Kids Connected and Secure

Ufone today launched a first of its kind product that will bring parents some much needed peace of mind – the UWatch.

Ufone’s UWatch is primarily aimed at keeping the kids connected with parents when they are away, and that too without the need of smartphones.

Priced at merely Rs. 6,999, UWatch is a wearable watch that has rich feature set to keep parents connected with their kids by knowing their real-time location and two way voice calling functionality i.e. the parent can dial into the watch and also the child can dial from the watch to the parent’s mobile number.


Ali Qazi (Left) Head of M2M and Devices, Ufone, and Aamir Pasha (Right) Head of PR and CSR, Ufone, with Kids at the Launch Event of UWatch

With the UWatch app, the parent is always in control. From live monitoring to setting up safe zones, the app provides several ways to customize the UWatch experience for your family.

“At Ufone, we maintain an unwavering focus on our customers’ needs and convenience with innovation being at the forefront of everything we do. The UWatch is a prime example of that as it offers a very unique and innovate way of keeping families connected,” said Taimur Faiz Cheema, Ufone’s General Manager Marketing. “We are proud to be the first telecom company in Pakistan to launch a breakthrough product like the UWatch and we are confident this will bring some much needed relief to the parents.”

Main Features of UWatch

  • Real time tracking
  • Voice calling (Parent’s to kids)
  • Fast Dial Emergency SOS Calling (Kids to Parents)
  • Safe Zones / Geo Fence
  • Safe list calling
  • Tracking History Playback
  • Remote Turn off/Turn On Function
  • Battery time of up to 2 days
  • Water Resistant
  • Time, Date and Alarm.

What’s Included in the Package:

  • A UWatch
  • An Android App

When a customer will buy a UWatch, he/she can get it activated by verifying UWatch SIM through biometric verification system. Once UWatch SIM is activated, you are good to use UWatch.







Parents can install UWatch app by scanning QR code printed on UWatch box. After installation, parents will have to register the app by giving parent’s or guardian’s mobile number, UWatch SIM number and UWatch CID (to be provided to customer at the time of UWatch purchase).

Parent can register more than one UWatches, meaning that they can track and monitor more than one kid at a time.


Real Time Tracking

With UWatch Android App, guardians can know the real time location of their kids. They just have to click on “Location” button to get real time location of their kid wearing UWatch.

Clicking on location will display the exact address and coordinates for the convenience. Map of real time location of kids can be viewed in Satellite mode or in 2D map format.

5- Child Location

Two Way Calling

Guardians can dial their kids while remaining with-in the UWatch app. Simply click on “Call” button to setup a voice call. UWatch is naturally equipped with a speaker and mic for two way communication between kids and parents.

6- Call to Watch

Similarly kids can press SOS calling button to initiate a voice call. With this function a call will be originated from UWatch to parent or guardian.

Guardian can add up to three numbers for SOS calling so that if first ICE number isn’t responding or if its busy, the call is diverted to second guardian and then third one until the call is responded.

Play Tracking History

With UWatch you can play the history of routes that your kids have taken. This feature will play accurate turn-by-turn tracking history of your kids during a specified period.

UWatch can store history map of UWatch kids for up to three months. To play a tracking history, simply go to tracking history and select a start and end time and date to play location history map of your kids.


Define Safe Zones / Danger Zones

Guardians can define safe zones or otherwise danger zones for the kids or define an area with-in which kids are suppose to remain. For example if you mark a park, or a school as safe zone, UWatch will alert the guardians whenever kids will leave the safe zone.

UWatch allows to mark up to 5KMs of area as safe zone/danger zone. UWatch can send alert SMS to guardians if kids leave a safe zone or otherwise if they enter a danger zone or both.


Further Features

  • With UWatch app, you can choose up to three numbers that your kid’s UWatch can call and receive calls from. Calls from any other numbers will be blocked.
  • UWatch can’t be switched off by kids. Only guardians can switch if off or on through UWatch app
  • Thanks to light sensors, UWatch will send an alert to guardian as soon as watch is removed from wrist.
  • UWatch won’t be able to receive any calls from any number other than guardians.
  • UWatch has ability to cache data if it goes outside of coverage area that will be transmitted back once internet if live again
  • For parents with multiple kids, you can create multiple profiles for each kid with UWatch to monitor and stay in touch with.
  • Shock and splash proof

Pricing Details

  • UWatch’s Price: Rs. 6,999
  • Annual Charges: Rs. 3,000 per year
  • First Time Charges: UWatch Price + Annual Charges for First Year: Rs. 9,999
  • All prices are including taxes
  • UWatch comes with six months of Ufone warranty

Monitoring Charges include:

  • 2,000 SMS — for notifications to be sent from UWatch to Guardians
  • 100 UWatch to Ufone minutes
  • 100 MBs to be used by UWatch for sending data to servers

The UWatch is now available for purchase from Ufone Service Centers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Mainichi

    Perfect for helicopter parents!

    • BADAR


    • Ishtiaq

      This watch should not be more than Rs. 300 with free app n monitoring. Simple is that.

      • Taha Najam

        Why not have it for free? Just steal it from your closest ufone franchise


    Its already given by Telenor a month ago.

  • Farhan Tahir

    Stupid idea. they think its Europe or USA, they forget its Pakistan. such things dont work here.

    • TeamPixels

      Bachay ka to pata nahi magar is watch ke hifazat k liay koye aur gadget sath rakhna parayga,

      • Muhammad Tariq


    • Mainichi

      Because laws of physics don’t apply here?

  • Farhan

    Thaki hoye company ka Lafafi blogger :D

  • Shahzaib Rehman

    I was reading this article with much interest, features of this product really got my attention and then I saw the monitoring fee which does not made any sense considering what is included with the annual fee, it just ruins the value of the whole product.

    Good effort a handy product but the monitoring fee is not tolerable, I would like to manage monitoring expenses all by myself rather than paying thousands to the company for mere 100mins and few others.

  • Khuram Rahat

    I think with current law and order situation it is very good initiative to give parents a way of staying connected with the kids. Not sure those criticizing have kids or are bothered about the well being of thier kids.

    I do recommend that maybe Ufone and others can come up with a package offer for people with more than one kid to make it more affordable

    • Mainichi

      This sort of tech creeps me out.

      • Khuram Rahat

        It does. Always reminds me of Terminator.. However, currently such things are can be a blessing as one is concerned about well being of loved ones and wants to be informed

        • Rebea Firdous


    • AbdulB1

      Just buy your kids a cheap Android phone and track them every minute.

      • Khuram Rahat

        My dear friend they have phones but the problem is (and it seems you don’t have kids otherwise you would have known this) that kids are not allowed phones in class they have to deposit it with principle’s office in best case in most of schools. Imagine God forbid there is an emergency situation; earthquake, terrorist attack. Do you expect kids to go to principle office to get their phones before running for safety.

        Don’t compare to phone this is for different purpose

        • AbdulB1

          You are probably right. But you never know if our schools WON’T BLOCK IT…. AS they don’t allow dumb phones (phones with no camera and b/w LCD) how do you expect them to allow this smart watch? They will invent other stupid reasons to block this too.

          • Rebea Firdous

            I think the best answer would be given by school administrators in this case.

  • Rao

    Great product by ufone… ufone is always bringing innovative products in Pakistan market. Hat’s off to ufone M2M team….impressive stuff

  • Eye Watch

    100 minutes and 100mb, is this a joke?

    • nab

      child monitoring k liye kafi he ye

      • Waseem Arshad

        its a Joke … its not enough… in this cost …there should be unlimited data and SOS calls… as data will only be used to share coordinates, thus giving an unlimited data gives a peace of mind to the parent that the data will not drain out…. and such companies should also contribute to society by saving the youth!! …

    • Abbas Safi

      Hahaha wtf was that..BRO

  • Nabeel Khan

    The annual charges is the model of the child monitor industry. While I don’t think there is anything wrong in charging a fee, it is a little steep in terms of pricing. They should offer bundles rather than a standard flat rate and individuals can self select.

    Maybe the minutes and MBs are monthly

  • Imam Bux Mallah

    So, climax guys! It’s not about “”YOU”” it’s about U to whom customers will give 3000/year!

  • shiftew leite

    So not worth buying.. You can get china made smartphone watches in 4-5k range and they also support microsd and sim ,so u can turn on gps and do this for 4-5k rather than giving company 3k annualy and 6k for watch that doesnt work like a phone

  • shiftew leite

    This is not worth buying i repeat you can get chinease brand 100x times better than this watch (like smartphone,browse,multmedia,sdcard support)
    With much less price than this piece of crap

  • papaKapapa

    its a good idea but i doubt the quality of the watch sellling at such at huge price

  • RP

    Hey all, I’m not sure how many of who commented are fathers. Me being one, I see this to be a thumbs up product if it delivers everything it mentions. Since these are early initiatives and probably not mass consumer products, they will always come with a premium price which if I can afford wouldn’t mind paying for the peace of mind. Best regards!

  • Kids will feel so awkward wearing these watches. And the design is pathetic. Looks very cheap. At least they could have made this a decent looking watch.

  • Asad Mahmand

    Nice Article

  • abobobilly

    I genuinely believe that this idea is brilliant. Not sure what to say about the data, voice and SMS limits, but i hope they introduce packages and buckets for this sort of thing. Besides, 3k per year seems like a nominal amount if you consider ‘child’s safety’. Of course parents with enough money at their disposal won’t have much problem with it.

  • Yasir Abbas

    I am one of the developer of this project. Actually watch quality is very good. It is 100% better than china watches, it is water proof, material quality is very good. It have many sensors. Real time tracking and SOS generation. A complete package for those who cares for there children.

  • Or just buy an android smartphone and enable google location share.
    Annual charges would probably be less than RS. 500

    • Nabeel

      That is the whole point dear, not letting your little child use the smartphone which can distort untrained minds.

      • There are apps available that limit the functionality of the phone.

        • Nabeel

          Why make your child prominent in the eyes of the mobile snatchers?

          • Do you work for Ufone? Why are you trying so hard to defend it?

            • Nabeel

              oh no man.. i am just a father of two and thinking from a father’s mind.

  • Hassan Salman Dita

    Not worth it.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    annual charges SUCK !

  • AbdulB1

    Annual charges or annual bhatta by Ufone?

  • Rebea Firdous

    Not a single comment from a mothers point of view!

    Can you imagine my preschooler refusing to go to school because “Mama you are not with me, what if there is a bomb blast!?” I wanted to have something like this for my son.

    Obviously this is going to have consequences, but you need to taste broccoli before you declare it is useless.

  • RA

    Can U watch be used to track a husband??? ???