PTA Surveys Power Level of Mobile Towers

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) along with Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) has conducted an extensive survey in major cities of the country to check the emission of power level of radio waves from transmitters and receivers of Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs)/Towers installed by Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) and Wireless Local Loop Operators (WLLOs).

The survey was carried out with the help of special tools/equipment in 6 different cities across the country i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Pashin and Islamabad.  The results revealed that power level of radio waves of all BTSs surveyed is much below the prescribed danger limits and in line with the policy directives of Ministry of IT & Telecom, World Health Organization (WHO) and International Commission on Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines.

So far, PTA has conducted five nationwide surveys since 2009. The results of all these surveys showed that the misconception regarding hazardous affects of the towers was incorrect. The towers have been installed and are working within the specified parameters defined by the regulator as well as relevant international bodies.

PTA is very much cognizant of the issue since it is directly related to the health of the general public and shall continue to monitor working of the towers to ensure that the set standards are met in future as well.

  • PTA is requested to investigate whether the towers of Mobilink & Telenor @ G-10/1, Islamabad actually emit the signals for reliable 3G communications? Shouldn’t PTA check if the coverage is to the mark or bare minimum for customer satisfaction?

  • Just today my teacher gave a lecture on this topic and she told us that when she was working in a company (forgot the name) that monitored these things, she said that they used to get complains about telecom operators, from other telecom operators, using signals of more than 1 Watt power (according to the standards, you can use signals of maximum 1 Watt power). The reason why telecom operators do this is to provide services in the areas where usually you would not get coverage for example under passes, but this causes signals of other companies to shadow out.

    • The radiation from tower antennas is similar to microwave home appliance. It has heating effect. Avoid long term exposure, directly in front of antenna and you will be safe.

  • I am concerned about cellular antennas installed on rooftops and at public venues like Monal in Islamabad. There is a need for proper signage to inform genwral public about presence of antennas and barriers should be placed so that people cannot have access to close proximity of antennas.

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