YouTube Allows You To Blur Any Part of A Video To Safeguard Privacy

Popular video uploading and streaming website YouTube had launched a face blurring tool during 2012 to help protect the privacy of those who upload videos. The website has now added a new feature that improves upon the original one that was introduced for content creators and video uploaders nearly 4 years ago.

Blur Any Portion Of A Youtube Video

It appears that YouTube is getting more serious about privacy than anything else because now, content creators will be able to blur any part of the video before they are able to make their content available to the public. As stated earlier, the concept is not entirely new, but thanks to the latest supplementation in the form of an update, it will help to anonymize people in videos for the sake of privacy.

Jumping into the core package of the update, how does this tool work?

The tool lets you draw a box on top of the part of the video you wish to blur (as shown in the GIF below), and it can even track and follow the object as it moves throughout the footage. In addition, you can also choose when the blurring begins and ends, or change the size of the blur box as the video progresses. And just like the previous update that Google brought for its productivity platform, Google Docs, this feature is currently only available for desktop and laptops.


However, looking at the proliferation of mobile devices across the country, it is only a matter of time before the feature gets ported out to all mobile platforms.

Image credits: TheNextWeb

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