Mobicash to Introduce Mobile Account Application

In line with the continuous digitization of its services to meet demands of smartphone users, Mobilink announces an Android-based Mobicash application for the facilitation of Mobile Account users.    

Mobicash Mobile Account application offers a user-friendly interface and a secure transactions platform. The application allows users to perform all necessary financial transactions, which were previously being done through USSD.

The app will also allow Mobilink to increase its digital financial services footprint across Pakistan by tapping into customers of other mobile networks. By creating a Mobicash account, users of other networks can also enjoy Mobicash’s services through the Mobile Account app.  

“The idea behind developing a smartphone application was the facilitation of our growing 3G user base, who can now access their mobile account on the go. Secondly, this initiative allows subscribers of other networks to utilize Mobicash services without changing their existing network provider. By empowering the general public with digital financial services, we are playing our part in bridging the prevalent divide between the banked and unbanked population,” said Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Head of Mobile Financial Services – Mobilink.  

For now, the application is available to a select group of people and soon it will be available for all Mobile Account users.  

  • Hassan Raza

    good … but we need e-care android app ….

  • Chaudhry Khalid

    We want E-Care app.

  • Baseer Kahn

    there is no any such type app from them side..i have contacted their concern department..they told that we don’t offer any such type app..propakistani should confirm this..

  • عمر

    موبی کیش زبان کا کچا ہے ۔ اعتبار مشکل ہے

    • Engr Danial

      no ro you wrong zuban k pakka hn main ny aj he mobicash atm sy withdraw kiya hn osi waqt dy dyta hn

  • Saif

    Seems like mobicash has introduced Premium mobile accounts with higher limits and credit facility. How to convert from regular mobile account to premium regular?