Automatic Traffic Challans in Karachi to Reach Your Home with Photo Evidence

Almost a year ago, it was reported that Lahore traffic police were experimenting with an electronic ticketing system that would ease issues faced by both drivers and law-enforcers. And now, it seems like the Karachi police is also following suit. Printed evidence of the traffic violation is being dispatched to the offenders’ residence, after cross-checking the ownership of the vehicle through the license plate.

Essentially, traffic challans, along with their photo evidence have started being dispatched to the vehicle’s owner’s homes through courier services in Karachi.

Here is how TVES Works

Traffic Violation Evidence System or TVES (as the system is been called in other cities) might not be properly detailed on Karachi Traffic Police’s official website currently, but given below is sufficient evidence that this current website will be going live very soon.


A screenshot of Karachi Police website as seen here.

This is how the entire TVES process will work. CCTV cameras installed in various locations will be able to get a clear view of the vehicle’s number plates, recording any traffic infractions as they happen. Afterwards, the vital information surrounding the violator will be dug out of the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) database using the license plate numbers of those who violated traffic rules.

Alternatively, mobile units manned by traffic police personnel will be taking photographs of offending motor vehicles in areas where CCTV coverage is non-existent or inadequate at best.


Mobile Media Unit Courtesy the Karachi Traffic Police

Once enough evidence has been collected, it will then be shifted to the TVES cell, which is currently present at the traffic police’s headquarters in Garden. If it appears that the vehicle owner has wrongfully operated outside of the law, then a ticket is immediately dispatched to his/her house address. The tickets will be delivered by traffic police officials via courier services.

The traffic police will also exercise extreme measures just in case the owner of the vehicle decides to slip up in clearing his/her dues. For example, the file of the violator’s vehicle will not be transferred in case they want to sell the car. Only when the fines have been cleared will the file transfer be possible on part of the car owner.


A Challan Dispatched via Courier Services (Source: Halaat Updates FB)

There are several locations present where the violator can conveniently pay their fines. It is possible that more locations are constructed in the future, and for additional flexibility, Karachi’s traffic police have also provided their contact details via electronic mail for updates, fine details and further queries.

  • Wonderful, Superb. The TVES an excellent iniative. A suggestion. With your TVES you will have a problem for identifying location. It is possible for Geo Tagging for the satellite mapping of the location and confirm the latitude, and longitude mapping location with degree etc., help is possibly for gratis to the honor Karachi Traffic Police doing great work.
    I had noticed several loaded trucks with sand, and other material are regularly operating on the main Shaheed e Millat Road during peak traffic times, when they are strictly forbidden. I suggest this should be stopped on Baloch Bridge crossing, and the wrong side driving of the truck drivers. They go un-checked with the police not taking any notice. As they’re the king of the road. The Geo Tagging of the van will definitely help, revenue to Karachi Police.

  • Some suggestions:
    1. Traffic policy should increase one zero with the challan amount to make this a real penalty, example PKR 300 should be PKR 3,000.
    2. With this additional revenue stream traffic police should invest on integrating their traffic violation system with NADRA and make the ticket against the vehicle owner on his CNIC account and restrict his NADRA / CNIC related activities (travel, banking, bio-metric etc) unless they dues are paid.

    Additional benefits:
    1. This will also help enforce the vehicle registration to be updated and resolve open transfer letter issue, since the ticket will be marked to the car owner instead of driver.
    2. No need to stop every vehicle and getting engaged in an unnecessary arguments.

    1. The authority can be misused and the claim against which may be a difficult process for citizens, although this in nothing new and a very common every day challenge for every common citizen, however the authorities can simple add a maker / checker concept to eliminate any attempt to misuse the authority, if not in public sector can be outsourced to private sector to make it effective.

    Note: It’s time that traffic policy should realize to prioritize based upon the risk of the violation to the public. Like someone not wearing the seat-belt doesn’t directly harm / risk the public on the road, while someone driving against wrong way, having child in lap while driving are extremely serious offenses which puts everyone on the road at HIGH risk, but unfortunately law is more strict on putting the seat belts on only.

  • what about if person has sold its vehicle, and the new owner didnt transfer the vehicle in his name and address. anyways this system is the utmost need of time. excellent sugesstions by ‘A Common Man’

    • Yes that’s challenging part in the current model how we operate, however this will give an excellent opportunity to streamline this gap as well once for all. In my opinion all we need to do is to make it quick, easy, cost effective & a hassle free process for seller and buyer, now how to do it is a question… from relevance point of view NADRA channel can used for this purpose instead of opening separate windows, while I don’t mean to do any up-selling for NADRA :-) but they are the most relevant ones to own it and have a strongest footprint countrywide.

      In addition, the system has to be flexible and designed as per market needs and must support all the scenarios with a legal way of handling it having all documentations in place.

      Lastly, the perception of the market need to be addressed due to which people tend to avoid this change of ownership and affiliate this with vehicles market value devaluation. A simple solution would be remove such traces from end customers, only the first owner & current owner info should be good enough to be made public, rest the complete track of the change should only be kept at the back-end.

      • Karachi Traffic Police should replace their existing Driving License Cards, with RFID based license. You may watch traffic police stopping autos, and confused with fake license. As they’re made on basic laser printer, and lamination plastic sheet which is their laser print is sandwiched in cheap plastic. Encouraging the counterfeiters, knowing technology better. I suggest they should come immediately with the RFID license, and RFID license plate. This could rather be corporate sponsored by Toyota or Suzuki for non adherence to the Road Safety standards in Pakistan. The license fee should be increased as per international norms. Technology, and consulting could be given gratis to Karachi police just to adhere to World Road Transport Safety Standards on the pattern of UN.

    • Either ways, the car (with the new owner) won’t be transferable based on the transfer paper (which probably were signed and never actually transferred by the new owner) until the liabilities are paid against the vehicle. Since the new owner owns the asset and wants to sell will be the one worried or will have to pay the liabilities eventually. I see people will pay it all accumulative at the time of selling, similar to a lot of people who pay their property taxes only at the time of selling (or typically adjust the tax amount with the selling price). Either ways, the traffic authority will make revenue and people might be a *little* precautious.

  • Huh?? and a few days later propakistani will be publishing a news that corier services are overwhelmed by traffic police challan?? Because this is the traffic violation rate in Karachi.

    • Agreed even may be more :-) but it’s always the entire echo system you put together to make it an effective one. Just these fancy cameras and so much paper work is a legacy now.

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