Mobicash to Offer Mobile Accounts to Subscribers of all Mobile Networks

Mobicash today announced the launch of its Mobile Accounts to subscribers of other mobile networks. Through this first of its kind initiative in telecom sector, Mobicash looks to cater to the growing demand for financial services by the masses. Move will position Mobicash at the forefront of cutting edge innovation in the financial space.

“The launch of Mobicash Mobile Account service for other mobile network subscribers utilizes our technical expertise and nationwide retail network to provide a ground-breaking solution to the ever increasing financial needs of our fellow countrymen. Staying true to our promise, we shall continue to work on developing similar services to address customer needs while strengthening our market position.” said Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Head of Mobile Financial Services – Mobilink

The launch of this service is a big step by Mobicash in empowering the entire customer base, irrespective of their mobile connection, with complete financial liberation and taking interoperability to a whole new level.

Last year alone, Mobicash launched two interoperable services in the shape of mobile load service for all mobile networks and Inter-Bank Funds Transfers.

This service will directly lead to accelerating the financial cover across the masses by removing the inherent barriers that exist in comparable services.

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      • VimpelCom Ltd. Shareholder Structure:[5]

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