Gree Launches New AC with 60% Less Power Consumption

Gree, an air-conditioner brand in Pakistan, has introduced high energy-efficient smart-inverter Airconditioning technology that saves 60 percent of the energy, compared with the regular ACs. It promises an Energy Efficiency Ratio of 4.0 (E.E.R).

Gree products are distributed in Pakistan by DWP Group. The company has recently announced the availability of its new ‘Viola’ smart-Inverter AC across Pakistan.

Gree Viola Inverter AC has the twin options of cooling and heating. It is a European Compliant AC available in 1 Ton (12000 BTUS), 1.5 Ton (18000 BTUS) & 2 ton (24000 BTUS) capacities, using the latest G10 inverter.

The new AC is eco-friendly and generates cooling and heating swiftly due to its bigger Outdoor condenser. It comes with fire proof electric box and has ceiling cooling and floor heating system along with several new features.

Other features of the Gree Viola AC include:

  • Elegant White Glossy finish
  • Ultra low frequency torque control
  • High Speed DSP Chip
  • Eco Friendly Refrigerant R410A
  • Power Factor Correction Technology
  • Ultra Low Noise Control
  • Computer Simulation Control
  • Auto Voltage Adaptation (150-260 V)
  • Ultra High Frequency Control
  • Dual Installation (Both sides option)
  • Auto Restart
  • Low Voltage Startup -150V
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • SMPS
  • High Temperature Resistance PCB
  • Turbo Cooling
  • 4-Way Air Outlet
  • 3 Sleep Curves
  • Double Layer Condenser

Due to the hot weather conditions, rising costs and unstable supply of electricity in Pakistan, Gree has rolled out the new model of air conditioners, that ensure great performance in the country’s environment and climate.

There is a rapidly increasing trend in Pakistan market, as the consumers are now opting for air conditioners based on inverter technology, which greatly reduces electricity consumption and the overall cost of air conditioning.

Recently, a research study in Pakistan revealed that; although there are various brands of inverter ACs available at varying prices, it is evident that the lower-priced airconditioner brands do not provide the high level of performance and reliability that is required.

Every buyer of a Gree AC gets a ‘free-of-cost’ connecting wire that joins the indoor and outdoor units.  Gree AC’s also come in a wide array of colors to blend with any decorative theme in your rooms.

      • He’s right. We have both Gree and Acson and the difference in cooling between the two is like night and day. Not to mention, Gree requires a lot of upkeep to keep functioning properly.

        • It’s all about marketing strategy and area served, in our area the most valuable brands are LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Gree and Kenwood

          • Hitachi, LG and Samsung are luxury brands so there’s no question about them being the best. You’d be lucky to get your hands on a genuine, untampered piece by these companies in the market. Mitsubishi, Gree, and one other that you forgot to mention, Haier, are being assembled locally using Japanese and German parts. Finally there’s Kenwood (and its sister brand, Homage) being assembled somewhere in Saddar using using third class Chinese and local parts. Whoever told you Kenwood is valuable made a fool out of you.

              • Kenwood Pakistan is a fake brand. Its not that famous kenwood known worldwide for kitchen appliances or car stereo equipment.

                • Kenwood and Homeage are similar brands just like EcoStar and Gree are from DWP Group.

                  For any AC if it has higher EER value it will cost you less. For example: A Brand has EER=2.8 and B Brand has EER=4.0. A costs you Rs 29,000 to buy and B costs you 40,000. On the year end if you ran both brands for around 10 hours a day your total spending will be 40,125 on Brand A and 27,750Rs on Brand B. So please be noted that neither the AC brand nor the inverter technology they are using like Dual Inverter, A-PAM Inverter, G3/G10/GS Inverter, 3-DC Inverter matters. If it has lower EER it will cost you more so spend more money while buying inverter AC and always check EER value which should be greater.

                • Muntazar bhai dair kar di ap ne ?
                  Waise bhi mein 1 saal se zyada koi electronic product chalata

            • Kenwood home appliances are made in UK not China, do some research before posting anything.

              • R&I have got license to assemble Kenwood products in Pakistan.

                Now it’s up to them what kind of parts they import for assembling.

                • But multinational company never compromise it’s quality, same as iPhone they design in California but assembled in china

                  • They do. All the time. Check out Corolla quality in the US and Pakistan. Day and night difference. Let’s take one out of many things different in the two. US Corolla’s body structure is able to manage crash a lot better than what we get here.

                    Nissan’s CEO acknowledged that they sell inferior cars, in terms of safety, in poor countries.

                    Same case with Kenwood. The Kenwood that’s available in Pakistan is of lower quality than Kenwood available in Japan.

                    Some brands do maintain quality uniformly in all countries but not all.

                    • Enjoy your acson bro, when I feels some problem with it I will definitely share with the peoples, but now it’s work great
                      Have a nice day

              • Lol, the local Kenwood has nothing to do with the original company. It’s the same as Suzuki FX or Bolan is only a Suzuki by name. Both are two of the lowest grade cars ever in production.

              • Beautiful you brother adil Khan u should know that Kenwood now in Pakistan made so no UK one u can see it

    • Javed sab please let me know what is bill for Jun and July
      I have dowlance non invater AC. really so bad to Haig bill 15 to 20 k in June and July

  • Thanks for the info. Can anyone provide some comparative assesment ? or brands k muqablay me ye kesa hai ?

    • Currently I’m using 2 brands in my house and both are fantastic, no issues
      Kenwood and Gree

            • I think you have a electricity fluctuation problem because I was used PEL from 2004 to 2014 and the quality was excellent and then replaced with Kenwood

              • It has nothing to do with electricity fluctuations. I’m talking about manufacturing standards and the quality of parts used. Go visit their plant sometime. Both PEL and Kenwood are lowest of the low. Even Dawlance and Orient are way better. Think of it like this: One is a Suzuki FX while the other is a Corolla. Although both would get you from point A to point B, that’s as far as the similarities go. Of course, by that same Analogy, Acson would be a BMW.

                • I don’t think so, I don’t face any issue on both of these, how many people knows about acson, let me guess 7 out of 100 and how many peoples knows about the Kenwood and gree 90 out of 100, so that mean acson is a faw car which nobody knows that what kind of car is this.

                  • Acson is superb bro. Most high end stores,offices have replaced there Mitsubishi AC with acson.

                  • Better Brand recognition in retail consumers does not mean better quality products. Kenwood just worked on Brand Recognition better than Acson when it comes to retail consumers. Acson focuses more on Business Customers.

                    • I’m not a spokesperson of Kenwood and I don’t have a time to spend on such stupidity, I just share my experience nothing else. Go with dawlance, haier, orient it’s all your matters not mine. Have a good day

                  • Most people don’t know about a Buggati Veyron either. That’s because it’s a luxury car people can only dream about owning.

              • You mentioned before that, you doesn’t use any electronics more than one year then how you used PEL from 2004 to 2014

  • I want to buy a 1.5 ton Inverter AC. Someone please suggest the real energy efficient AC with durability.

    • Inverter ACs make difference only when you need to run your unit 24/7. These fantasies are not for people like you or I.

      There is NO energy efficient air conditioning. Look up more info on wiredpakistan dot com. Tons of accurate info and first hand experiences etc.
      I use a desi room cooler with UPS. So it runs 24/7 and keeps heat in control – at least for me.

      • Thanks for the info, can you also enlighten a bit about how these ACs work with low voltages? In summer I have low voltages issue most of the times and thats the thing preventing me to get an AC.

        Any info on this would be highly appreciated.

        • I had the same issue two year back, when our voltage was dropped to 180~190 only and even 1 ton Pel split was able to get the compressor working, I installed 1 ton gree inverter AC and used to work just perfectly fine, have used it two seasons without any issue and even any stabilizer.

      • I guess that’s a wrong perception that it will only make a difference when you need to run your unit 24/7, without going into any techincal, I have personally experienced this with 2×1.5 ton & 1 x 1 ton inverter AC, there was a significant saving in bills and you it easily gives it’s return (on premium to standard split) within one season through the savings in bill and that’s only on 8-10 hours usage per day not 24×7. BTW all ACs mentioned above were GREE:-) Good Luck!

  • Just tell me how much it costs? Last year I compared it cost nearly double that of what they were charging in china.

  • A/c ho to Mitsubishi ho warna Na Ho.. And also, ProPakistani General Trading ka shandaar iftitaah karne par Mubarak qubool kariye. :D

  • I have a Mitsubishi & gree in my home and acson in my office… Acson is one of the best acs working around…

  • You’ve only told the good things about GREE, what about the cons? Nothing can be there without negative things including in it.

    • There are many CONS of gree inverter ac ! lemme tell you , what is the HEART of an AC ?? obviously the compressor , there are only a few world renowned best compressors like , Mitsubishi , Toshiba , Denfos etc but for sure not the thaka hua china wala compressor that is used in inverter ac of Gree ! named LINGDA :) so it is obvious that when the compressor is that cheap then what will b the life of a compressor ?? Think over it and opt for the best compressor

      Haier having Mitsubishi in 1.5 inverter and Toshiba in 1 ton models . you can easily compare Gree with the Orient ultron series which is dead cheap 58K for 1.5 tons inverter with the BETTER options and condenser Quality . Ultron 1.5 has triple layered condenser !! and Gree had only double layered !
      The price difference is about 20 Thousand !!!!!!! WTF !
      another CONS is that the PIPE which comes with GREE is made of SILVER :) insted of copper !! and if you want to buy a copper one then you need to pay 1500 to 1700 MORE along with the silver pipe ! WHERE is the QUALITY ???????????
      want more ??
      The EER they are publishing is not for COOLING mode ! thats for HEATING :)
      Gree inner unit looks pathetic too , no decency !!
      The inner unit clogs so quick (as compared with other ACs in the same atmos.)
      Suggestion :
      Dont go on marketing , use your brains , Dont go on comments (not even on mine’s comment) just check the DATA yourself –
      you can ask about the compressor from Gree , they will NEVER tell you the ajeeb o ghareeb name of that non famous cheap compressor and you can also check the price of LINGDA compressor on amazon etc and mitsubishi / toshiba price too :) you will feel about 60 percent difference in price as well as in PSI / Db and C or F .
      The better the compression the better will b the cooling , the better the condensation the better the cooing ,,
      O ya i forgot one more CONS :)
      they are supplying same remote in ALL models :) my one ton inverter gree having a remote which has WIFI option ;) i was amazed looking first wow i can now b able to on / off this ac thru wifi ;) wo wo wow BUT :) yes BUT , that model doesnt have the wifi option :) To bhai remote bhi isi model ka banwaya hota china say :)

      several others CONs bcz gree is mahnga and it should not have that much cons !!!!

      Advice :
      number one option
      go for Haier with PAM (pulse amplitude modulation) system that runs the mitsubishi compressor on 19DB only !!!!!! plus much much much much more quick in cooling and then goes in power saving mode just after 13 and half minutes from 35 degrees to 26 degrees Room with a ceiling fully exposed to sunlight !!

      if you dont want Haier , go for KenWood and if you have a room not FULLY exposed to sunlight then close your eyes and buy ORIENT ultron series 1.5 ton Ac that will cost around 58K ONLY and you will get the SAME SAME SAME DITTO power savings , BUT still i would say the Haier is 66 to 68 K and if money is not that problem go for Haier .

      currently i m using :
      Gree 1 Ton inverter ,
      Haier 1.5 inverter
      Dawlance 1.5 inverter (never even think to buy that thining)

      and have experienced checking / running / using the followings :
      ORIENT ultron 1 ton inverter as well as 1.5 ton inverter

      sharing is everything

      Remember my parents and me in your Dua

      jazak ALLAH

      Nadeem Ahmed

      • Brother Naveed Ahmed thanks for your time and effort
        Please let me know which one is better Dc inverter ac in Pakistan. I have dowlance non invater but to high bill
        I need to get 1.5 dc inverter
        Please let me know best one
        [email protected]

      • Nadeem Ahmed

        Brother . thanks for your time and effort

        Please let me know which one is better Dc inverter ac in Pakistan. I have dowlance non invater but to high bill

        I need to get 1.5 dc inverter

        Please let me know best one



        [email protected]

      • Thank you Bhai for your suggestion :) This will guide and help to a lot of people. I had buy orient ultron 1.5 inverter ac before reading your post, If I read your post before purchasing orient, then definitely I go for haier.
        I hope Orient will perform very well because it outdoor and indoor, both units are LARGE. but there is one issue that room is exposed to direct sunlight. lets see…

        Thank you :) Jazak Allah

  • If you have to pick among LG Inverter V (76k), Samsung (98k) or Sharp J-Tech Inverter (85k) 1.5 ton which one would be most appropriate? Acson btw is about 120k.

    • The prices are from Abid market Lahore about a week back. How much is the price of Gree Viola Inverter?

      • i saved my money and just bought gree ac and its not cooling at all….called the shpokewper and hes just ignoring and nt coming….
        in pakistan people dn value of people…m v cross…….plz help

    • Why Sir all people think about gree AC is best for Pakistan because DC inverter that can safe same money all talking about gree AC but I don’t use it still I have Orient AC list 5 year good work till now


  • i am Using Gree 1.5 split Ac Since 2014 And It will Working Perfectly Alhumdulilla….I am Soo Much Satisfied with the Performance and i also recommend others to prefer Gree Instead of any Other Brand…..!!!

  • bought Gree 16000BTUh model and it’s manual is pure rubbish. It doesn’t explain the various setting on the remote. Does anyone know what the X-Fan and I Feel settings are for. Their is also a tree icon along with a house icon. Any idea?

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