BlackBerry’s Sales Dropped by 50% in Last Quarter

If BlackBerry still needed a reason to leave the hardware market, it finally may have it now as sales trickle down to the lowest number in years despite the move to Android.

In the last quarter of its fiscal year, the company sold just 600K devices, despite releasing the much-awaited Priv, down from 1.3 million units a year ago. It’s also much below the 3 million benchmark which BlackBerry needs to hit in order to break even.

It posted a net loss of $238 million, on a revenue of $464 million, compared to $660 million a year ago. With no solution in sight, it appears that the end of BlackBerry in the consumer segment is near.

The only glimmer of hope, then, is the Software and Licensing segment, which posted a profit of $527 million, up from the $500 million target. The software is expected to grow further, becoming the more lucrative aspect of the earnings report.

For this year, BlackBerry is expected to launch devices that run on Android and have a more competitive price tag in order to get a better chance of obtaining some market share. With the Android market more saturated than ever, though, they’ll have to offer something unique to make it worth their while.

And even then, whether they succeed remains an uncertainty.