MCB Bank Customers Face Unavailability of Services Due to Technical Snags

The news of MCB Bank’s bidding to acquire New Kabul Bank sounds great for the country but not for its customers who have been facing unavailability of services mainly at their ATMs for the most than 48 hours.

Unhappy customers of MCB Bank having accounts or dealing with its Islamic Bank Division have been facing issues with transactions through ATMs, it has been learnt. This has resulted in billions of rupees of transactions being stuck up or delayed on the network. .

“There is an issue with a server on ATMs mainly for the customers of MCB Islamic Division,” a call centre representative said. “Your complaints have been registered with us. You will be informed duly when services are available with the resolution of the problem,” she said but nobody informed a complaining customer later on.

Customers of MCB Bank not only faced problems at its own ATMs but their transactions were not processed through ATMs of other bank through 1Link connectivity.

Talking to the branch manager in Karachi, it was revealed that network hit snags in the past two days due to technical and regulatory issues as not only customers but officials also could not transact money for routine branch operations.

Operations of Islamic Banking window of MCB Bank are being shifted towards new MCB Islamic Bank as part of its demerger scheme. Hence records of thousands customers at 27 branches of Islamic Banking Division are being migrated to new subsidiary of MCB Bank, that is, MCB Islamic Bank, he added.

MCB Bank is not only setting up its 100 percent subsidiary of MCB Islamic Bank but it is also interested to acquire operations of NIB Bank. It was reportedly one of the two bidders which showed its interest to buy New Kabul Bank as per Bloomberg.

The expansion of the MCB Bank is encouraging at domestic and international level but it should care about its customers who have faced problems in getting services of money transaction for their business needs.

The bank could have done migration of its system’s record on weekends in the late hours (from midnight to 6am) which is normally practice of different banks in Pakistan to avoid possible inconvenience to customers while executing network up-gradation and system migration.