i2i Releases Investor Toolkit for Funding Startups in Pakistan

Invest2Innovate (i2i) works to support startup communities in growth markets and has been operational in Pakistan for more than 4 years. i2i wants to help stabilize the startup communities in fragile markets where possible issues can prevent entrepreneurial growth. Usually, i2i promotes startup through incubation, investment and insight. The corporation is now releasing an Investor Toolkit which aims to answer any queries related to investments in Pakistan and its startups.

About the i2i Investor ToolKit

The Investor Toolkit can be used by investors to decide whether they would like to invest in Pakistan’s startup scene. It also helps provide information on how investors can benefit.

The idea for the toolkit for investors came about after i2i’s experience with young entrepreneurs over the past few years led to them to believe there was a lack of information regarding investments in the country. They partnered with Zahid Jamil (from Jamil & Jamil) and Mubariz Siddiqui, to come up with a comprehensive but concise toolkit.

Who is it For?

The toolkit covers just about everything a foreign or local investor would like to know before they commit to funding. It is helpful in cases when people need more knowledge before they decide on investing in any Pakistani companies.

The Investor Toolkit is also helpful for entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders. Upcoming entrepreneurs can understand the investor mindset while ecosystem stakeholders can get a better understanding of the investment process in Pakistan.

The information resource can be used to answer some basic questions as well as more unorthodox and difficult ones. The toolkit answers questions regarding:

  • the possibility and requirements of foreign investment,
  • the processes and vehicles to employ,
  • Pakistani regulatory bodies and their restrictions,
  • remittances from Pakistan,
  • company types,
  • Tips to keep the investors’ interests safe.

Kalsoom Lakhani, CEO i2i, said “We’re committed to seeing success stories come out of Pakistan. This is i2i’s step as part of a larger strategy to mitigate risk for investors so we can facilitate more capital in the country and hopefully see more success stories emerge.”

The toolkit is very brief, but detailed. You can head here and download the free Investor Toolkit.

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