PTCL signs Fiber Leasing Agreement with Telenor Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has signed a fiber leasing agreement with Telenor Pakistan.

Telenor will benefit from this agreement in terms of upgrading its cellular backhaul to cater for data growth in the aftermath of 3G/4G regime in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Daniel Ritz, President and CEO PTCL said,

“This agreement is indicative of how PTCL’s vast network serves as the primary framework for Pakistan’s communications infrastructure, connecting millions of consumers across the country.

With over 35,000 KMs of fiber deployed across Pakistan, our partnership with Telenor Pakistan will help them to expand their 3G footprint further in order to provide high quality data and voice services to its growing customer base.

PTCL will continue to play its major role in fiber and other telecom infrastructure developments in Pakistan, contributing further to the overall progress of the country.”


On this occasion, Michael Foley, CEO, Telenor Pakistan said,

“As we aim for a Digital Pakistan with our mission of Internet for All, our need for a more robust infrastructure will be met with this partnership with PTCL.

This project is in line with our fiber needs for traffic expansions with regards to 2G & 3G network, and will help us empower the Pakistani society further by making mobile broadband services available to a larger customer base than ever.

We’re pleased to have entered into this agreement and believe that the collaboration will prove to be mutually beneficial for both the participants, and even more so for our valued customers.”

With cellular data expected to surge further in coming days thanks to 3G/4G regime, cellular operators are under immense pressure to upgrade their backhaul connectivity from radio to fiber.

Senior management from both companies was present during the signing ceremony and expressed their firm belief that the agreement would go a long way in strengthening the bond between two companies, allowing them to deliver cost effective and high quality telecommunication services in a dynamic and highly competitive market.

He is the Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Amad Saleem

    What a sad picture. Two goras signing deals on behalf of two largest companies in Pakistan. If this is not modern day colonialism, what is it?

    • Salman ahmed

      Pakistani kisi qism ki bhi power oriented job ke lia mazoo nahi ha . Train bhi gorae deye kar gae ha .tumnae kia banaya ha ab tak?

  • Bilal Iqbal

    What do you mean… they are professional having high level of skills which is why they are appointed here.. and if you.. some how manage to hold a Big Corporation across the globe.. You will Definitely prefer to appoint your trust worthy employees in different countries as your representatives who will further appoint their team from local/ international market… this is what every corporation is doing all around…

    • Martin Haris

      Read what Mr Ammad has written before barking like a slave. Ammad is absolutely correct. Sad state when the two largest companies in your country are owned and managed by foreignors.

      I agree these companies have many very qualified professionals, professional slaves.

      Have a great day, week, year, life watching your country’s economic sovereignty be destroyed.

      Hahaha here in France we will never allow such transgression of sovereignty.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        mind ur words my dear.. these companies are actually owned by foreigners Telenor Group and Etsalat group… and they are free to appoint any suitable person to run their business and no comparison with France or any other country… If our local professionals will perform better.. they would get chance… Wateen was an example of failure by local manager Naeem Zamindar who made such disastrous impression on investors that you don’t see any local manager at very top…

        • atif

          Yeah you are right i hope some foreigner expert is appointed as PM of Pakistan our current line of Pakistani PM are disaster for Pakistan.

          • Bilal Iqbal

            Good approach by the way …. ;)

        • Amad Saleem

          Bilal I’m tired of listening to your foreign ki$$ a$$ horsesh!t. You’re telling me in a population of 190 million people these companies cannot find one or two decent Pakistani professionals? If the companies were owned by locals you’d see such local talent come to the front like at Engro, PPL, Packages group and many others.

          I don’t know Mr Zamindar but there are more examples of value destroyers in foreign countries than there are in Pakistan. Look at AOL, Yahoo, Nokia, Blackberry RIM and other dinosaurs.

          I’m trying to mind words like you said to Mr Haris but you need to mind insulting my country and its people. I will not tolerate. You can run from Pakistan like Ayyan Ali but I’m here to stay and see Pakistan and Pakistanis lead. Good day.

          • atif

            Who will lead your Mr 10% Zaradi and Patwari Nawaz look at current economy of Pakistan.Without foreign countries help Pakistan will collapse.There is urgent need to replace all incompetent Pakistani CEOs with foreign one.Also make amendment in Pakistan constitution and allow foreign national from EU,US,China to become PM of Pakistan.

          • Bilal Iqbal

            What the hell r u talking about… Using the name of the country but have no knowledge about professionalism… USA is much larger than our 190 millions but look at CEO’s of Google and Microsoft and see any single American is not crying like stupids… I just said about skills and professional approach and u idiots took the matter out of the topic. First learn to behave like professional or either go to FB and leave this forums for literate people…

      • Salman ahmed

        Dono companies bahar ki ha .uloo insaan

        • Last patriot

          Abeh jahaliat keh rajeh, Telenor Pakistan aur Pakistan telecommunications corporation limited, peeteeceel, dunno Pakistani company heh. Pakistani laws keh mutabik banee hain. In keh Maalik foreignors hain. Difference samjho ghadoon. Sub kuch baich dalo geh tu yehi haal hoga. Upneh ghar keh under bhi kiraya dena pareh ga.

          Ammad Sahi toh bol raha heh. What is the use of having university like IBA LUMS NUST when these cannot produce one capable leader that u need a foreign professional? Band karo in bukwaas universities ko aur bahir bhaijoo Pakistani bachoon ko. Aur ghulami karain. Poori zindagi foreignors keh boot paalish karteh rahain humaray bachain??????

  • Amad Saleem

    Stop overreacting because you got cornered. This is no way to defend your stupid, thoughtless argument.

    I don’t really want to say more to you because you are just simply depressed on being a Pakistani. People like you are the reason why this country has a self esteem issue despite having some of the best brains in the world and some of the most hard working people in the world. Yes us Pakistanis.

    I hear India is giving visas and citizenship to migrants. Maybe you want to cross the border and settle there if not in Europe. Leave us Pakistanis alone.

    We live for Pakistan and are willing to die for it which is much more than you can say. Traitor.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      have no words about your baseless arguments… I love Pakistan and will do what ever I can … and don’t judge others emotionally…

    • Salman ahmed

      Bhai apna dimagh check karwaoe doctor se.

  • Aasim Hamid

    Bilal your language is very sad. You are calling yourself So called literate and others are not? Did you get dropped on your head when a child? Your argument is nonsensical. USA has population of 320M and Pakistan has 190M. China has 1.6Bn India 1.2bn and Japan 130M. Ammad point is valid. Why do Pakistan largest company have foreignors? Can we not produce good 2-3 leaders?

    Facebook has American born and bred leader. He’s below 35. Google has an American leader born in India and naturialised citizen. Ur argument is flop. Stop screaming and accept with open mind.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      I am not claiming any thing.. just tried to mention that large corporations have nothing to do with nationality but they only consider professional skills… I pray that they would find some Pakistani professionals well groomed and appoint as heads in our country as well as others but till then… why not we realize the better skills set of these top professionals…

      • Salman ahmed

        Exactly .pakistani qaum sara din fb aur mobile phone per zia kartae ha aur phir ketah ha ke bahar ki duniya hamain kutae jitni izat bhi kyon nahi deti