OneLoad Services Are Now Integrated with Travly Tuk Tuk Rickshaws

Oneload announced a strategic partnership with Travly, the travel app service for locals.

OneLoad as a product is a service aggregation platform for bill payments, money transfers, mobile prepaid load, and international vouchers purchase etc. Oneload offers a one window, one platform, single electronic inventory system which reduces risk & creates efficiency. The product developed is designed to aid retailers, consumers & businesses.

With an interface that is designed to be used by sweet spot retailers, as well as informal retailers, Oneload can be used with ease.


Oneload is not just the only available independent payment gateway in Pakistan, but is also a tool for revenue generation. For this purpose, Oneload did a pilot run with a few rickshaw drivers in Lahore a few months ago. Rickshaw drivers with smartphones were tapped & enabled with Oneload for providing easy load & bill payment facility on the go. Oneload witnessed them earning a secondary income of 10-12k/month by offering Oneload services in their Rickshaws.

To expand this program, Oneload recently partnered with Travly, the local uber for rickshaws for travel needs, to enable their ‎Tuk Tuk drivers to facilitate users with easy loads and utility bills facility.

These services can be availed while hailing a rickshaw, or even calling out a rickshaw at your door step.

During a survey we conducted earlier this year, we analyzed and came to a conclusion that most rickshaw drivers & riders are Easyload consumers. They often stop by at the nearest easyload shop to get credit on their way to universities & offices. Using this insight, we created an environment where the rickshaw drivers could cash this opportunity to earn a secondary income, while running their primary business. – Sundus Amjad, marketing & business development officer at Oneload.

Making a difference, changing attitudes and creating opportunities, Oneload and Travly are on a mission to create a commercially successful social impact entrepreneurial model.

This is the logical next step in evolution of financial services in Pakistan. Moving from banks, financial services first became available at retailers. With Oneload & Travly relationship, financial solutions are now available on demand at your doorstep & in your travly tuk tuk. – Muhammad Yar Hiraj, CEO of EP Systems.

As part of the collaboration, Travly will now serve its existing & new customer base with Oneload services, which include telecom scratch card, easy loads & bill payment Oneload offers through its platform in their tuk tuks.