Fatima Jinnah Park is Going to Run Entirely on Solar Energy

Pakistan it seems is taking significant steps towards sustainable energy initiatives. Following the conversion of the Pakistani Parliament to solar energy, another place is ready to join the growing list of places that run entirely on solar power.

Fatima Jinnah Park in Islamabad is now the focus of a project that China is sponsoring, a project that will have the iconic recreation place become self-sustainable soon.

Details of the Project

China will be investing 33.1 million RMB (53.5 crores) into the project to make Fatima Jinnah Park fully powered by solar energy.

Production is expected to be 875 kW or 0.875 mW, ensuring uninterrupted 24 hour power supply for the entire park.

The project is expected to power 15 tubewells, all street lights and even the sprinkler irrigation system, making the park operations smoother.

Pakistan will be in charge of overseeing the security of the Chinese engineers and professionals. An area of 6.53 acres has also been allocated for the same.

The project is expected to be completed in 14 months, starting off in the first half of 2016.

Following the commencement of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China-Pakistan collaboration has taken on a significant meaning.

The project to make Fatima Jinnah Park fully solar is China’s gift to Pakistan.

Concluding Thoughts

With Pakistan increasingly investing in alternative energy initiatives, it is good to see more of such projects being realized and becoming reality. With the grave energy shortfall that Pakistani citizens are regularly exposed to, especially in view of the incoming heatwave in the summer season, any attempts to wean the nation’s dependence off fossil fuels is welcome.

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  • We should move on from these “kiddie projects” that even college kids could accomplish as a project on their own, and try to power the country with renewable energy. India is investing heavily in solar power, providing subsidies to home owners who want to install solar panels on their roof, planning railways to run on solar power, recently they announced that the cost of solar power is now cheaper than coal in their country. Those projects may or may not come to fruition, but the fact is that India is trying. And we’re powering a park and our assembly with solar energy; technology well utilized.

    • India is one of the largest carbon producing countries in the world. Some solar projects on their part don’t fix shit. Pakistan on the other hand produces far less carbonfoot than allotted limit.

      • It has more to do with the population difference, I assure you, and not for our lack of trying. A nation with 10 times our population will have AT LEAST 10 times our carbon footprint.

        • I’m not pointing fingers at anyone. But considering the fact that Pakistan sells its carbon quota to other carbon producing countries is an achievement on its own. Even if we sit ducks, we are doing alot less harm to the planet than lets say countries like China and India. Countries like India MUST reduce their carbon footprint. Pakistan on the other hand is much greener (in regard to carbon footprint) than India. Does that mean, we should not forward or support our dependency on renewable energy? Offcourse not but comparing Pakistan to India is plan stupid.
          And Did you totally ignore Qaid-e-Azam Solar park and other future projects?
          In coming years India’s dependency on coal will increase by folds. In comparison all we need to do at the moment is not pollute the earth. Who knows what future holds for the country.

          • You completely missed the point while calling me stupid; all while making more spelling and grammatical blunders than I care to count. Good job!

            I’ll debate this with someone who can at least understand and speak English correctly but… did you even read the last part? Our “achievements” got outdone by a teenager living in a place in Africa that few people have even heard of before. What’s your genius answer to that?

      • Lol. Do you know Sri Lanka produces less carbon than Pakistan. Of course, because it’s small and has less population. Don’t compare Pakistan with India, like a 2 year old racist child. Pakistan has far less population and land area as compared to India. Fact of the day. Plus Pakistan is poorer as compared to India’s financial & industrial state.

  • Another great work done by PMLN.PMLN is keeping legacy of Quaid Azam Muslim League Party alive.Keep up the good work.

  • Jab har jagah China hi invest kr rha hai aur sab kuch China hi kr rha hai to ussay hi hukoomat day do aglay 5 saal k liay.

  • conversion to 100% solar is ironic. we can only have sunshine in the morning whereas, apart for other things we do need the lights to be on at night. battery option is out of question so we should be thinking of a hybrid solution.

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