Online Stores Openly Selling Cheating Tools in Pakistan

We recently came across an ad for an e-commerce store in Pakistan that was selling what it purported to be a ‘exam cheating watch’.

While there can be a lot said about the sad state of affairs where this is an actual marketable product, we’re going to instead focus on any recourse for someone who wishes to report the sale of such a product.

Here’s what the online store in question is selling, even worse, they have boosted the post to gain maximum reach. Have a look yourself:


Saad Hamid’s Post on Facebook, who originally identified the immoral activity 

Like we mentioned yesterday, promises by government officials regarding a comprehensive e-commerce framework have borne no fruit. Everyone knows what’s going on with stores in Pakistan yet there’s been little evidence that the government is willing to do something about it.

Honestly, in this regard we feel like we’re beating a dead horse just like we have with the call for a payments gateway for Pakistan. The lack of a e-commerce framework means that customer trust in online stores is fast eroding and that could bode ill for all the projected growth.

We should also mention that we do no advocate the de-facto government solution to regulating an industry: screw the feedback and tax everything. With a sensitive market like ours that’s adding hundreds of thousands of new online consumers per year, there’s a need to carefully filter out suspect stores and protect consumer rights. Barriers to entry should be high enough to discourage fraudsters but not so much that actual entrepreneurs are kept out as well.

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  • usama

    With the absence of Ecommerence rules and regulation i am not surprised to see this.Many Ecomernace send wrong items instead of one displayed on website.

  • Please elaborate on “Everyone knows what’s going on with stores like Kaymu in Pakistan”.

    • aamir7

      He probably meant their policy of selling things that are otherwise not sold in the country.

      • Thanks for clearing that out Aamir. Care to share an example?

  • nayeem

    why don’t you just name the names? let others know so that they won’t recommend and buy from that site.

  • Naima Khan

    These things are also openly being sold on major international shopping platforms like Ebay, Amazon and AliExpress but you are not blaming them. Kaymu is a marketplace, it is not the mistake of kaymu but the sellers who are selling these things. It’s just like drugs, if you try to make them inaccessible then their price will rise but people will still find them from one way to another

    • Xavier

      Ebay, Amazon, They are selling these products with name of smartwatch not as Exam cheating watch. There are other Online stores too in Pakistan who are selling these smart watches with their official name.

      • AbdulB1

        well the smartwatch problem is that they use sim and anything which uses sim for communication needs noc from pta. thats why govt is after them.

  • EmbraceTech

    Watching porn whole night, doing phone se…,, who has time to concentrate on studies,,, This is the tool tha can make us educated nation…!!

  • Fahad

    Seems like a way of getting user’s attention. They could’ve easily written something like “A smartwatch which supports docs, spreadsheets, etc.” or “Office in your smartwatch”

  • Rafay Memon

    These are smartwatches being marketed as cheating watches. It is pure marketing nothing else. Its upto us how we use technology.


    Who says?

    • AbdulB1

      they have removed now but lingerie is still available.

      • What do you have against undergarments?

        • AbdulB1

          Lol. That’s not that type of lingerie that’s of different type they are selling.

      • BADAR

        lingerie is a garment to wear. its available all over the market. whats bad?

        • AbdulB1

          I said special type not about generally available one.if it is still confusing to u then search it on kaymu.

          • BADAR

            its a dress nothing else


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