Windows 10 Close to Ending Free Support as It Reaches 300 Million Users

As Windows 10 reaches the 300 million user mark, the deadline to upgrade to the free version of Microsoft’s last major release is soon going to be over. If you like free stuff, you have until the 29th of July to upgrade to Windows 10. After it, you’ll have to loosen up your wallet.

The day marks the first anniversary of the Windows 10 software. After the time period during which upgrades are allowed is over, you’ll have to shell out $119 to upgrade to Windows 10 Home. Or you can just prefer to keep your copy of Windows 7 free of charge, as you have done so already this past year.

Just to be sure, you’ll be missing out on a lot of new stuff, though. With time, though, Microsoft has quashed a bunch of bugs to make the software stable and overall better. More importantly, it has important a bunch of new features through a couple of major updates, with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update also set to hit this summer.

The update will bring better interface features to the Start Menu & the Start Screen, notification counters, a much, much livelier Action Center, Edge features and improved Cortana & pen support with Windows Ink. It has also partnered with Canonical to run Linux commands natively within the OS.

The software continues its rise, after registering 200 million users in January. Microsoft has already made clear its goal to bring Windows 10 to at least a billion people at the end of the first three years and so far the progress seems to be going just fine.

  • Zee

    you mean ending free ‘upgrade’ – they are not ending support.