Windows 10 Reaches 200 Million Installs After Five Months

Windows 10 has been on quite successful without a doubt and the larger reason for this is due to its ‘free’ usage policy. Now, after the passage of five months, the OS has finally registered a total of 200 million installs worldwide.

A Detailed Look at the Numbers

That means an average of an impressive 40 million installs per month. The last time it was mentioned, the count stood at 110 million installs, in October.

The OS did get a fairly nice headstart, as said, due to Microsoft’s free push. As a result, it registered 14 million installs in 24 hours, 50 million in a little over a fortnight and now, after five months, 200 million.

At this pace, it seems like the momentum will carried into 2016 for quite sometime. But whether it will achieve Microsoft’s ambitious sales remains to be seen. At this rate, it will be just shy of 960 million by next year’s end.

As it is known, the company wants the OS up and running in over a billion PCs worldwide at the end of three years.

Can Microsoft Achieve a Billion Plus Users for Windows 10?

But with a few products in the pipeline, the growth has a fairly good chance of actually increasing. For one, you have the Windows 10 Mobile update which will be coming soon to even more devices in the future. The update has just hit the Xbox One too.

Also with more Surface (phone and Hub?) and HoloLens in the pipeline, the company has a fairly good chance of sustaining this rate. Only time will tell what comes out of it though.

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