Playing Ugly: All AliExpress Orders Being Blocked at Karachi Port

AliExpress, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. Sellers from around the world and particularly China, use AliExpress as their base of online operations. The marketplace has gained popularity globally, thanks to its low prices, guaranteed shipping and refund policies. The shopping portal has also been gaining users in Pakistan for the past few years.

Pakistani shoppers can get unique and rare items with ease, by ordering stuff from AliExpress. It is also cheaper than any local online store. Even e-commerce stores tend to import stuff using AliExpress as it offers a safe and easy method to buy items in bulk from China.

For the past few months we have been receiving complaints from our readers regarding AliExpress package shipping in Pakistan. Several readers have informed us that for the past two months or more, items ordered from AliExpress have failed to deliver. Whenever tracking information is available, the items get lost after they have arrived at the Karachi port.

All items ordered through AliExpress are handled by the shipping company of origin, until they reach Pakistan. Once packages reach Pakistan, they go through customs clearance. Customs officers have the authority to open the packages and repack them if there’s any doubt regarding the item’s description. The packages are then forwarded to Pakistan Post, which delivers the package to the buyer.


However, this process is being handicapped by someone. The packages are getting misplaced as soon as they get to Karachi, and the list of culprits is pretty short. We aren’t aware whether this is a rogue government department or a competitor who is concerned about the volume of orders being placed on AliExpress by Pakistanis. Hampering delivery would certainly benefit some stores in Pakistan.

AliExpress sellers have been refunding the buyers for the time being, but if this continues any longer, we won’t be surprised if they stop shipping to Pakistan altogether. The online retailer could put Pakistan on its blacklist, or the sellers themselves might stop delivering to Pakistan.

This is unfair play and someone is guilty here. The forces behind this must be apprehended before Pakistan is shamed in front of the world yet again. It will not benefit the public, the customs, the e-commerce industry or the delivery service providers if such an instance happens and could fend off interest from international retailers like Amazon and Ebay.

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    • I request all of us to start writing emails n letters to higher authorities of Pak Post and ministry too even PM secretariat to take notice of these malpractices otherwise our country will be blacklisted everywhere and no one will do trade n business with us.
      At one side Government is singing songs of Pak-China economic corridor and on pther hand they are putting hurdles in economic activities and trading from China by stealing n blocking parcels. Shame on such Hypocrisy.

        • Nahi yeh kachra hum sub ko mil k saaf karna hai, efforts leni parien gi. Emails aur complaints ki bhar maar karni parey gi aik saath. Takay kisi behray k kaan tak yeh awaz jaye aur woh kuch hil jhul karay. Ganjay tpu sun’nay se rahay.

      • they dont even bother to send us detention memo’s after detention by customs what else you expect them to do with our parcels?

      • what do you think about them ? These guys at ministries and post office managerial positions are the dumbest person on planet because they have not used their brains since ages. So they are unable to think about their job/country except for their own good.

      • i never get mails from korangi GPO, i have tried contacting the phone given on letters. Any details where we can contact. Anyone

      • wireless mouse for 3$, gaming mouse 6$, data cables, magnetic charger for my xperia, customize phone cases, glass protectors, android hdmi stick 35$ stuff like these and many other things which are unique in our market or too pricey .,,

        • do order a Smartphone … esp from a VERY GOOD but generally unknown company…
          some good candidates are :

          1. Meizu (m3 Note)
          2. LeEco (LeEco 2)
          3.Asus (zenfone 3 is coming soon)
          4.Ulefone (Ulefone Future , coming in june or Ulefone Vienna)
          5. Vernee (Vernee Thor or Vernee Apollo coming in june)

          if you DO order one … make sure its a good , flagship model … not a low-end version. i have written recommended phones with release date speculations on phones NOT released yet.

          please … do keep me in the loop if you decide to import one of these. I can personally guarantee that the LeEco , Meizu and Asus phones are the VERY BEST .. so keep in mind while importing.

          do tell me if you plan to do this … Ok , @ssyar81:disqus ?

          • I am a Sony fanatic, never used a phone other than sony.., so not interested,, Thanks for the advice though and from AliExpress the smaller and lighter the packet/parcel size its has better chances not get in the eyes of Customs and Post Office Officials and will get delivered to you :)..,, in the end.

            Once i bought a Hair Curling Iron for my wife it was merely of 19.xx $ got a delivery as well but had to paid 625PKR extra to the post man in which 595custom duty and 30pkr P&H charges, so after this no more big shots,, although it was still cheaper from the local market.

            • wat do you know … im a big sony fan tooo

              tho the ” so not interested” was really mean from u :p
              it was just an experiment in public interest (if you’re into that kind of thing)

              and basically , SIZE of the parcel makes customs suspicious ?!

              • yeah size does matter but there is a description of the content written outside the parcel which makes it easier for the custom personnel to treat it respectively

                • so if i import a phablet … but make the seller write the Description which says there’s a book in the parcel .. will they let it go ?

                • heaven of the fools you lived in buddy? look at my one, it was small enough to feel even write clearly on it what is inside the parcel? but what did they do it with? look at and change your thoughts my dear :) they change the complete contents of my parcel. OMG

                  • i may live in a Heavens of Fools,, but you are being fooled.,.,
                    who are you blaming !! me, postal service or seller
                    send that image back to them and get the dispute.,.,

          • Agr me meizu ka koi mid range mobile mangwaon to uske charges kia honge kia koi custom chargs lagte he mobile phone pe? Is k ilawa mob accessories mangwaye tb?

            • I will not recommended that. As there is too much red tape . first they detain your parcel without even informing you. Then ask for a noc from PTA. Then after days or weeks you get to show them the noc. After that they calculate tax on it then, release. Moral of the story is that it’s too much khajal khawaei

        • Aoa. I have ordered such data cable, MiraScreen, hdmi splitter cable, and hdmi to av converter . 2 dollar to 6 dollar only MiraScreen is 12 dollar .in par Kya postman custom demand kary ga????

        • @ssyar On cables and hdmi cables is there any custom duty u paid when post master come to deliver.

      • I order 4 Piece of Homtom HT7 pro mobile phones, and already got NOC from PTA before arrival in Pakistan, But i only receive 2 pieces, and these are directly delivered from Karachi IMO, to my home, Parcel is opened by customs, , 2 Set, chura liya, complaint abe tak chal rehi hai, Pakistan post mai 2 mah sai .Aik letter beja hy khty hain hamay pechay sai mila e 2 piece, jab k, pakistan aanay tak sab proof b da diya maine 4 pieces k,

    • Can you please tell me how to get clearance from Karachi port for the items i wana import ? I’m importing for the first time

    • Can you please tell me how to get items cleared from Karachi port while importing ? I want to import some mechanical items for the first time

  • If You are making an online order from Aliexpress make sure you have selected China post registered airmail or singapur registered airmail. All Registered air mails have proper tracking in Pakistan, when it shows office of exchange in Karachi or Islamabad received item you can directly go to your related GPO and they will deffinitly provide you information. I have made about 35 orders from Aliexpress till date out of which 30 were through china post registered air mail containing different items including smart watch as well and all were delivered.
    Problem is in unregistered parcels. I received 2 parcels out of 5 unregistred after that I stop slecting unregistered shipping. Whoever the culprits are, they are mainly stopping uregistered parcels or from private companies like YanWen etc.
    So always select a registered air mail, China or sigapur whichever available. It may cost you couple of dollars but it will be secure

    • yeah i agree with you totally dont bother spending 2 – 3 $ extra on shipping as the item already is very cheap.,,

        • can we really order mobile phones from AliExpress? i heard PTA doesn’t allow that and they get blocked at customs

          • i too have no idea how to import mobiles , man :/
            but it appears that some people here may have imported em’ and got them without that DASTARDLY menacing PTA’s interference.

            you could ask Mr.Zafar for reference….

            • u can import maximum of 5mobiles phones provided u need to get type approval from PTA……u just have to fill the form with IMEI number of the imported phone and submit it to PTA and in two days u get type approval and u show that approval to customs and they will give u the phone

              • wait … so the PTA WILL approve my request if im importing phones as a civilian and they’re 5 or less in quantity ?!

                what will they charge me ? and where can i get the form bro ?

                • there are no charges………form is at PTA website or u can get it from their office…….they will approve ur request in two days…..

                  • wow … this is BIG news !

                    thanks man ! you might just turn out to be community’s BIGGEST life-saver , at least in the local premises !

                    • you are welcome :) i m really humbled :) thing is people dont know about the procedures and they want to take shortcut by hiring some one to get custom clearance and other things……

                    • Thankyou , brother :)
                      im relieved to see we finally do have a semi-convenient way of importing phones …

                      just one last thing… Aamir Bhai said something about Type Approved phones …. now im not so well-versed in legalese , but what exactly does that mean ? can u shed some light on that ?

                    • yeah … but can’t really blame them with so much red tape here and there …

                      i believe this is the form you’re talking about :

                      www . pta . gov . pk /media/ta/sop_ta_noc_210915.pdf

                    • Be sure that you are importing phones that are type approved only. List is available on pta website. The moment you import for a non type approved phone and you are doomed.

                    • There is a list of type approved handsets, that are allowed in Pakistan. Galaxy S7 Edge for example is type approved, and hence it can be imported and NOC can be obtained from PTA without any issue.

                      Xiaomi, on other hands, is not type approved by PTA. If you will import a Xiaomi handset and ask PTA for NOC they won’t issue it.

                      Type approval, just so you know, is a process that means PTA has checked the hardware and software of the handset and its safe for usage in Pakistan (for health, national security and other related things).

                      List of type approved handsets is available on PTA’s website.

                    • lol health? when so many mobile towers are installed at a lower height near densely populated areas where health comes around? further more SAR values are not must here for phone packaging or specification as in other countries.

                    • That list is so small. I wonder what about those imported personally not commercially.

                    • Well PTA aren’t even nice about many things. They dont mention on their website do not import Xiaomi. And even give no reason for the ban. And If someone mistakenly imported a phone they dont allow them to return to the sender/seller, which in my option does not keep those unapproved phones off the Pakistani market as custom officials sell it afterwords or keep it for themselves.

              • wait … so the PTA WILL approve my request if im importing phones as a civilian and they’re 5 or less in quantity ?!

                what will they charge me ? and where can i get the form bro ?

              • Even after the iteam has been approved we still have to pay custom right. And from where we can find out how much custom needs to be paid for a particular phone

          • Not a good option, I ordered two HTC one but I suffered a lot in GPO and you also need NOC from PTA so instead of saving couple of thousand its better to purchase from local market.

            • criminal taxes … used for politicians to fund their lavish lifestyles while we suffer -_- !

              hate this damned Monarchy :@ !

              • Can you please tell me that at which terminal the goods arrive. i.e. at jinnah terminal or at old cargo terminal. Thanks

                • Dude I am not from Karachi. You just can’t know where they come. They won’t give you they will send it directly Post office .

          • Dont even try to order mobile phones. There is a straight tax on mobile import in Pakiatan other than FED and others. It will also require PTA NOC which you have to get from their Islamabad H.O no matter which part of the country you belong. Postman 1st provide you documents to get NOC from PTA and when you submit NOC they will also charge warehouse charges for all days that you take to bring NOC. So a phone that Costs 15000 from aliexpress actually costs around 22000 by importing in Pakistan.

              • Most of the countries have same process or even strict in western countries

                • i have a friend in UK who imports REGULARLY from UK , gets his stuff mentioned/declared as something else , cheaper and gets it for free.
                  no customs bull.

                  • A registered parcel takes 15 days to deliver in Pakistan once dispatched from china. It takes 30-35 days in russia and almost 45 days in brazil and other latin american countries. So kuch log hum se bhi buray hyn

                    • Its delivery time including detention. Russia and latin americans are more infamous in this regards

                    • Russia is huge and snail mail will never beat dhl or fedex in shipping. Plus I was reading even in Delhi they don’t put parcel under customs for more than 2 days. Looks like nalaieq Pakistan customs is even worse than similarly corrupt neighbor.

            • A few months back, propakistani posted a news saying that it will be the responsibility of the custom officials to get an NOC from PTA, isn’t it enforced yet?

                • it was about automated process for noc. but i think it wont be happening soon as panama have taken all the govt’s brain.

                  • It it ever happened there will be a charges by custom for NOC. So no need to be happy :P

                  • you’re expecting some of history’s biggest liars and deceitful dastards to keep their word … its like two different worlds bro , there’s a v.rare chance of this happening…

            • Many people say dont ever use dhl for mobile import. why? because of slow noc process in pakistan.

              • All DHL shipment held at airport for custom clearance and you have to submit NOC by going to airport from your home wherever it is like from Multan to Lahore. Wherease a smartphone send by Local registered post will arrive to local custom office in nearest GPO. Like if you order from a city near Faisalabad like Chiniot your order will arrive at Custom office in GPO faisalabad where custom clearance will be made. From there you can get your smartphone by showing NOC or giving Speed money instead off NOC if you make them agree to receive, If you know what I mean :P

            • I also imported a phone but I am still waiting for detention letter. I wonder how many days they take on average for paper work for noc…..

          • You can import smart phones & smart watches through Ali express but the problem is the duty & taxes in Pakistan is very hight. You have to pay around 40% Duty and taxes on total price.

          • ap book karnay say pehlay confir kar lo k IMEI hai ya nahi q k ager IMEI nahi hai to wo detain hu jaye ga. mene mangwaya tha koi issue nahi huta

          • Don’t order any cell phone from aliexpress due to our customs/GPO offices open the parcel and repack it without cell phone so in results buyer just receiving accessories of cell phone. its true as 2 of my friends faced this.

          • I read on forum that one needs No objection Certificate for that Plus pay customs which is around 1000 i guess

      • Imei number pehle se kese pata lagega jab shoping ki jati he to wahan to dirct order book hoga. To imei number kese lenge aor pehle approve hoga tab hi hm order de sakte he na? Ue to kuch pecheeda si bat nahi? Me 1 mezu ka mobile mangwana chahon to muje simbply kia krna hoga

    • I ordered recently but the shipping option stated “Seller’s shipping method”.. not sure if it’s registered or unregistered. I do have a tracking code but that’s limited till China only.

      • You can send message and ask about shipping from seller. Its not a problem.

        • So it’s almost been 3 weeks. My order has reached Islamabad Mail Office and from there it’s supposed to be sent to Karachi. As per their helpline, Islamabad has sent the shipment to Karachi and has been received by them. I tried contacting Karachi Post Office and as per them they never received the item. It looks like something is wrong..

          • in mid of personal experience, but what i read, sellers shipping method and untrackable methods are worst and often lost

            • I finally got my order on 1st June despite being with them since 20th May. I did personally visit Pakistan Post International Mail Office (II Chundrigar Road) and trust me it’s a complete mess. I had complained to their helpline that my order went missing since it reached Karachi so they took a follow up which eventually forced them to send it to my place.

              • Can you plz guide me regarding complete procedure on how to get my parcel. It’s stuck in same mail office u mentioned

                • Call @ 99211130 – Tahir naam ka banda yahan hoga who deals with all the packages. Give him a call and ask him about your product or simply visit over there and meet him he will take you to the custom people.

                  • My parcel was sent to IMO Karachi on 25th July. Pakistan Post has no trace of it to date. Should I be concerned? or am I overreacting by reading all these articles?

      • seller shipping methods are not always reliable. 4 of my packages have been lost recently and still sellers are not willing to give me refund and ask to wait 40 total days…..

      • nope mostly, its cheapest post, registered is given for higher value or for paid shipping

    • I have received 2 parcels from unknown shipping companies so I don’t think that matters since they have the authority to open the parcel in any case.

    • Agree, I am also doing the same… I did not get any parcel which was sent by sellers shipping method or ordinary mail.
      I don’t know, if it is my postman , Local Post office or customs theft it… because we can not track the person so always use registered mail which has record in our post office.
      China mail and Singapore mails (registered services) works very fine in Pakistan.

    • so to clarify, you’re basically recommending these 2 :

      1. China Post – Registered Airmail

      2. Singapore – Registered Airmail (or is that Singapore Post??)

      do all the registered airmail’s charge fees ?

      • It varies product to product, some sellers charge for delivery whether you select China Post or Singapore whereas some seller don’t charge for delivery.

        • say if i want to import a smartphone ….
          how much likely am i to get in trouble IF i select the registered airmail option ??

                    • damn … i feel sorry for you man. tell me if there’s an update on the whole situation.

                      also , why import such an old phone ? what did it cost ya in $?

                    • damn … i feel sorry for you man. tell me if there’s an update on the whole situation.

                      also , why import such an old phone ? what did it cost ya in $?

                    • damn … i feel sorry for ya. tell me if there’s any update on the hiatus.

                      altho , why import an old phone ? its a 2014 cell afaik … btw what did it cost u , in $ ?

                    • hmmm … not bad for the price.
                      but if screen size is not an issue you could have gone for the Vernee Thor , read up on it… its a new and potentially good phone.

                    • 5 inch is perfect but I was looking at 5.5 one. I don’t know about this company and no idea if pTA allows it or not. so vernee thor is no no…

                    • hmmm … ur right , newer companies should go thru scrutiny first. but a pal at Gizchina is pretty impressed with the Thor Camera… for the price and everything , plus its improving with the OTAs.

                    • damn … i feel sorry for ya. tell me if there’s any update on the hiatus.

                      altho , why import an old phone ? its a 2014 cell afaik … btw what did it cost u , in $ ?

      • Usually Registered airmail offered free on products above price tag of 5$. But paying 1 to 2 dollar is still a better option.

      • The seller has written shipping via China Post – Registered Airmail but still send ordinary untracked mails! How pathatic

          • Lolzz.. Already done this. Money is returned but the system here is corrupt.

            On negotiation with Seller they only advise for wait..wait..wait…

        • no expert here, but with ordinary parcel you cannot track mail after it leaves china, with registered you can track each move on website “17track” with tracking number,

          Mine vendor gave me another number when 10 days after shipments i asked him why i am not seeing tracking, I read that they often dispatch with delay but to complete process with aliexpress they give you fake number.

        • yeah, faced this too, happens manytimes, I opened dispute and made them refund, because ordinary never gets delivered, so no use to me

    • I keep hearing that, I updated my shopping cart to all registered posts. Experimented with 0.6 usd sd card reader, via china post small parcel plus. Lets see

        • Hi,
          Here are my observations from best to worst
          ` Hong Kong registered airmail, Fastest 12ish days – all received
          ` china post Registered – 13-25ish days – all received

          ` Singapore post (4px ) – BAD!!! – only 1 of 4 received (lost for months) POOR TRACKING
          ` China post ordinary small packet plus – WORST!!! none ever received. no tracking outside china

          Experimenting with new Sunyou economic air mail, lets see.

            • not yet, only 2 weeks, I have very little hope from it and very small order too. they did updated status very quickly. and Looks like Hongkonsg post read my comments, no tracking whatsoever this time :D

              also things just disappear when enter Pakistan, no tracking 99% of time for me (only once in blue moon)

              • Same here with me never get anything. Now i always try to buy multiple things from the same seller or Ask my friends if they want same thing i am going to buy. So if your order cross 7$ amount then mostly seller send with tracking. Or i chose ali express standard shipping it cost only .50% per piece if you are going to buy more than 2 or 3 pieces of the same thing

                • never tried, ali express standard shipping, but postman told me to always get tracked parcel. I also try to buy from one vendor

                  • Ali express standard shipping is nothing but a way to ship the parcel to the buyer. Seller send parcel to the aliexpress warehouse from where they send the parcel to the user using other shipping services like singpost nlpost etc etc. And yes it is end to end traceable

    • only 1 of 3 Singapore post came, you are right about ordinary post, they never come. China post registered is good, always came home.

    • Thank you Zafar Abbas very much for sharing such a helping and valuable information. Can you please tell me that at which terminal the goods arrive. i.e. at jinnah terminal or at old cargo terminal. Thanks

      • It came directly at Karachi International Mail Office (IMO) or Islamabad International Mail Office

          • Yes. Pakistan poat has its own cuatom deptt. Mostly custome charges calculated at related foreign post deptt at GPO. Like I live in Fsd, my and whole fsd reign custom is being calculated at fsd GPO

    • Moreover, normally how long it take for delivery via air to Karachi. What you prefer to collect the item from post office or let it delivered to your address? and what is your experience regarding the duty/tax, is it charge fairly or you have concern on the duty charged. Thanks bro

    • can you please advise me that what is the difference between alibaba and aliexpress. Have you or someone experience of alibaba site. And the last, what if I purchase bulk quantity from aliexpress common things like school bag 2 dozen. There will be tax or duty?

      • ali baba = wholesale
        aliexpress = small number of things

        customs depends on weight / size and type of stuff, check FBR website for their customs duty. (as per my poor knowledge, alibaba has less protections, be VERY carefull there and NEVER EVER pay outside alibaba or via western union. source- google)

      • Custom charges chances will increase with the size of parcel. Large parcel means more chances of custom. Aliexpress sellers mark items as gift. With one dozen bags means a very big parcel.
        Aliexpress is a subsidery of Alibaba group.

    • anything could happen with any post you select. I order a toy drone but stuck in customs. They are saying get a letter from ministry of defense. Next thing i know for sure after few months their children will be playing with my drone. How on earth i can get letter from ministry of defense for a toy drone worth few dollars. Here is my tracking number RP339467698SG

      • That comes under restricted goods. I am talking about general goods like protector of mobiles, cases, jursies, jackets, handbags, wallets, shoes etc

  • few days back my item was held by customs officers of GPO post , i have to visit the office my self and forced to pay 1000 rs to divided by 5 different person whom signatures needed to clarify that this is just a electric toothbrush , wasted my 4 hours , and after few days i got the item with 1600 rs customs duty . that’s insane
    i have been using aliexpress from quite some time , i am A4 rating user there and average i get 80% of items , 20% just gone missing and no one knows about them , i don’t file dispute cause the seller is right he shipped the item , its our country system that didn’t let it .

  • Shipping is a big reason why most people cant shop online along with high customs. Been using Ali Express for a long time and unlike most other stores at least they either refund full or most of the amount

  • Holy crap!! Since they don’t mention if the packet is from Ali Express or FastTech or so you people need to prepare youselves for this. Right now only one of my packet is with them which has a couple of fleece face masks worth 200 rupees only and I was wondering why that was the only packet which was not delivered to me even after 40 days reaching Pakistan but let’s see what they gonna do with my other 5-7 parcels which have a battery charger, a vape mod, ejuice, wicks and wires, and some other stuff. Lets see Oont kis karwat bethay ga.

    • i did my order from AliExpress, all i ordered i received. n now since yesterday, the GPO guys have held the vapes i ordered. please do update if you have gotten your vapes cleared and at what custom rates?
      PLUS. they also did ask me for a bribe which i refused. :P

  • Though variety is low but I rather prefer cheezmall. At-least they have presence in Pakistan and they are controlling all delivery till end. Aliexpress should also do the same, if not then this is not a good news.

    • cheezmall is pathetic and overpriced…. they only thing they’re doing to you is called Thievery !

  • I ordered the battery like 3 months ago and it didnt came yet the dealler has took the time of 1 more month.
    But surelly there is some issue

  • Oh fuck. I ordered few items & the carrier is “4PX SINGAPORE POST OM PRO” , Will i recieve them or not?

  • well … i have said it BEFORE and i’ll say it again ,


    they are filled with filthy cash-worshipers who’ll do ANYTHING to get their hands on some unearned cash … and Mullahs blabber about Interest being unholy and forbidden , the irony is obvious here.

  • Order alot of products from aliexpress. I have placed almost 100 orders in last 6 months. But my last two parcels i never rcvd and they shipped at karachi port. Nd then seller refund my payment. Site is good. But something going wrong at karachi end.

    • shameful … do you know what this means ?

      the poor seller just lost a product and go NOTHING in return … if this keeps up , ALIEXPRESS will stop shipping to Pakistan :/

  • It happened only once a couple of months ago but I ordered 3 items after that incident and received them on time.. actually within 15 days of order. How many recorded incidents have taken place so far?

  • I received 4 packages today and total 14 in last week. I can’t understand the basis of this article.

  • Always use China Registered Mail service by paying 2$ extra. Once I lost WiFi EasyCast device but after arguing with PakistaPost via Email, I get my parcel at my doorstep after 2 months. I almost ordered 40 Items so far and received 37 only :)

  • Pakistan is a rough country that is why international brands don’t ship to pakistan

  • success ration on my end is 95% but from last month my few orders are almost after one month not yet delivered secondly one of my package was already opened and their was missing items in it .. so something fishy is happening but overall looks fine

  • I lost 3 of my parcels in last couple of months and after that I have stopped using Ali express. I had the doubts that parcels are getting mishandled at customs.

  • There are always some miserable SOB’s sitting there waiting and willing to ruin it for everyone. They don’t give 2 tosses whether the country is blacklisted by anyone from anywhere they just want to fill their bottomless pockets and stomachs which is precisely why this country has never developed or prospered and it never will.

  • i am a Regular buyer from aliexpress , i received all item except the last one i ordered , its been almost 40 days and i am still waiting .

  • I didn’t receive my last order. Got the refund. Is it happening to the orders under $10?

    I’m glad someone highlighted the issue. Well done.

  • I bought some stuff on 31st December but didn’t receive anything. Pakistan govt. is just shit & all custom employees are corrupt so this is not too far for Pakistan is in black list in aliexpress..

  • This isn’t the case only with AliExpress. I have been purchasing goods from eBay for 2 years now & I observed that they delivers stuff, which they don’t have any use of, with no issues i.e. Raspberry or some modules but won’t deliver something like mobile’s battery, chargers, headphones etc.

    • sounds promissing, i intend to buy arduino :P
      ( i spelled promising wrong, but i think it also makes sense here, “missing” :P )

  • This article is all true. Last two months i also did not receive many of parcels in Karachi. Before that everything was fine and parcels were coming on time whether registered or unregistered mail. Sooner or later AliExpress will surely blacklist Pakistan due to these malpractices and large number of refunds. I wish it doesn’t happen but seems like inevitable.

  • False news I am regularly receiving my items both tracked and untracked. Ask local post office for lost parcels sometimes untracked items do not receive.

  • I ordered more than 10 small products from Aliexpress in the last three months and haven’t received any product. Although I got refund but AliExpress blocked my account due to excessive refund requests. This is not good for Pakistan and yes they can any time black list us.

  • Actually our govt is insane at it best. Once I had to send money to China and I went to western union office. the guy at counter told me straight you can send money to Pakistanis only in CHina. If it Chinese name your money wont be sent as state bank rules. I was puzzled why??? he said Pakistani use this kind of money transfer to buy products. WTH…… while leaders themselves prefer panamas but wont even allow average Pakistani to buy stuff from abroad.

    • thats the shameful state of the country bro … common man can;t do sh*t but the influential people can kill and go scot-free !

  • Almost 17 orders on waiting status per ha last 50 plus days SE 5 order ke amount wapis a GE ha lakin main Rawalpindi main ho per bhi ye masla a raha ha

  • I’ve to request for refund after waiting for long time. Bless them that they always refund with really courteous gesture.

  • Last time i received my order was 26 April 2016. Faisalabad.

    If someone is not getting parcel. Blame your local post office customs department. They take parcels without registered tracking to their houses.

    It is your local city post office customs department who checks/taxes parcels. They will weight your parcel with hands in air. Open some items, make fun or show to each other (and even take to their home). If they in good mood. You will get your parcel delivered fine. If they in bad mood. You will be taxed even on tiny cheap items.

    And for me tracking never worked further after it says parcel reached Karachi. But the parcels get delivered.

    • After reading your comments I’m wondering what my parcel is doing 10 days at customs office. Even the tracking says they have made a report of the parcel. But why no detention memo or anything like that.. :(

            • I have talked to postal services people they are telling me to wait few more days as it is with customs. Postal guys are fed up with this small work force as there are so many packages coming from China and they are over working non stop.

              • I guess When work is too much they simply pass items without any special checking. I have seen people getting phones without paying taxes. Customs officers, i have seen them laughing and enjoying opening parcels when there is less work.

                • I was also lucky once when I bought tablet PC. But it did not had any 3g/4g connectivity so in other words it was still not a problem. But PTA has made things too difficult now for anyone who tries to import phones, etc. And they did not even made any computerised system to update the data and issue urgent noc.

                • “Customs officers, i have seen them laughing and enjoying opening parcels when there is less work.”

                  yep … the Pride of Pakistan

            • Haha.. .. Well local market is just filled with qmobile or refurbished LG ,HTC or Samsung.

    • BTW they can’t just weight with hands in the air as weight is always written on the package. But it was a good joke and shows the actual mentality of Pakistan customs.

      • Weight and prices are not accurate on parcels. They also know it very well. They use fingers and hand lifting to feel the parcel. Then open if they want. Then google item name on internet to see item price for tax.

        I have seen 10000rs mobiles getting 3000rs tax and 45000rs mobile 2000rs taxed. Their Andaza and mood. :)

        • Well the govt has placed 30% tax on everything we import. Lenovo zuk z1 is selling in India for 21000 pkr (approx) and here it is 34k. Govt just knows how to milk Pakistanis.

  • Around half of my items have been lost. And i too got refund by the lovely aliexpress team and their sellers. But I’m pretty sure soon they will close thier doors on us.
    Btw let me give you an example of why aliexpress is best. Do you know the price of so called kabli spiral horn cable (or clockspring) of toyota corolla is 3k to 4k rupees. But the new ones from aliexpress only costs just 1200 to 1500 rupees.

  • Happened thrice with me! Got my money refunded!
    Two packages still on the way since 2 months but still no clue of em!

  • Yeah, right… same is probelm with ebay… before few months I get all of my packages but now hardly few arrives me and I have to request sellers to refund me for others… there is somethig big inside….

  • I use ebay for shoping and i also didnt recieved my 4 packages its been 2 months now. I m upset and angry.

  • May be there have problem with handling in customer clearance office .until now I have received 17 packet out of 20 ,3 packet still is pending .if we talking about shipment so Ali express shipped within time as they given ..on the other hand I have received my parcel before the time some time it take just a week .China post and Singapore post deliver fast and within given time . I just paid for (Windows tab cost paid to Ali express 100$) at Post office on the time to collect in the shape of custom duties or any other taxes (48$),I can say I am satisfied from Ali express but if we are talking about Pakistani custom clearance office so we know very well (Yehahin kuch bhi ho secta ha )

  • I have placed almost 25 to 30 orders in last 6 months. But my last two parcels i never received and they shipped at Karachi port. but seller refund my payment. Site is good. But something wrong at Karachi port.

  • The Last order I received is on 18th of April 2016. Afterward, my 8x orders are stuck in between. They already dispatched after custom clearness from origin by 25/April max. Lets see, will they get their way to home?

  • I am a regular buyer from ALI EXPRESS since last 3 years, Received all the Items at my door place but 1 year ago my 7 parcels were lost then i have emailed to all the highest authorities of Pakistan post, IMO(international mail office), Customs & minister of foreign affairs. the reaction was very quick on email and all the concerned authorities replayed and i have received my parcel again after 3 months until that the seller had refunded due to 60 days of buyer protection method.

    I any one is facing trouble kindly visit to the website of Pakistan Post and Pakistan customs all the emails of higher authorities were available there email them with your Order ID and tracking # (if available) and CC to all.

    • lol…. when ever I send an email to any of the provided email address on Pakistan Post’s website, I get error that remote service is out of email quota….

    • Stop opening disputes for AliExpress when cannot dispute with local post n customs. It’s not their fault. You open dispute when the Seller doesn’t provide you any tracking number or wrong tracking number which has no info in China. Try to bear the damage by yourself. Sellers ki itni mat maro k woh Pakistanio se dur bhagna shuru ho jayien. Already “this can not be delivered to the selected country” ka tag bharta jaraha hai AliExpress pe. So thora aqal se kaam lou. Tum apney sou 200 k chakar main country ko black list karwa dou ge.

  • seems the another MAFIA is active and forced consumers to buy cheap items in expensive price. what a shame.

  • I am regular customer of ali express.
    I could get only 50 percent items during last one year. I think items disappears when Chor Pakistani Customs employees see the items
    Really fed up. Culprits shoukd be hanged

  • Yeah ! Agreed…! Dont dont where packages vanished after arriving Pakistan.. Where should we complaint?

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