Trequant, A Wearable for Tremor Patients, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Trequant, a wearable smartwatch designed by Pakistanis for tremor patients, is in the news again. The Trequant wearable could let patients log their activities throughout the day, helping them determine what time or action results in trembling or quivering to occur. Knowing the factors behind those tremors is essential in controlling the problem.

Tremors, for the uninitiated, is a physical condition that patients suffer from when their muscles start quivering for no reason. This muscular chronic disorder occurs mostly with the hands, and as a result, daily life is affected from this movement disorder. According to available estimates, 1 in 24 Pakistanis has tremors, resulting in uncontrollable shaking of muscles in hand, neck or head area.

Presenting the Trequant Band

This time, the folks behind Trequant are hard at work at launching another product, the Trequant Band, an update to their home-grown watch for those who prefer something a tad more stylistic yet unassuming at the same time, but still essential when it comes to functionality.


The band comes with bluetooth, vibration motor, motion sensor, LED for display and a battery, all of them engineered for tremor patients to record and analyze the onset and offset of rhythmic muscular activity when and where it occurs.

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Another notable update to the Trequant product line is that the band also features support for logging leg, neck, head tremors as well in addition to just hands in its previous iteration.

The band is expected to come in 3 colors – blue, pink and black.


You can use your smartphone to record, track and analyze tremor activity throughout the day. However, the team behind the product is mindful of the fact that smartphones won’t be an option for every patient out there. To solve this issue, they’ve also developed a USB dongle that can be used with PCs/laptops to allow communication between computers and their wearables. Their app can give you a blow-by-blow account of the activity log throughout the day.

You can check out the details on their Kickstarter Page today. Also, their campaign just went live, so you can contribute to making the Trequent Band a reality as well.

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