Nokia is Back: Ready to Make Phones and Tablets Again

Who hasn’t used Nokia? We still have fond memories of our 3310’s and N95’s, or at least we heard about them from our friends or relatives, how an uncle bought one from U.K or another country.

Then the smartphone happened, and the telecom giant was not prepared for it. And then Microsoft happened and the phone giant sold off its business to the tech giant with disastrous results.

But now, it seems that the nightmare is over for Nokia. The company is getting back into the phone business again, this time for good.

New players in the field

Microsoft, who was the most recent owner of Nokia’s phone business, has taken the first step towards offloading Nokia.

Microsoft sold its feature phone business to FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn, for $350 million. The deal sees Microsoft handing over the rights to use the brand name of Nokia, feature phone software, supply agreements and other contracts.

Nokia itself is licensing its brand and intellectual property to a newly formed company called HMD Global which aims to manufacture and sell a portfolio of Android smartphones and tablets. HMD has agreed to a conditional deal with Microsoft to use the Nokia brand name on feature phones and some other deals related to design.

This deal is supposed to be completed by the end of June.

HMD Global and the aforementioned FIH Mobile already have a deal in place which aims “to support the building of a global business for Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets.” Foxconn (FIH parent) partnered with Nokia to release the Nokia N1 tablet earlier and the new HMD venture seems to be a formalization of their relationship.

Looking forward

HMD Global will have Nokia in its board of directors and Nokia will “set mandatory brand requirements and performance related provisions.” The new company will have the manufacturing expertise of Foxconn in the form of FIH Mobile and the design acumen of Nokia.

It might be a bit of a mess behind the scenes with all these business contracts and deals, but for the regular people the answer is simple, Nokia is making a comeback with its new Android smartphones and tablets in addition to its range of feature phones. You can look forward to seeing some great Android based Nokia smartphones later this year.

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  • “The company is getting back into the phone business again, this time for good.”

    How the writer know its bound to be a success?

    • no as in … “for good” is used as a phrase … and it can be para-phrased to mean the terms ‘Forever’ OR ‘Definitely’

      so basically the author is saying that Nokia are DEFINITELY making a come back in the Smartphone business. no one’s gauging success

      P.S : i personally do hope they offer sensible rates with BEAST specs on their phones so as to pressurize the market to produce BETTER equipped phones for the BUDGET segment.

      • I know what ‘for good’ means. The author has used it in the wrong context here. The sentence here means that Nokia is forever coming back

  • Nokia does not make the Chipsets… Only Apple, Huawei and Sumsung do that…. so in the smartphone business these 3 will always be the leaders…in terms of cost and time to market.

    • you seem to be a bit misinformed …
      Qualcomm and Meditek also make chips , Intel used to do so but stepped out recently. Xiaomi are rumored to make their CPUs too but they’re not in the market atm and Spreadtrum has already worked on a BEAST SoC with killer specs but with an unbelieveably LOW price … so if you’re talking about hardware … there are no clear leaders in the market. People only buy phones with all the embedded systems already up and running. no end-user buy just an SoC , cam sensor , memory etc. complete and well-built Phones are going to decide who leads.

      if Nokia is going to use a flagship MTK CPU or mid-range SD chipsets (650 and 652 come to mind) , they may well be able to bring something new to the market , in terms of design , cost-to-performance ratio and the like.

      heck , who knows ! their very first phone might be a beast with Snapdragon 823 , 6 GB ram , 21/8 mpx cameras , 64 GB rom , type C and the works !

      lets at least give them a chance and see how it works out with the end-user.

  • great news … another playing in the Android Smartphone Market.

    HOPEFULLY , they’ve learnt from their previous errors and can make a MEANINGFUL impact this time… a good start would be a mid-ranger or lower-mid range phone for people on a budget with KILLER SPECS !

  • sounds like Android is the de facto choice for any smartphone business. disappointed.

    • you wanted the boring windows ?

      iOS is Apple’s proprietary … so that’s out of the question

      • I’d prefer anything enterprise over android, myself. Its just my opinion that I hate it when people/companies force android over themselves like If the business is failing, let’s make android the OS of the business. that’s like creating monopoly.

  • Why digress needlessly, personal critique is unbecoming and shows the person’s mindset .
    Kindly remain topic centric and ignore the ill mannered and ignorant people who make a fool of themselves .
    Thank you.

  • Nokia were responsible for its disaster, because Android was very firstly offered to Nokia, but the Nokia team deny to accept approval of Android with the reason of that Nokia have own operating system and not interested to adopt it.. latterly HTC joint venture with Android and we’d witnessed of HTC Desire, HTC Explorer, phones tray with the huge variety of gadget. Hope for best of luck… for Nokia Team.. the point is to be remember that Microsoft stuck the remain market of Nokia bar phones with high range price…

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