WhatsApp Goes Offline in Pakistan for the Third Time in a Week

WhatsApp is currently offline in Pakistan, for at least the third time with-in past one week alone.

ProPakistani readers are suggesting that they are currently unable to send/receive WhatsApp messages or calls.

This is at least the third time when an extended down-time of WhatsApp has been reported.

Previously WhatsApp remained offline in Pakistan for around 25 minutes on Wednesday. Then another outage — that spanned less than five minutes — was also reported yesterday.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had said that they aren’t blocking it. ISPs are also clueless about the downtime.

Not to be mentioned, these outages are Pakistan specific only as no one else beyond Pakistan reported the downtime.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Pakistani government is testing its abilities to block specific applications in the country.

It won’t be out of place to mention that implementation of latest “Telecom Policy” will require certain apps to get general authorization or “No Objection Certificate” from government of Pakistan to be able to operate in Pakistan.

This authorization might include a fee or otherwise an arrangement in which government will be allowed an access to the communication between users and servers.


As with previous two instances, WhatsApp is back again after a 25 minute long outage.

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  • Whatsapp is updating its servers in Pakistan as they are going to launch whatsapp video call function firstly in Pakistan Due to their 1st sentence in every call

  • Jahan per bees bees ghantay ki loadshedding ho aur mobile services ko government khud apni marzi say band karwati phiray wahan 25 min ki outage kia haisiat rakhti hai…:D

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