Microsoft is Tricking Users Into Upgrading to Windows 10

Back when Windows 10 was released, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users had the option to upgrade to Windows 10. The choice was purely in the user’s hands.


All was good until December 2015, when Microsoft began using malware like tactics for tricking users to upgrade to Windows 10. The default behavior was also recently changed, forcing a Windows 10 update for unsuspecting users.

When this all started, there was a small popup in the taskbar with Get Windows 10 (GWX) Windows asking whether they wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 or not. This was changed in December when the GWX window changed the options to “Upgrade now” or “Start download, upgrade later” with no option to decline the upgrade. The only thing you could do is use the X button to close the window and not upgrade.


Shameful New Tactics by Microsoft

Early in 2016, Microsoft started pushing Windows 10 out as a recommended update. If anyone had the default windows update settings set up, as most often do, it downloaded the upgrade and prompted users to upgrade to Windows 10. Declining the update could be done the same way by clicking on the X button only and the other available options not having the “No, thank you” option.

Last week, according to ZDnet, Microsoft made a small change to the GWX prompt. It had the option to cancel or reschedule the upgrade mentioned in a small line in the update box “Click here to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade”. This seemed like an improvement over the earlier prompts from December.

But the underhanded tactic was that if you clicked the X button to close the window, the new GWX window treats it as consent to upgrade. So after almost 6 months of clicking the X button to cancel the upgrade, some even click it as soon as they see the window, Microsoft made it specifically to trick those users into installing the update, an unacceptable move.


Aside from that, if you cannot find the option to cancel the update or if you’re away from your PC when the popup comes up, the update starts installing at the scheduled time. So in a way your PC upgrades to Windows 10 without asking you or even if you haven’t approved the update.

Preventing the Update

While people have been insistent on not upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft is doing everything it can to upgrade them regardless. Some have even resorted to disabling Windows Updates altogether.

However, disabling windows update makes your systems vulnerable to security threats so you most definitely shouldn’t do that. Instead, you can use applications such as GWX Control panel to disable the update prompts or remove them completely. You can also try using Never10 which is easier to use than the GWX control panel according to some users.

Users who do not upgrade to Windows 10 have their own valid reasons for not doing so, and Microsof’ts tactics only serve to agitate longtime Windows users. The last thing the company would want is users switching away from Windows to Mac or Linux but it seems like they don’t really care at this point.

via PCWorld

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  • that is why users like me said months ago that win10 is a worst privacy nightmare.

      • That is very much related to privacy leaking features of win10. Just read propakistani article on it.

        • You have no idea what you’re taking about. And if some ripped conspiracy theory rant you read on this site is your basis for that claim, I’m sorry to say but you even lack common sense.

          • No my observation is not based on that article. Being a computer science student i studied the subject. Btw just google it to confirm. Thats why i downgraded from win10 to win8

            • Lol, you studied the subject of privacy in windows 10? Well you failed that class I’m sure. Take off your tinfoil hat and use a bit of common sense, if you have any that is. There is no privacy concern. Everything is opt-in so if you want, you can use Windows 10 exactly like Windows 8 or 7 or even XP.

              • Well it is understood when u lack appropriate arguments then u start personal attack. I might failed my class or not, u definietly failed on ethics. And no even after unchecking such options, ur personal info is unwillingly shared.

              • For dumbsters like u, here is some expert opinion.
                What are disadvantages of upgrading to Windows 10?
                John Navas
                John Navas, expert in multiple op
                Privacy: Windows 10 collects data on you, sends it to Microsoft, and there’s no way to completely shut that off.
                Bugs: Quality control has taken a back seat to rapid releases, so bugs are more common than earlier versions.
                Compatibility: Windows XP and earlier Compatibility Modes have been removed, and not all software and drivers work properly in Windows 10.
                Control: Options to control updating have been removed from consumer versions.
                OneDrive: Feature regression.
                Media: Media Center and DVD Player have been removed.
                Cost: Microsoft is being coy about the cost of Windows after the free Windows 10 upgrade “promotion”. Subscriptions might be required.

                • hahaha what rubbish, i was hoping you would answer him with something valid.
                  copy pasting outdated info is more than stupid.

                  otherthan the so called privacy issue that was pretty much solved already all other points are mind bogglingly stupid and i don’t want to explain those. uff

                  • Haha what rubbish i thought u would negate me with some valid reason but what pitty?

                    • haha what??? i didn’t post anything so how can you even reply me… man grow up.

  • I am using Windows 8 for 2 years now,first thing I did was to cancel the download and hide the update that leads to windows 8.1 upgrade… So, there is no forced download… Some times it tells me to update and I click on remind me later… :)

    So, now update to 8.1, so no update to 10….

    many educational softawares and games have issues on windows 10…

    • what issues? try to stay with the bandwagon or be left with the dust.
      vendors are updating their drivers software or releasing new hardware.
      perhaps you were little or didn’t remember what happened when windows xp came.

      i have zero issues on my various systems from c2d to i5, all works fine.

  • over blown all over the web, not just here…
    ever heard of mandatory upgrades. just wait for the free period to get pass and after that stay with your previous version as happy as you like.

    pretty sure here people doesn’t know one major update has already came to windows 10 and another even bigger is couple months away, and you are still beating the RTM stick to the bushes.

    • Mr. Over smart first understand this fact nothung is free in this corporate world and windows never offered free upgrade. This free / even forced upgrade is itself fishy.

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