Supreme Court Summons PEMRA, PTA Over Obscene Content on TV Channels

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered PEMRA and PTA to submit their replies over obscene and objectionable content aired on TV channels recently.

A three member bench lead by Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali heard the case which was filed by the ex Jamat-e-Islami leader Qazi Hussain Ahmad and retired justice Wajihuddin Ahmed, who also wrote a letter to the Chief Justice asking to set the appropriate standards to censor explicit/obscene content on the media, particularly on drama serials that run on different channels.

During the court proceedings, the Chief Justice said that some of the the tv channels are promoting specific agendas while others are bribed to spread slander against political or social individuals. He added that PEMRA issues warnings to these channels but doesn’t do anything else to stop them. He observed that if they followed PEMRA’s standards and procedures from the start, these issues would not have been a problem presently.

Justice Azmat Saeed said that guests and participants on talk shows used slang and improper language. They have the right to criticize but they seem to be crossing the line.

The counsel for PEMRA was questioned by the court about what if anti-democracy topics were debated on which are against the ideology of Pakistan or if they promote extremism on the TV channels, to which the counsel replied that they have indeed issued notices to channels that violated the code of conduct set by PEMRA.

The chief justice responded that they should be given exemplary punishment from the authority and ensure strict implementation of its rules and regulations. To this, the counsel said that they had issued a fine of Rs 1 million to a TV channel but received a stay order from the High Court.

The case was then adjourned for the duration of a month.

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  • These channels are on a mission to convert pakistan into pornistan and they are working on it quite well enough. Easily showing most vulgar and obscene content without any fear or restrictions. Nobody to stop them.

    • Sir do you know any drama which has p*rn like scene I will not believe it until I see it myself.

    • You can change the channel or switch the TV off if you don’t like what’s on air. This whole stigma surrounding “Fahashi” and “Uryani” is only fueled by extremists who don’t have big enough brains to discuss issues like menstruation, child abuse and sex.

    • Agreed, ab Indian drama dekh lo ya Pakistani ziyada farak nahi (sare dramas nahi but majority). Indian award show ho ya Pakistani wohi vulgar dances. Ab tu Pakistani movies main item no. shuro hogaya hai mandatory.

      Aur log sirf India ki copy kar ke woh vulgarity nahi phela rahe, balke India ka content bhi chalta hai bedharak. Unke award shows, dramas, comedy shows, big boss like reality shows without any hesitancy chalte hain, balke prime time main chalte hain.

      • Jani news tak delh lou, sunny Leone ki khabarian arahi hain.. Bikini scenes dikhaye jarhay hain. Aur logon ko phir bhi Nazar nahi araha. Danda dena chahiye in subko phir system sahi hoga.

  • What the hell our supreme court is up to. We have PEMRA let PEMRA do his work. Dear supreme court, please take notice of Panama papers, corruption etc. you have a long list to take notice of.

    • oh WOW, seriously you think PEMRA k (Haaji Namazi) officials are really working honestly & doing everything to keep Pakistani media clean for our next generation to come???

      Grow up man, all the crap we see on air everyday, (not only Indian, Turkish but Pakistani content as well) semi nude dances, girls getting pregnant without marriage, then families accepting them after a little confrontation, blah blah! Basically they’re drip feeding your young sisters & daughters and trying to transform them into them after 15-20 years! Would you want your next generation to become this???

      We’re a MUSLIM country & there is absolutely no room for all this crap! Pakistani Qoum ko sahi maar parr rhai hai, jab tak aap jasey log modernism k naam per ghalat ko support karte rahe ge, Qoum apney zawal ki taraf rawan dawan rahey gi.

      If someone is blind enough to think there is nothing wrong with today’s media content, then go ahead, invite all family to the TV lounge, get COKE & pop corns ready and watch porn together! That would be much more modern!

      Media has been playing a vital role in devastating Pakistani nation! All mostly happened in last 15 years. I’m scared what will happen after another 15 years? Save yourself & your next generations friends!

    • Lol. We have NAB and the government, let them do their work and investigate Panama papers :P xD. Mate, every institution of this country is corrupt. Be it PEMRA, NAB, FIA, government, or be it the judiciary! What to do?

  • Yeah, that is definitely the issue that’s holding Pakistan back. Not the morally and financially corrupt elite that has been using Pakistanis for power and lavish lifestyle. Big round of applause for Supreme Court!

    • lol everyone knows what the ministers and politicians in Pakistan do. But no one cares and still try to find ills in common or poor man.

  • issues like menstruation, child abuse are not coming in that bracket of promoting vulgar activities.

  • you could change the channel? it is YOU who is running from the reality. Its just like the example of parrot who closes his eyes (thinking he will be save doing this) when cat is coming to him.

  • Thanks for saving our lives by giving us you invaluable suggestion that we can simply change the channel. But we do know that a tv remote has the channel skip button. What if when we change the channel we get to see the similar content on other channel too and so on then will u spend the whole day skipping channels? No, you are bound to watch what they show. You’ve got no damn choice. And it’s not about 1 channel, it’s about our religious and social norms which this whole so called media is corrupting. So stop being a wanna be western. N it can be a long debate and this is not the appropriate forum.

  • And if those issues are just normal ones. Will be sitting discussing menstruation with your sisters n mother? Few things should be kept secret and should only be discussed privately and only by concerned ones. Few days ago a few bunch of loosers including girls and boys sticked the sanitary pads stained with blood on the walls of a university in Pakistan and our media was showing it and it was called awareness and they were feeling proud. So my question is what would they do if those girls had to give awareness to the society over virginity or rape? This is not Europe my brother this is Islamic Republic. And we are bound to follow that not the westernized or indianized culture. U didn’t see anything in media but the whole world saw the strawberry, choclate and etc flavours in condoms being advertised on Pakistani channels and that too is not vulgarity but one wonders what a condom has to do with the flavor? N if u still didn’t see anything then the Internet is full with Pakistani vulgar shows, re enactment shows and drama clips, go watch and if u still don’t find anything then i can’t help u.

    • “Will be sitting discussing menstruation with your sisters n mother?”

      Yeah, why not? Menstruation is simply the routine shedding of uterus. What’s the big deal here exactly? And what’s wrong with discussing it with your own family?

      “Few days ago a few bunch of loosers including girls and boys sticked the sanitary pads stained with blood on the walls of a university in Pakistan and our media was showing it and it was called awareness and they were feeling proud.”

      I’m aware of that event. I don’t agree with the method used by those people as it was more provocative than educative but the point they were trying to make is true. Stop fearing menstruation. It’s not a taboo. Period.

      “his is not Europe my brother this is Islamic Republic. And we are bound to follow that not the westernized or indianized culture.”

      I’m aware of that as well. There is nothing Western about discussing issues like sex and menstruation. It’s common sense. You consider it “bad” because you’ve been programmed from your childhood to think in a certain way. Islam was the most progressive and liberal religion when it arrived and we have just made a mess out of it.

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