PEMRA Asks TV Channels to Stop Vulgarity, Excessive ADs

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority in its fresh ‘Advice’ issued to TV channels has asked them to immediately stop airing un-ethical and indecent content, programs and songs that are vulgar in nature.

PEMRA said that the advice is issued on directives of the Senate Standing Committee on Information Broadcasting & National Heritage.

PEMRA also raised serious concerns on excessive religious consumerism and Commercial programs aired in the Holy month of Ramzan.

Not Allowed: ADs of more than 12 minutes per hour, vulgar content

According to PEMRA such programs were not only lamented by the legislators but also by large number of public who have generally viewed these kind of programs against the norms and sanctity of the Holy Month.

The Authority directed all TV channels to follow below rules:

  • No TV channel should air foreign content for more than 10% of total air-time, i.e. more than 2 and half hour of foreign content per day
  • Combined duration of ADs with-in an hour should not exceed 12 minutes
  • Programs promoting religious consumerism particularly hurting sanctity of the Holy month of Ramazan
  • Not to use songs during news bulletins
  • Programs and commercials containing indecent and objectionable clips etc.
  • Programs on re-enactment and dramatization of crimes.

Moreover, the Authority has also advised private TV channels to telecast national anthem before the start of every day transmission as also being practiced in neighboring countries to promote patriotism.

PEMRA has also asked TV channels to develop healthy programs for the children as there is no serious focus on children programming and only couple of foreign channels are presently catering to this need.

    • Pakistani Awam should protest against vulgarity in media otherwise these News/drama channels are intended to cross all limits, please BAN all Indian/Turkish dramas and vulgar Paksitani movies item songs.

            • Okay firstly you people need to understand what being HORNY is. Whether it’s someone fully covered or someone wearing a bikini, a person will still want to have sex. Kindly get over this ideology that only people who wear ‘skimpy’ (a bullshit term btw) clothes get raped. And that girls get raped only. Rape is a serious issue. Guys get raped too but no one tells them to cover themselves up. Please look at both sides, men and women should be treated equally. A lot of men have been raped meaning masculinity doesn’t define your chances of having unconsensual sex.

          • Salman Abbas you are way out of whack. Do you not see how rubbish our TV channels have become? Or maybe you are just 17 years old in which case you’re forgiven :p

          • How do you define vulgarity? Or, what exactly is a thing that you would label ‘vulgar’?

  • PEMRA should stay out of this. Media should be free. Today its moderating ads, tomorrow it will moderate content. If one doesnt like what they see on a channel, switch it. Or lower your gaze. Or use the channel blocking option that is available on all TVs nowadays.

    Semi-literate bureaucratic officials at PEMRA who couldnt run a TV channel on commercially viable basis even if their life depended on it should not be dictating the nation’s media future.

      • condom ads are good, this country already has an overpopulation problem and birth rates aren’t declining, making the masses aware of birth control is a good thing

        • loads of ignorance. is there no other way out except saying it in front of public (including families)?

        • You’re 100% wrong. The world really has a misconception about overpopulation. I really want to cry when I see a comment like you. The problem of overpopulation can easily be eliminated by giving the poor good health, not by killing ’em. You will be thinking of how does it possible? I will not explain rather a video will show you. – on the official Facebook Page of Bill Gates.

          • Yes i agree with the video and what you said about giving the poor better health facilities etc. And i didn’t say anything about solving the overpopulation problem by killing people. It’s just that in a country like ours the poor often do not have knowledge about birth control or family planning which is also contributing to the issue. And yes, decreasing child mortality rates is also a good solution to the problem but that doesn’t mean that birth control methods aren’t also effective in decreasing population. It often happens that a single poor person can not support his large family because of his low income thus leading to lower standard of living, that is why i said awareness of birth control and family planning is good for our country. They even teach this stuff in school

          • good health to poor mean more bachay.
            chadar dekh ker paun phelana chahye bus or kuch nhi

            • You Alim! Watch the video then comment..!!! Are you using 2G? or You can’t understand English of the man?

              • No.
                I focus on religious perspective.
                bachay paida krna kisi ko mana nhi or ziada sy ziada kernay chahyen.
                ab kis ko kitne ye aik individual hai.
                agar maan lo k ye masla gareeb k sath hai to kabi arabon k bachay dekhna.aik ghar ma 20 sy kum nhi hotay.wahan kia krna chahye phir

              • u r mad! so this one video has convinced u that overpopulation is not bad! kamao 25000 or bachay houn 7! mashallah!

        • TV content is rated in the world. you can not show pg-18 content on cartoon network for example.

        • Insaan to ALLAH Azzawajal ne peda kerne hain, loog bohat mehnat k bad bhi bagair olaad k rehte hain… humara kaam Musharah banana hai, agar kaheen kharaabi ho to us ko theek kerna hai, muashre ko barrhne se rokna nahi or Rizq ALLAH Azzawajal deta hai or baat alug k loog jama kerte hain or kabar main ek libaas k sath jate ain

        • Condom ads , health awareness ads they’re all welcomed. But they don’t get that much views as maybe some semi-naked chick exhibiting her whack dance moves now do they :) I miss the good ol’ PTV days

      • Wese family ho ya na ho ALLAH Azzawajal to hum sub ko dekh raha hota hai k kia dekhk rahe hain

      • Families shouldnt be aware of condoms is what you’re saying then? On a more serious note, our society is struggling to ensure kids and families understand the value of lives with the routine bomb blasts by extremist militants as it is. I dont think condom ads will raise much hue and cry. Jiss ne dekhna hai woh ads in family space ke baghair bhi dekhe ga. Jis ne nai dekhna will avoid even with free media and there are ways available to avoid it.

        Also, is condoms ads the whole story of free media? No benefits? No disadvantages from a govt censored media?

      • Khuda ka khauf karo. Condoms are GOOD. Whether you like it or not people do have sex. Would you rather have a baby out of wedlock or get a sexually transmitted disease than not let your wife/children know about something NEEDED in Pakistan because our population growth is ridiculous.

    • Jibran,
      Please let me allow to ask something if you are at the market with your family and someone looking at your family do you allow him to do that such thing..?
      if your answer is “yes” then you are a LITERATE person.
      and if your answer is “No” then why? you should lower you gaze.

      • Not sure what you re point is? How is what some one else doing relevant to what is allowed to appear on tv?

    • There is always a baseline of norms, which should be implemented.

      You can see pemra website where thousands of complaints against Ramadan
      Transmissions have been registered. These all are filed by people who
      use internet. Rest of public will be in millions.

      If anything wrong is imposed, the people will speak.
      This all is correct and should be enforced.

      • My friend, people have not successfully spoken on the political system since 1947. What makes you think moderation by trusting people’s ability to speak up when wronged will be successful? I for one am not comfortable giving that power to inefficient, semi literate and narrow minded PEMRA people.

        • Now thats an issue, rightly pointed out.
          But the issue being addressed in this press release is also an important one. If you are a 90’s kid then you should have observed:

          How the TV and media got importance over time
          How the media became modern day by day [including Ramadan Transmissions which started 2,3 years ago, for spoiling the spirit of Ramadan]

          So my friend more things will follow, its obvious. Till something stops it, and PEMRA has tried to do.

  • PEMRA Should block all Qmobile ads and only allow them to play once in one hour. They should also block all cable operators that show stage shows and mujra

  • Bhai, PEMRA pehle bhi keh chuka hai buhat baar almost yehi sari batain, main issue is ke isko implement kaise karaenge? isko implement karainge tu yeh buhat hi bada masla hal hojaega.

  • Such to ye haii k PESAY ne sab ko andha kar dia haii .. TV ka medium is baat ka saboot haii aur Usi hisaab se phir ye sb NangPana b phail raha haii …………….. :/

  • Especially Programs on re-enactment and dramatization of crimes have destroyed homes :/

  • One thing that bothers me more than anything is why are we displaying ads from neighbor country? Are we as producers and directors so stupid that we can simple shoot ads in our own country, support our own people be it extras or stars. why does ghai soap needs stupid bimboo from next door. Don’t we have enough of our owns atleast money will be circulated locally. There are countless ads just changing little bit of language and they are broadcasted.

    Even one ad I saw recently they just cgi-added 10 PKR instead of damn shooting simple ad in small village. what a stupid excuses of cost cutting.

    Greed is ruining our simple country.

  • so pemra is ok with religious extremism websites, mullahs calling for deaths of minrities, and religious hate speech on tv…phir kehtay hain pakistan aisa kyun hai

  • I second PEMRA decision specially “don’t air songs in news bulletin/headline”.

    I always ask this question that “Why indian songs air in headline” and why they always seek entertainment in the serious news?

    I also like to air Pakistani National anthem to promote patriotism.

  • Thank you PEMRA! Such baseline rules should ALWAYS be there. They make sure that things stay in perspective. A drama has to portray a certain scenario which can very well be done by staying in the cultural norms of our society.

    Heck they can be portrayed with nothing fancy at all. Anyone seen “Angan Terha” ?
    It’s one of the most awesome drama and it is just shot in 2-3 rooms.

  • Agreed with no unnecessary songs during news transmission and preventing commercialisation during religious programmes, but not the rest and definitely not with having to play the anthem.

  • jo is adalat ne mera paat lia hai wohi ho ga is notification ka

    2.5 hour daily limit to foreign shows then how will they show indian movie in one day or baki film kal

  • Beauty dance ad showing naked tummy and Palmolive rose flavors ad showing bare shoulder and legs – my 7 yr old English medium modern era son says “Daddy Ganda Ad ha, channel change karain”.

    Year, it’s family entertainment on TV, why we are pushing things to limits where we all will be regretting things after few years.

    Condom and sanitary napkins ads are hush hush topics, what we are trying to prove by showing ads of this stuff on TV where public and masses see them.

    Phir kehtay hain Mashra hi kharab ha, koiyyee Tameez nahi ha

    • Doesn’t your son wear sleeveless clothes sometimes that show his bare shoulders or shorts that show his bare legs? People wouldn’t tell guys the same thing. Stop.

  • Akhir PEMRA ko ye sab kuch nazer ahigaya.. bohat acha qadam hai ager sahi tareeky se implement ho tu..

  • Just Air underground PAKISTANI music that’s been made in Drawing rooms of Karachi & lahore or any other city in PAK.. Give Musicians a chance will ya… PEMra…

  • believe it or not but we Pakistanis are slowly moving towards so called “openness”. Wo sharam aur haya nahi aaj ki generation me k uth k boycott karain. We think Islam is modern, ISLAM IS ISLAM.

    Media being broadcast on TV should not only be be cautious of showing such material but also as a muslim country we should ban such things that frustrate our generation. “Qatry qatry se daraya banta hy”. We don’t stop now then don’t regret seeing your generations being spoiled. May Allah give us hidayat, this surely is Dajjal Fitna which is being shown in one way or another.

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