84% of Software Used in Pakistan is Illegal

Most Pakistanis have used software they haven’t paid for, oblivious to the fact that malware and unlicensed software go hand in hand.

BSA software alliance conducted a global software survey in 2015 where they found a positive relation between malware and the usage of unlicensed software within business organizations.

An analysis done as part of BSA’s new Global Software Survey finds that the higher the rate of unlicensed PC software, the higher the likelihood that users will experience potentially debilitating malware.

The survey report mostly focused on malware threats and their prevention within business organizations, and how they can decrease their losses and increase their efficiency by using a software asset management (SAM) technique.

They estimate that on average, a cyberattack on an organization costs around $11 million, while the reputed research firm IDC estimates that the businesses spent $400 billion for responding to the fallout from cyberattacks.

Global statistics, Where Does Pakistan Stand?

Globally the rate of usage of unlicensed software fell in 2015 with trends emerging in different regions. In China, the rate decreased by 4 percent but the overall rate in the Asia-Pacific region decreased by only 1 percent. Here is where Pakistan stood compared with other countries in the region.


Compared with India, we use a lot more unlicensed software on average. At 84%, the rate for Pakistan is now the same as it was back in 2009 while India has seen its unlicensed software use rate drop from 65% in 2009 to 58% in 2015. Bangladesh is statistically close to Pakistan with 86% in 2015, down from 91% in 2009.

Moving Forward

Piracy is a serious concern in the business world, as mentioned in the statistics earlier. A possible solution for them would be a 4 step SAM technique implementation as described in the BSA report. The government itself in Pakistan uses pirated software, an alarming situation for us.

The government should start by taking care of this problem internally first, and then creating awareness among the people about piracy, its dangers and its problems. In an increasingly digital world, saving on licensing costs is nothing compared to the fallout of a serious security breach.

via BSA

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  • Umar Farooq

    Well, not everyone can afford IDM, right?

    • Yasir Mahmood

      Well i think there is a need to enforce the law .otherwise a person affording 30K worth hardware can also afford buying a 2.5k IDM

  • Umar Farooq

    I have Genuine Windows 10 + a Purchased IDM License of 3 Years. That’s pretty much all i needed to buy!

    • sheryar

      even i purchased IDM
      that software deserves every penny! best software in the market

      • Umar Farooq


        • Aizaz Ul Haq

          I wanna buy IDM, From which reseller you bought.? I need a review please

          • Umar Farooq


      • Atif

        you don’t have to, same functionality quality if not better is available as opensource for years.

        • Aizaz Ul Haq

          which is better open source alternative of IDM?

          • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

            FDM , Free Download Manager

          • Yasir Mahmood

            You can Try Orbit

            • Aizaz Ul Haq

              Its nowhere near idm

    • AFK

      Don’t waste time with any of those crap software (not IDM off course) and go for EagleGet. Totally free and just as good as IDM. Switched 2 years ago and never looked back

  • Atif

    buhahaha at 84% still manages to be second lowest in terms of total cost of pirated content….. pakistani bhee kisee kaam ko complete naheekertee. :P

  • SSyar

    Happy to be on Ubuntu :D

    • ScarletCrimson

      Same here. I do have a licensed copy of Windows 10 in dual-boot for gaming though.

  • Zahid Hussain

    Bhai ye baqi 16% kahan se aa gye? There must be some mistake.

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Agree, 6% hona chahiye baqi 10% kahan se aa gaye???

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      16% main mostly free ke update wale hain windows 10 ke ya woh jin ke new laptop ke saath paid software free ayn hain :p

  • Zawyar Ur Rehman

    Wow , 16% of us actually BUY software!
    I was truly expecting this figure to be in the 93-96% range though .

    • faaria

      buying a dvd of pirated software doesn’t count as “BUYING” :p

      • Yasir Mahmood

        “Buying Genuine Windows DVD For 50 Rupees”
        LOL :p

      • Zawyar Ur Rehman

        Hehehe tru dat.
        But im not talking about buying dvds ( ofcourse they’re pirated!)
        Im talking abt the astonishing fact that 16 % of us buy real, licensed software! I was expecting this figure to be in the single digit ranges.

    • iBzOtaku

      A lot of 16% is the Windows that ships pre installed on laptops.

  • Salman Qamar

    This is the best a muslim can do to economically fall Non-Muslim.
    Proud Pakistani Muslim.

    • faaria

      why can’t Muslims make their own software and build their own economy and compete with Non-Muslims at equal standards?

      • Abdul Basit


      • Salman Qamar

        We dont need. Only Saudia Generated Revenue of 08 Billion Dollar from Hajj in 2015.
        So why we need to invest in software development.

        • faaria

          lol. yeah. #ShukryaRaheelSharif for that :p

    • Yasir Mahmood

      Islam Forbids us to steal the properties of others.
      Especially when they put a lot of effort creating it and we steal it away .
      Review your ideas

      • Salman Qamar

        This is Maal-E-Ghaneemat.

        • Yasir Mahmood

          I was really expecting this.

    • Farhan

      It’s stealing plane and simple! Something muslims are forbidden to do!

  • Yasir Mahmood

    At least we have a common point of interest somewhere

  • Bilal Iqbal

    amazed to know that 16% software’s are Legal….???

  • Netherdrake

    Piracy rate won’t decrease until Paypal in introduced and strict laws are taken to stop it. Over here i am buying legit games on my ps4. It hurts me inside due to so much low currency of Pak.

  • Usman Ahmed

    And other 16% are freeware.

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    There are softwares with a price tag of over $10k (in marketing & QA field).
    Those are the best softwares in the industry but no marketing firm or software house in Pakistan will pay 10+ lac rupees for a software when the crack is available.

  • Fauxen

    I use Ubuntu and open source software.